New York, New York - Recap

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Ricky overslept and Ashley had to take care of John. Ashley is mad that Ricky may be lying to her about what he was doing (he slept with another girl while John was with his parents) and she is super jealous. They begin to argue about why they would never be together because she's practically his sister in law. She's also seeming like she is going to burst with the information that Ben is having a child with Adrian. Ricky thinks Ben should tell Amy. She thinks that they have real feelings for one another and she says that it is not just a sexual attraction. Ashley has fallen in love with the wrong guy. Their parents are listening and they think that he should leave John and go home for a few days. Ricky overhears what they are talking about and he says "good idea" behind the door.

Ben is sitting a chair seemingly talking to himself and Grace calls it 'the empty chair' where the person that passed away is told about something ridiculous. Ricky gets a knock at the door and it is his real mother. She asks if it is okay if she comes in and he wonders how you got in. He wonders why she is there and she says she wants to see her grandson but he refuses to and says she never will. She just came to say goodbye. She violated her parole and has to turn herself into the women's prison the next day. She promises to behave and that she is very much clean and sober. He seems to give in finally.

Ben shows up to talk to his dad and say goodnight. Leo tells him that you have business to take care of and Ben doesn't know what he is talking about. He wants to know if he has called Amy. He has decided he isn't going to call her because it is not the best thing for any of them right now. He thinks that they will deal with it then, but Leo worries that someone else will tell her before him. He is now making him go to New York to see Amy and tell her about what it is going on. He says that if he doesn't do it he will go to military school. He understands that he is still shocked, but in this house what he says goes. He tells him that they are going to talk about what he is going to say. Ben says that he will never be prepared to do that because it is really hard. Everyone has to deliver bad news at some point in their life and he has to tell Amy face to face. Ben's best friends show up and he tells them that he is kidnapping him. His one friend tells him that he should call Amy tonight if he doesn't want to go to New York and do it face to face.

Ricky is calling Ben and he answers the phone. Ricky needs a ride to school in the morning and thinks that they should talk so Ben agrees to it. Ashley walks in on her dad hanging up on Amy. Ashley thinks that someone has to tell Amy about Ben. He needs to talk to her and tell her that she can't date Ricky because he is the father of Amy's child. Her father tells her that it can never work. Ricky opens the door and tells Ben that he said he would talk to him out in the car. Ben is shocked that Ricky's mother is really there. Ricky is letting his mother have his car today. His mom thinks that Ben should have someone else tell Amy instead. Ricky and Ben leave and talk about his mother. He tells him that she wants him to go release her to the police. When they are about to walk out Bunny comes in so that she can watch the store while his mother is there.

Grace and Adrian catch up at school and they talk about how they had Ben tell his mom that she's having his baby. She tells her that Tom has been asking about him. She thinks that Tom is not going to have a good day because he's supposed to have a urine test and had pot brownies. Lauren gets mad at Madison because she didn't tell her about the baby. Adrian catches up with Ben's best friends and tells them she is pregnant. She calls attention to everyone and tells the whole school that she is having a baby and that the baby is Ben's. So now everyone in school knows that he is having a baby. At the deli, it seems that Bunny has put Ricky's mother to work and convinced a man to eat more meat so that she can make more money. Ben and Ricky show up and are weirded out by that. His mom decides that they have to go because it is a long drive. She goes upstairs to get her stuff and Bunny asks if he will be able to do it and he says that he will be fine. Ricky says that Ben will be fine when he tells her about the baby.

Jack is texting in the kitchen and Lauren's boyfriend shows up. Jesse thinks that people need to know that Jack lives at the guesthouse. They are going crazy because they are fighting. When he is leaving Tom comes in and he introduces him to Jesse but Tom is upset and he failed the drug test. Tom's mom comes in and has caught him living there. He tells her that the brownies were in the freezer and he didn't know. Tom said that they were going to tell her when the time was right. Jack wants to fix it and he needs to stay there. She thinks that they need to see how things go. Ricky brings his mother to the prison so that she can be dropped off. She forgot to to take her gun out of her purse before she went to meet with her parole officer. She gives him a necklace and a key to a safety deposit box. She asks him to send her pictures of John. She tells him that she is going to learn how to speak Vietnamese since you should have a goal when in prison according to her. He starts crying and decides to hug her goodbye.

Amy and Ashley's mom talk to Ashley about the fact that Ben will be going to New York to tell her about Adrian. She asks how Ashley feels about Ricky and she thinks she might love him. She asks if he feels the same way about her and she doesn't think so. They have a heart to heart about how relationships makes someone need to consider whether it is good to do that or not. She needs to think as well as feel. Ricky comes in and asks Ashley if she needs a ride to school. He thinks they need to talk and she thinks that they should just be friends and he says that is exactly what he needs right now. Elsewhere in New York Ben pulls up with his father and he wants to make sure he knows what he is going to say to her. She pulls up and she is there. He leaves the kids to speak out front. He decides to blurt out what he needed to tell her. She is crushed that she is actually having the baby. She drives off instead of staying there. He says that he did the right thing by going there and telling her.