Sweet and Sour - Recap

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Griffin has decided to go visit Ashley and so he does. She wonders why he is around and he says that he decided that he is going to get some space between he and Peter. He also says that he thought he would take it as the perfect opportunity to spend some time with her. She isn't into it at all. She would really prefer to be by herself and thinks that he should really just go and talk to Peter instead.

Amy is going through some problems on her end. She is leaving a voicemail for Ricky, because she is really worried that he may have slept with someone behind her back. Being worried that he has cheated, she tells him that she needs him to call her back either way. It was her birthday and this is the last thing she needs. They all blanked on Amy's birthday. Ricky tells everyone. Her parents consider what they are going to do to make it up to her.

Ashley and Ricky get the chance to speak alone. She tells him that he taught her a valuable lesson in regards to feelings and doing things. She learned that just because she kissed someone, doesn't mean that they care about you the way that you want them to. She seems to be blaming him a lot for the kiss, but it wasn't him. This perplexes him, but he does say that he did want to kiss her back. It wasn't the right thing to do, though. He wants to be with Amy, not Ashley.

Ken is having issues with his ex's husband. She tells him that she isn't into him that much anymore, but she is probably NOT going to leave her husband for him. Elsewhere, Ben wants to get an engagement ring for Adrian. He talks to his dad about getting his job at the shop back, but his father wants him to get a job somewhere else. He believes that since he is about to have a child, he should try to make it on his own.

Ben tells Leo that he really just wants people to think that he and Adrian are together. He figures that by getting engaged, that is going to make his goal easy to reach. Leo also realizes that this is just a way to make Amy jealous. Marriage is not a joke to Leo and he tells him that if he puts a ring on her finger then he better actually marry her.

Ben talks to Betty about the situation. She thinks that he should ask her and she has the best ring. She got this ring from a European Prince or count of some sort. She wants him to give it to Adrian. Little does she know how much that ring actually is.

Jack wants to be able to see Madison, so he goes to talk to her father. Her father says that he wants them to wait until the end of summer break. Jack let it slip that they did have oral with one another and her father is not pleased about that little bit of information at all.

Madison's father, Morgan, goes to her and talks to her about what Jack told him. He worries about her and asks her a bunch of questions about it. She is not happy about the slip, either. Jack goes back to Grace and tells her that he accidentally slipped about the oral to Madison's father. They talk about what she has been up to with Grant, but she feels that it is none of his business. Jack gets jealous, because he thinks that she has been having sex with him. Her mother even asks her about the sex, but eventually she breaks down and says that she hasn't had sex with Grant, YET.

Ricky has an appointment with his therapist. He had made a commitment to Amy. He promised her that he wasn't going to have sex with any other women, but he ended up having sex with someone else anyway. They talk about the fact that Ricky may not be ready to be in such a serious relationship.

After the session with Ricky, Ken then has a session with Leo. Leo is being nit picky about Betty. there are things that she does that just drives him crazy. She says some words incorrectly. He thinks that Leo is seeing too much of himself in Ben and that makes him want to deflect.

Adrian has a feeling that something may be going on with the baby. She goes to see a doctor and has a huge issue with the fact that he is younger and male. He wants her to have a female doctor, but that is just what they are going to have to deal with right now. Eventually, Dr. Miller feels the need to ask Ben to leave.

Before Ben walks out, he decides to give Adrian the engagement ring. She wonders where he got it and he says that Betty gave it to him to give to her. She wonders what Betty did to get the ring and he is angry so he snaps and says that she did what Adrian did to "deserve the ring".

Lauren is freaking out, because her parents want to talk to her together. She goes to Madison's. Madison talks about the oral situation with Lauren and then her father walks in. Both Morgan and Ken have been talking and they decided to send them to summer school and to work throughout the summer, too.

Hailey, the girl who liked Ben because he is rich, shows up at the shop. She is looking for Ben, but gets Ricky instead. She tells him that she is really bored and would love to sleep with him. He decides to reject the girl.

While Grace and Grant are making out, they are interrupted by Tom. Jack had paid him to interrupt them. Jack would like to re-start the abstinence group that they previously ran, because he's single. He'd like for her to join them, but she thinks this is just so that he can prevent her from sleeping with Grant. This doesn't go fair too well for Jack.

Ben apologizes to Adrian for his behavior earlier and about how he has been dealing with the Amy situation. He wants to make sure that she and their child are his most important priorities. She accepts the ring.

Amy has come home early due to the growing concern that Ricky may have done something.