Which Way Did She Go? - Recap

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During this episode of The Secret Life of the American Teenager, there is quite the struggle that Adrian is having about the decision is is going to have to make. So far, she has decided that she is going to have an abortion but her father is not in agreement of that and seems to think he a choice in the matter. Adrian's father, Ruben, has realized that she is not home and has left her phone behind. She has left a note telling them that she couldn't take the arguing between he and her mother over her soon to come abortion. He calls Grace and asks if she is with her and she isn't. Grace decides to call her and look for her, realizing that he obviously has her phone after.

Eventually, Ben's father calls Ruben and tells him that she is with Ben at their house. Ruben wants her to come home, but as level headed as Ben's father is he convinces him to let her spend the night considering there isn't much more damage that can be made after her being pregnant and all. She is laying in Ben's bed in the fetal position, staring off like she has been crying. Ben is staring out of the window thinking about everything and then climbs into bed with her and holds her hand. It is a sweet, understanding moment between the two of them.

Adrian goes home in the morning to meet up with her mother so that she could go and get her abortion. Ruben makes a heart felt apology to Cindy because he treated her as if she wasn't a good mother when really she has been an amazing mother. He also tells Adrian that he loves her even if she does this.

Ashley's crush on Ricky is becoming stronger and she decides while they are in the kitchen to kiss him while he has already said that she can't get what she wants from him. She asks him why not and he tells her that she knows why not. He doesn't tell her much more than that because she kisses him and he decides to walk away from her. We'll see where that goes.

Fellow band members begin to spread rumors around about Amy since she isn't around. They think that since she hasn't been around, she must be pregnant and away due to that. Really, she is living it up in New York for her four week music camp. Ricky tells the rumor mill that they are wrong and he is just not happy at all that such things are going around about her. While Amy is getting everything ready online, someone knocks on her "dorm room" door. It turns out that it is Bristol Palin and she is there because she is also a part of the special program. It turns out that this is a program for teenage mothers that are part of bands at school. Amy is disappointed because she thought it was because she was talented. Bristol tries to tell her that it is because she is talented.

Jack has convinced Tom to let him stay in the guesthouse with him. Of course, this is a big secret and Tom's mom & sister do not know about it. Tom comes in and sees that Jack is eating something and he says he doesn't know but he thinks that they may be brownies. He tells him that he found them in the freezer. Both he and Tom start to eat them and eventually Jack realizes that he thinks he may actually be high. Both he and Tom have eaten pot brownies and didn't even know it! Unfortunately, Tom has to take a urine test on Monday and that may or may not mess up his chances of getting the job. Tom goes inside and acts a bit strange for him.

Grace has made cookies and he speaks a bit of gibberish to her. She's confused by his behavior because he has also taken the entire tray of cookies and brought it into the guesthouse. Eventually, she figures out that Jack has hidden in the bathroom and catches him. She tells them that they probably ate brownies that were left by the "homeless guy" that stayed there every now and then (because homeless guys can bake space cakes, obviously). This was after a slew of judgments towards Jack. Jack soon convinces Grace to allow for him to stay for a few days and not to tell her mom.