She Went That A'way - Recap

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Adrian and her mother are at the abortion clinic. Her mother has called Ruben multiple times to tell him to call Ruben and say that it is okay. Ricky's mother shows up and realizes that she is Ricky's ex. She shows a lot of support and asks if there is anything that she can do for her. She says that she doesn't know if it is right for her despite the fact that she thought it was the right thing. His mother asks her it depends on what she wants. Adrian tells her that she has goals and wants to go to law school so she can be in family law. It seems that Adrian hasn't really made up her mind. They decide that all three of them (Adrian, Ricky's mom, and her mother) should talk.

Ashley walks in on her father as he is shaving with a pink razor. He asks what she is doing up so early and wonders about what is going on with her and Ricky. She tells him it is Adrian's "big day" in regards to the abortion. At Ben's, Bette goes in and sees that Leo is fond of golf and so is she. Ruben and Leo were supposed to be going to golfing alone and she tried to invite herself. Ben shows up and Adrian tells him that she didn't do it. She doesn't want to have the abortion. She apologizes for not being able to do it. He tells her that he is there for her no matter what her decision is.

Ricky's mother is talking to Adrian's mother about the decision that has been made. Ashley gets a text from Adrian and she tells Ricky that she decided to keep the baby. Elsewhere, Amy and Ashley's parents are talking about how the mother isn't cooking food anymore. Ricky goes to tell them that he is bringing John to go see his parents.

Ashley needs to talk to her dad and brings him outside and her mom walks in on them. She needs to talk to her about Ben and Adrian. She didn't know that Adrian was pregnant by Ben. Amy still knows nothing about it and she tells her mom that she can't tell Amy.

Adrian shows up at Grace's with Ben to tell her that she is having the baby. Grace is really excited about this. Tom hears it and smiles and goes to talk to Jack and says that Adrian is having the baby. Jack gets a phone call from Madison. She's parked behind his truck again and she wonders why the truck is far from Grace's house. Ben and Adrian see Jack and Ben goes to talk to Jack so that he doesn't tell anyone before Ben can tell Amy.

Jack and Madison are arguing over the fact that he didn't tell her about living in the Bowman's guesthouse. Madison is not happy about it at all and thinks that he just shouldn't. Ben pulls up to talk to Jack and then Madison demands them to tell the truth. She goes into panic mode and tells him to tell Amy before anyone else tells her.

Ricky and his mom are having a nice conversation. He goes off out of nowhere about not marrying Amy or anyone even if Adrian and Ben get married. Ashley's father brings the pizza in for her to bring into the house so that he can go over to Ruben's and talk to him. He wants to convince everyone not to mention this for a few weeks. Ashley tells him that he can't fix this at all.

He goes to Ruben's and his wife is cooking dinner. It is awkward as they've been together. Ruben isn't there and she starts crying and he hugs her and apologizes about it. Ruben and Leo are at Leo's. Leo tells her to call his wife or go home because it needs to happen. He'd rather go to a hotel room and Leo tells him he needs to be there for Adrian and Cyndi. Adrian and Ben show up there and tells them about her having the baby. Ruben tells her that it is the right thing to do even though it isn't going to be easy. Adrian and Ruben leave and Leo tells Ben that he is definitely going to tell Amy about it.

Jack is having a problem with being a liar and Madison is talking to Grace and she is becoming extraordinarily jealous. Madison and Grace do not like each other and that is obvious. Grace wants to make it a rule that Madison doesn't tell Amy about Ben and Adrian having a baby.

Ruben comes back home to his wife and Amy's father having dinner but there was nothing going on. Her mother is not happy that she isn't having an abortion. George goes back to talk to his wife and he thinks no one should tell Amy until she gets back. Ben is telling his best friends that they are definitely going to be keeping the baby.

Ashley is hanging out with John and Amy is on the computer trying to talk to John through the webcam, but he is not responsive to it. His attention goes to something else and she is angry because of it.