Accentuate the Positive - Recap

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The episode opens with Ben on the phone leaving a voicemail to Ricky. He is thanking him for convincing him to speak to Amy so that they could get back together. After that, his best friends come over and bring him research on the early pregnancy tests and how accurate they are. He is convinced that Adrian is not pregnant and doesn't listen to them.

When Ricky checks his phone to listen to the voicemail it seems that Ben did not hang up the phone properly and he hears part of the conversation about Adrian's pregnancy. At Adrian's house she asks her dad if her mom is going to be back soon and he tells her he doesn't know and asks if there is something she needs to talk about. She tells him no and he tells her that she should get some real groceries instead of eating pizza in the morning. She tells him that she loves pizza the next morning and then when he leaves she goes to eat some. As soon as she opens the box, she gets nauseous and is about to throw up.

At Amy's, Ashley is told to go speak to her to get it all worked out. She goes in, tells her that her mother says to hurry up because they'll be late for school and Amy is picking and outfit to wear. She asks why Ashley told her parents that she was on birth control and they bicker back and forth landing on the whole "not speaking" thing. Ashley tells her that she thought it would be important to be honest about it this time. Afterwards, her dad comes to talk to her and tells her she can't go on a date with Ben because they are going to have family night. They argue a bit and he tells her to invite him.

Ashley goes to Adrian's to ask for a ride and then she smells vomit. She asks who vomited and Adrian said it was her. Ashley grabs a trash bag and says she is getting rid of the pizza and then offers to stay home with her to give her someone to talk to because she's been through this before with Amy. They stay home and talk.

At Grace's, her stepfather is trying to explain to her that these tests are usually about 99% accurate and when they are wrong is when it accidentally shows a negative due to the HCG hormones not being read right. Grace still thinks that Adrian isn't pregnant and he says "what if the only way she's not pregnant is if she had an abortion?" She gives him the dirtiest look anyone could muster up, ever. Then she tells him she hates him for saying that and leaves. It turns out that her mother had tried to get him to tell her because he's a gynecologist and he went to school to know about these things.

Ricky is walking though school and runs into Ashley's supposed boyfriend and her best friend, who is his cousin. He asks what he is doing there and it seems that he has decided to transfer there. Ricky is pretty much not in the mood and tells him to leave her alone and walks away. After that, Ashley's bestfriend tells her "boyfriend" that he may be right. She's not really all that interested in him or she's having it easy hiding it and just transferring schools would make her even more weirded out. She just wouldn't be comfortable with that. Of course the guy doesn't want to hear it, but Griffin has a point.

Ben comes in and asks his best friends where he should take Amy for dinner. They ask if he has told Grace that he and Amy are back together and he says that he hasn't and doesn't feel like he has to--even though he was going to last night, but it would have ruined the day. They think she has the right to know and then right afterwards Ben runs into Grace. He asks if they could talk and she asks him when he was going to tell her that he was at Amy's. He tells her that they are back together. Grace is disappointed but only wants him to be happy, she says. She puts on a great front and asks if he's heard from Adrian because she's not at school and hasn't answered her phone. Then tells him if anything else is going on--some sort of backwards reference to the Adrian situation--and you need to talk, let me know. You are going to need it. So, Ben thought that a bit strange.

Ricky is on the search and Jack goes up to him. He asks him if he can move out because his parents are leaving and he needs to stay there for the school year. Ricky is very adamant about saying no as he just got visitation with John and really doesn't need someone else living with him. Not only that, but he really can't allow that to happen anyway. Jack says he understands, but can he at least tell his parents that he said yes. Ricky doesn't seem the harm in that and tells him he can.

Adrian and Ashley are getting ice cream and sitting in Adrian's kitchen. Ricky knocks on the door and Adrian is worried about it. She asks Ashley to go upstairs and then answers the door. Almost crying he asks if she is pregnant and she just shakes her head yes and then he walks away. This was emotional for Adrian and when she closed the door she broke down.

At work, Ricky asks Ben if there is anything that he needs to tell him. Ben doesn't think that he needs to tell him anything right at that moment, but Ricky digs. Ben says that there WAS a pregnancy scare, but that is in the past and he thought that it was really only his and Adrian's business. Ricky tells him that she is still very much pregnant and if he needs someone to talk to then he will be there for when he wants to listen. Ben seems to still be in denial at this point, but thinks about it.

After work, Amy comes home to a home that is enraged. Her mom is mad at both Ashley and her father because Ashley skipped school and her father assumed she was making dinner for everyone and then invited Ben. Ben shows up soon with flowers and a dessert of some kind and he is there for maybe a total of fifteen minutes. As soon as it turns 6:15 he decides it is late and leaves. Amy's parents were incredibly rude and it was just very uncomfortable for him.

Jack shows up at Grace's house and Grace is all uppity and upset because Ben "broke up with her" and she is rude to him and tells him that "just because Ben broke up with her doesn't mean she's going to date him". He understands that as he's not interested in that anyway. He asks her mom if he can live with them, but she says no and offers for him to stay for dinner. Grace isn't happy about that and goes to her room. When it is time for dinner, he goes upstairs to let her know and she tells him she needs to talk to him. She asks him if Adrian is capable of lying to her about abortion. He tells her that if she has had one--which no one knows that--then it is between her and God and they are not the ones in the place to judge.

Ben gets home from his eventful evening and his father is in there leaving him a note. He tells him he was going to invite him to go to dinner with him. Ben says he has already eaten at Amy's. Ben looks pretty sad and guilty and his father asks if he needs to talk. He says it is nothing that can't wait and his father presses the issue. Ben tells him that Adrian is pregnant and that he is the father. His father sits on the bed speechless.