Up All Night - Recap

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Amy is back due to paranoia. She has been worried that Ricky is sleeping around. They talk about it. He tells her that he really hasn't been sleeping around, but if he decides to then that is his decision. The deal was that he didn't sleep around if he wanted to be with her. He has begun to doubt his commitment. He really doesn't feel ready.

Amy decides that they should simply date instead of being together. That is until he is ready to have a real relationship with her. They start dating after having a discussion about sex and all of their issues. She decides that she wants him to spend the night with her.

Adrian and Ben are talking about whether or not Ben wants to sleep with her again. Ben doesn't like this topic and really thinks that it should be up to her parent and her doctors. She is not happy with that and tells him straight up that she doesn't really need anyone's permission to sleep with him. She also thinks that it could be possible that Amy would want to get back with Ben, because she and Ricky have been having a hard time lately.

Adrian makes it clear that she thinks that Amy and Ricky aren't really going to stay together. She also thinks she knows Ricky so much better than Amy. Ben is tired of hearing about it. At Ben's, Alice and Henry are having a nice sleep over while waiting for him. They scare him when he comes home. He tells them that he really messed up some stuff with Adrian. He tell them that he gave her the engagement ring. They think he just wants to make Amy jealous, but he denies it. They tell him that they think he is really getting into Adrian.

Lauren and Madison are not happy that they are going to have to not see their summers all summer. They aren't even allowed to talk or text with them! Madison thinks that Jack is going to cheat on her, because Jack is at the party that they met at last year.

Jack has gone to dinner with Jesse. They are talking about college and he tells Jesse that he wants to go to a local college instead. He wants to be close to both Madison and Grace. Jesse tells him that he really needs to find a college suitable to his needs and wants, as opposed basing his decision on girls.

Jack also tells Jesse that if Grace wanted to be with him again, he would do it. He would break up with Madison and go for Grace. He is really into the fact that she and Grant are waiting to have sex. That means that she hasn't been with anyone else. He seems to want her to still be an option.

Grant and his mother are at the diner, too. They both hear the whole conversation. Grant calls Grace and tells her where he is and that Jack is there. He said it loudly, so that Jack knew that he was talking about him. Jack gets mad, confronts Grant, and then leaves.

Grant's mom thinks that maybe he should be extra careful. Grace has "enough pregnant friends" and he should really bring protection along with him to med camp.

Amy is still suspicious and asks Ricky if he slept with anyone else while she was still away on her trip. He tells her that he had the chance to sleep with another girl and decided not to. She wonders if the girl was Ashley and he says that it wasn't her. He also tells her that he would never sleep with Ashley. Ashley is snooping and overhears that. She is genuinely hurt by it.

Anne is worried that Amy has come early strictly because she thinks that Ricky may have cheated on her. Anne thinks that Ricky is incapable of changing. She thinks that he will never be able to settle down. She tells Ricky this and he gets angry and basically says that she's a hypocrite, because she is re-marrying George and he cheated on her.

Amy is still reeling over the girl that Ricky had rejected. She thinks it may be Adrian, but Ricky shoots that idea down. He tells her that he would never sleep with Adrian when she is pregnant with Ben's child. Amy says that she doesn't want to come between Adrian and Ben ending up together. She thinks that it may be the best decision for them.

Ricky thinks that Amy just wants to be with him until she can get back with Ben. Ricky tells Amy that he really does think that Ben could fall in love with Adrian. Amy scoffs at that, but Ricky knows Adrian on a different level. He knows that she can be a pretty great girl when her walls are down. Amy says that she doesn't want to be with Ben, anyway. She wants to be with Ricky and hopefully she will one day be able to marry him.

Elsewhere, Grant is spending the night at Grace's. She wonders why her mom would allow that. She thinks that there is something going on. Grant thinks that she just trusts them both enough to know that they aren't going to have sex, yet.

Adrian says that she's been showing everyone her ring. Ben wants her to call it a friendship ring, because he worries that his father will snap over it being an engagement ring. Adrian is happy she has gotten closer to Ben and hopes that it'll still be this way when Amy does come home.

Ricky asks Amy out on a family date.