Goodbye, Amy Juergens - Recap

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A lot goes on during this week's episode of Secret Life. Adrian talks to her mother about her pregnancy and she asks if she wants to keep it. Adrian says that she doesn't want to because she isn't ready to be a mother. Her mother told her about all of the problems that she had in regards to having her. She tells her that no matter what her decision is, she will have her back. Ruben doesn't agree with this because he just doesn't have the same belief structure that his wife does. He begins to question based on this whether or not they should be together.

Tom is off on his job search and he succeeds. He has gotten hired at the town courthouse. He proposes to her and while she declines his proposal, she does dance with him and it is just as sweet as sweet can be. Tom had been planning on making Adrian an honest woman and moving in with her in his family's guesthouse--kid in tow! While a nice gesture, it is obviously impossible.

Zoe is back and in bed with Ricky again. Ben had gone to talk to Ricky alone at the shop and she shows up and wonders what is going on. She also has a bit of an intense interaction with Adrian. It's not pleasant. She tells her about how she has slept with Ricky, yet again.

There has been a bit of a crush going on between Ashley and Ricky. Unfortunately for Ricky, Ashley has heard the news of him hooking up with Zoe and she has decided that she wants to give her original crush--Grant--another chance.

It is that time that Amy gets herself to New York and spends a month away from her family and son. She did get to where she was staying and quite enjoyed it. Jack is still trying to find a place to stay. Lauren told him that he could, but Madison said that she is not going to let her boyfriend live with her best friend. So, there goes that idea. The next idea was asking coach and coach thought that he was crazy for even considering asking him to live there. He says that he has a wife and kids that he needs to worry about and that's about all he cares about.