Lady Liberty - Recap

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On this week's episode of The Secret Life, there is a lot going on. Ricky has come back from New York and everyone is on both he and Amy about what may have or may not have happened there. They both refuse to talk about what happened as what happens in New York, stays in New York apparently. Adrian calls her and she tries to fish for information and cause a certain level of jealousy but it seems all she did was get herself all unsettled and jealous instead.

Ben begs Ricky to tell him what happened in New York and just won't. Bunny gets in the middle of it and tells them to deal with this outside of work so that they can work better in the shop when they come back the next day. Unfortunately for her goal, Ben literally attacks Ricky physically and begs him to tell him even more. This gets Ben fired from his own shop.

Lauren has accidentally sent her father an email that was really meant for Madison. It talks about what happened when they were at Jack and Tom's guesthouse that one Friday night. They have both gotten caught and are all having some issues. Lauren is not allowed to see Jesse and Madison isn't allowed to see Jack for the rest of the summer. Let's see how long that will last.

Amy is having a hard time but her friends there in New York have invited her to a Pajama party/club experience. Ashley is super jealous about Ricky going to New York and is trying to see what is going on between her sister and him. He tells her that he doesn't know what is going on, yet.

Adrian and Ricky have a pretty yucky confrontation and then he runs off and has sex with some random chick as usual. That night, Ben and Adrian talk about getting "engaged" by it wouldn't be real. It turns out that it is also Amy's birthday and her friends tell her that she should really let her friends and family back home that she is none too pleased with the fact that they had forgotten about it.