Chicken Little - Recap

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Ruben has asked Ricky to talk to Adrian and he decides that he is going to simply have to. Ricky and Ben get into an argument about it and Ben tells Ricky that he doesn't want him to speak to Adrian so long as she is pregnant with his baby. Ricky tells him that it is unreasonable and he is going to speak to her if he so chooses to.

At school, Ashley talks to her best friend about his cousin Grant and says she wants him to call her. Griffin tells her off about it because if she is using his cousin then they aren't going to be friends anymore. He tells her all of the wonderful traits he has and Grace overhears it and tells him that she is looking for exactly that. They decide to set up a double date. She says that she can find someone for him and she does, but he isn't out of the closet yet. So he doesn't understand why she'd hook him up with a dude. Griffin is understanding. Grant and Grace hit it off fantastically. Griffin and his date go outside to talk and it turns out that they both have seen one another around time. Griffin played it smooth because he didn't want to just sell him out on it. He says that when he is ready to come out to call him because they would get along great. When he goes home his father has a talk with him and asks him how his date went. Then he asks if he thinks he will see "him" again. He is shocked by the question and asks him to repeat it and he says it again. It turns out that his father knows that he is homosexual, but he doesn't care. He just wants him to be happy and if that means being with a male then that is how it is going to be.

Elsewhere, Ashley is having some issues dealing with the Ricky situation. Her parents have decided to go out to dinner with Robby and left dinner in the oven for her and Ricky. She takes this as a chance to get herself dressed up and have a nice private dinner. Ricky is late and then has to shower and leave anyway so that he can go speak to Adrian. When he goes there he and Adrian automatically kiss and speak. Ashley spends a while crying and watching them through her window. Amy calls her to talk to her about all kinds of things and Ashley realizes that Amy has been doing a lot of growing up.

It seems that Jack has decided that he still has feelings for Grace, though he still makes it clear that he is in love with Madison. Tom gets picked up by Jack at the court house and they will not let him re-take the test. They run into Tom's ex and she has since gotten married. He takes it pretty hard as he thought that they were still together. When they are leaving they notice that Ashley's parents are running into the courthouse and wonder why. It seems that they have gone in there to get their hands on a marriage license as they are going to get married as soon as possible.

The biggest part of this show was that Ruben seems to want Ben and Adrian to get married. They don't want to get married and the whole thing is just weird to them. It seems to be an unfounded play on their heads, but that is just how Ruben feels.