The Sounds of Silence - Recap

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George is calling Amy and she isn't answering. Everyone is worried about her because of Ben. They decide to trick her into talking to them by using John. They have a discussion about getting together and staying together. Anne really does want to get back together. She's feeling really good about this.

Ashley is talking to Ricky and he ends up telling her that Amy is the person that he cares about most next to John since she is the mother of his child. She is hurt by this and calls Amy and leaves a message that says "I'm sorry about Ben and Adrian and I'm sorry about Ricky and Me" telling her about kissing him.

George is talking to his gay co-worker. Donovan wants to make it good. It turns out that George took Anne's idea for a website. Ben and Ashley are talking and Adrian goes up and asks if he has heard from Amy. Adrian is trying to get Ben and Grace together. Everyone is saying that Ben is in love with Amy so that shouldn't happen. Adrian also needs to find a boyfriend on her part, but Jack says that it is not often that someone will want to be with a pregnant girl.

Ben is at work trying to get ahold of Amy. Ricky tells him to stop calling her because she's not talking to anyone. Ben just wants her to talk to him. He says he needs to stop aggravating the situation and give her some time. He tells him that he needs to let her come to him because that's all he can do at this point. Leo shows up to talk to Ricky. Leo was wondering if he has talked to his mother. He just accidentally told Leo that his mom sold drugs and herself for money. They think they want to offer her a job there and he thinks they can get her out. Leo thinks that Ruben can help them get her out. Ricky thinks that Leo really doesn't want his mom to work there.

Adrian is calling to tell Ben that she got a doctor's appointment. Anne needs Ashley to watch the kids because she has to go take care of her mother. Grace tells her mother that Ben is coming over and they are talking about Adrian's first appointment. Jack and Tom are talking about the fact that Tom isn't going out tonight. He says he can't because Adrian has an appointment. Tom is making Jack pay him so that he'll leave for the night.

Ricky tells Ashley he also needs someone to babysit. She won't do it, because she's hurt by him. She still refuses to do it. He tells her that she owes him because she told Amy that she kissed him. George shows up and Ashley tells him that she had to go to her grandmother. He paid a lot of money and is upset by this.

Adrian and Ben are waiting for the appointment. She tells him that he will not be going in with her. Ben learns her doctor is a male. The doctor comes out to talk to them and it is Dr. Atovi. I'm not sure if Ben likes him because of the sausage king references. She seems a little more interested than she should be. Ben decides that he would like to talk to the doctor alone. Ben doesn't want him touching her because she's attracted to him.

Jack, Madison, Lauren, and Jesse are having a good night and Grace goes out to talk to them. She is saying that she is going to have a date with Ben and they are shocked by that. Ruben shows up at Ricky because he wanted to talk to him about something. He tells him that he needs to ask for his help again. He tells him that his mom went back to jail due to violating her parole. He doesn't know why he's asking but he wants to see if they'll get her out so that they can give her a job. Ruben says he doesn't know about that because it is not easy. He says he'll look into it, though. He asks him a favor, too. He asks him to think about forgiving Adrian. He says she doesn't need to go through the pregnancy and have the one guy she's ever really loved not speaking to her.

George took Ashley to have dinner and the kids are passed out. They talk about the idea he "stole" from Anne. He says he planned to hand the company over to her mom once he got it started. They talk about Ricky and he begs her not to waste any pain on him. She tells him that she can't help it. She's trying and knows it is wrong. She can't help it.

Tom and Jack talk about the party and how it was. Grace and Ben are talking about what he went through today. She says she is glad that he stopped by and when he is about to leave she gives him a pretty sweet kiss. She's obviously conflicted. Adrian wakes up the next morning to drink some milk and Ruben goes downstairs. He asks how the appointment went and she says that she really likes the doctor. She asks how his night went and he tells her that he saw Ricky last night. He tells her that he asked Ricky to speak to him.

Adrian gets a phone call from Amy. She had something that she wanted to say. She asks if the offer to be friends still stand. She thinks that maybe someday their kids will play together.