My Girlfriends Back - Recap

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The school year is over and the summer is upon the students. They decide to go to the park and have a nice celebration over the fact that they are done for the year. Alice and Henry spend some time trying to convince Ben to go to the party with them. He isn't interested. He is preoccupied with the situation with Amy right now. He would much rather figure out how to handle the situation with her than go out and have a good time. He is feeling guilty and filled with worry about the situation in its entirety.

Adrian and Ben are having an important discussion. She is trying to get through to him as best as possible. She tells him that if Amy doesn't want to talk to him then he just needs to give her space. He feels left out, because of this. Amy talks to both Adrian and Ricky, but Ben is the only one that she has decided to ignore. Adrian decides that Ricky should step it up and be Ben's friend, but Ricky has had it with how whiny Ben is being in regards to Amy. All he ever does is whine about her at this point.

Adrian does tell Ben that if he wants to work things out with Amy and have a stable relationship, then he is going to need to build a stable friendship with her first. Ben comes to the conclusion that Adrian is still in love with Ricky, but he just doesn't want to marry her. Ben tells her that he absolutely WOULD marry Amy. Adrian becomes exasperated and tires of this discussion. Then she decides to tell him that she has an important doctors appointment and then walks away in a bit of a huff.

Ricky gets a phone call from Amy. She would like stay in New York for a little while longer. She says that the fathers of the other girls' babies are coming to visit and since she isn't expecting anyone, she wants to babysit all of the kids while they are spending time with their significant others. Ricky wonders why she didn't bring this up to him so that he could come out and do that, too. She says that she didn't ask him to come out, because they are not in a relationship. It seems weird to her and she also worries about what would happen if they were alone together all the way in New York.

Ricky thinks that it is a possibility he'd be going there if it weren't for Ben being around and also being an issue. He decides that they really need to talk about all of this and maybe it would help if he goes to New York. He tells her that he would go there if she wanted him to. He then asks her parents if they can watch John so that he can go there and be a part of the program like all of the other fathers. They aren't into this idea, because they think he is going to just take advantage of the distance and new found freedom she has there and they'll have sex. He makes a promise that he isn't going to sleep with Amy, he just wants to be a part of the program. Not only that, but he really needs to communicate with her face to face about all of the issues that they have with one another at the moment.

Amy's parents have decided to approve of this idea. George talks to Ashley and tells her that Ricky is going to New York. She says that she is pretty much surprised he would allow such a thing, because it is obvious that they are going to end up having sex while they are there together. George worries about the same thing, but they already have a child together and it could only help if they do it the right way.

After everything is figured out with Ricky's travel plans, Amy decides to call Ben back. He has been calling her an awful lot and she is getting tired of his being so obsessed with getting into contact with her. She tells him that he needs to stop calling her. She doesn't want to be mean and she doesn't want to hurt his feelings, but she is really upset over the Adrian situation and she isn't ready to really communicate with him. She tells him that she is more than willing to talk to him when she gets back in two weeks. He doesn't feel like he can wait that long. Amy figures out that he probably won't listen to her, so she basically begs him to not call her over the weekend.

This gives him hope that things will eventually get better with her and maybe they will end up back together. Leo talks to him about having a party. He wants him to invite his friends over, because he has been spending so much time by himself. He feels that he is stuck in a bit of a funk and thinks he should invite his friends over and have a nice get together.

Madison decides that she and Jack should have a sleepover. She thinks that they need a nice night together. She also decides that she is going to invite Lauren and her boyfriend Jesse. Things don't go the way that she thought it would, because Tom is there and thinks that the boys and girls should sleep separately.

Grace and Grant are getting to know one another a little bit better and that is when they realize that they both go to med camp. Grant ends up hanging out with Grace in her room all night. They talk about everything and they especially talk about what they want to specialize in.

Peter comes to the party and brings someone named Hailey. She wants to meet Ben, because he is the Sausage King's son. Ashley decides to introduce them, but Ben isn't biting. He really loves Amy and doesn't want anyone else at this point. Ashley bluntly tells Ben that he really needs to try and move on.

She feels that way, because Ricky is going to see Amy in New York and things are more than likely going to happen. Ben and Adrian are both shocked to hear this. That is when Ben realizes that she begged him not to call her over the weekend, because of that. That is when he begins to consider marrying Adrian. He talks to his best friends about this and they are beginning to get worried. They then realize that he is really only wanting to get engaged so that he can pay Amy back for what she is "doing to him".

Peter is having issues with coming out and he decides that he isn't going to do it, yet. Griffin sleeps over Peter's house. They are getting a little close, but Peter then tells him that he is inexperienced and would like to get to know him better first. Griffin feels like that is an alright idea and he agrees to what Peter wants.

Ricky makes it to New York and is ready to talk to her. They had set it up so that he would stay at a hotel while he is there, but it turns out that he is going to stay overnight with Amy. They want to go get some dinner, but then they begin to get close and making out. They go to dinner afterwards where they have conversations. There are two main topics that come up: Ashley and what they have done in their past. They also talk about whether or not she will be ready to have sex with him at some point. She tells him that she's been thinking about it and would like to think about it more. She wants to do it the right way. She would prefer that he gets tested before they have sex.