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Get Out of Town - Recap

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The show starts off at Ben's house. They are sitting quietly and his step mother comes in and tells them to get some sleep because it is getting late. She tries to get his dad to go to bed and tell them that there are worse problems than Ben getting Adrian pregnant. She wants them to sleep on it. Leo tells Ben that he remembers saying exactly that to George. Betty is right because there could be worse things going on. He decides that they should definitely sleep on it. He wants Ben to talk to Adrian tomorrow, but he doesn't want to talk to her or be involved. He wants him to keep talking to her. He tells him that he is just as responsible and doesn't approve of him letting Adrian just do whatever by herself. He also wants him to tell Amy about it. His father essentially tells him that he wants to possibly marry Adrian.

Adrian goes into her refrigerator and grabs a drink. She is checking her watch and decides to call her mother. She is calling to make sure that she will be home the next night. Her mother can tell that there is something she is not telling her. She tries to pull it out of her, but she wouldn't. She goes back into the fridge and decides to make herself a pretty hefty sandwich. Her father runs down and is checking on her because her mom told him to.

Ben is contemplative and texts Adrian. She call him and he wants to talk to her, but not tonight. She wants him to concentrate on Amy and not her. He asks if she is still pregnant and she tells him to leave it alone. She tells him that it is not his business. He told her that he told his dad. She says she is waiting for her mother to come home so she can take care of it. She calls Ricky and he is on the phone with Ashley so he is ignoring Adrian's calls. They are talking about the Ben and Adrian situation. He feels like he should know about it. She tells him that it isn't like him to get into everyone's business. She also tells him that he should encourage Amy to go to the summer program. She begs Ricky to leave it alone and he tells her goodnight.

Amy's mom tells her dad that she has a job interview in the morning. She wants to work because she wants to earn her own money. They hear a big sound and it is Ashley and she dropped a bottle. She says she can't sleep because she is worried about Amy because of the music program in New York. She says she can't go because of the baby. Amy has a full scholarship and housing if she takes part in it. The parents decide they are going to talk about that.

At Grace's, she comes downstairs all chipper and fake. He wants to know what is going on and she tells him that she's sorry for snapping on him and he was right. Then she asks if he knows of people that are looking to adopt. She wants to give her options. He tells her to worry about herself. He thinks she needs to focus on building her career with going to med camp. He asks why she doesn't focus on her own life and she says she doesn't want to.

Tom is reading the newspaper dressed in a suit in the morning. He has decided that it is time for him to get a job. He will get a job and find a place to live. She asks why and he thinks he might get married. She decides to let him live in the guest house. He thinks that that place is haunted. She asks if he means he wants to marry Tammy and he tells her that he'll let her know. Jack and is mom are talking about him moving in with someone else. She tells him that if he finds no where to go by the end of the week to see about staying with the coach. He tells his mom about Adrian and Ben. He brings it up because Grace thinks that everyone should gather together and force Adrian to have the baby. Jack thinks that they should all stay out of the situation, because it isn't their business. She makes him promise to becareful.

Ben and Adrian meet up in school and he asks how she is feeling. She says she feels fine but she doesn't want to think about it. He says that he asked her to meet him early because his dad thinks they should talk. She tells him that she's there early because she's avoiding everyone because she doesn't want to talk about it. She wants him to talk to Grace and tell her to leave her alone. He goes to talk to her and tells her to let Adrian decide what she wants to do. Grace says she wants to but she doesn't know if she can. Amy comes in and they hug and she just knows that something is going on. She has decided that she is going to the internship. He didn't get to respond and she got taken away by the counselor.

Amy tells her counselor that she wants to go but she doesn't know if she can. She tells her to just do it. She would have to leave the next day if she went. She thinks about everyone telling her that she should go. Ben tells her that he loves her and he is happy to help with John if she needs it. Her mom tells her that she needs to follow her dreams. Her parents have a nice moment and takes the chance to see if they can have some fun that night.

Leo and Ruben are at dinner and he has told him that she is pregnant. He is upset by this and he is worried that they just started being a family and that it is too soon. He didn't expect it at all. He worries that Leo is trying to get her to have an abortion, but he says he is there to make sure that he will get Ben to step it up and be the father that he needs to be if she does have the baby. He doesn't want Adrian to know that he told him and hopes he waits for Adrian to tell him herself.

Ruben asks Adrian how school was and asks if anything is going on at all with her. She tells him that she has a test and she is trying to study. He hen tells her that he loves her and that he is really happy she is his daughter and that they are a family. She wonders if he has been drinking, but he hasn't and she tells him to go to bed because he seems weird. Ben is in his room pacing back and forth. He says he can't tell Amy about Adrian before she leaves. He tells his dad he is getting nervous that she will do something that she will regret.

His father tells him that he has to tell him something. He tells him that he wasn't at a business dinner and that he had dinner with her father. He is angry because he feels it is not about everyone but Adrian, him, and Amy. Amy and Ricky are at Amy's house and talking about him staying there to take care of John. She is really excited about going to New York. Adrian's mother is home and Ruben is sleeping. She wakes him up and tells him that she is home. He tells her that Adrian is pregnant.