Who Do You Trust - Recap

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Adrian walks to her locker and pulls out a lot of food for her every two hour snacks. Ben comes up and they have some small talk. It seems that they are having a pretty great relationship. Amy comes up and tells her she looks great. They all notice that they all look happy. Adrian asks Amy what she did to be so happy and Amy tells her "nothing" and then gets to class. Ben and Adrian talk about how "today is the day" and they are really happy. They hold hands and start walking off. Ben's best friends come up and they had not seen Adrian in a few weeks. They are shocked by how big she got, so quickly. She tells them that she is supposed to look that way, because she is half way through her pregnancy. Ben reiterates for her that she is supposed to look that way, with meaning behind it. His best friend's girlfriend says, "Ohhh, I know what that means".

Ben and Adrian run into Jack and Grace. They tell them that they get to find out the sex of the baby today. She asks them if they are actually together. They confirm that they are together and wonder if Grace and Jack are back together. She says no, that she is still with Grant. She will tell Adrian all about it later. Jack gets jealous that she won't tell him about their medical camp adventure, but she tells him that it is not his business. She uses another doctor trick on him to end on a good note instead of arguing and he walks away.

Amy, Madison, and Lauren are talking about their respective boyfriends. They are discussing the fact that they are not having sex and are talking about whether or not their boyfriends did during the summer. They are generally speculative about the situation. Ricky comes up and asks Amy's friends to walk away. He asks Amy if they know what their agreement is. She tells him "of course they know the agreement, they're my best friends!" and then she says "they just don't know one thing: I am ready to have sex with you!" She tells him to go get tested before that, so that they can be smart about it. He tries to say she knows that he doesn't have anything, but she pretty much tells him that he should and they'll "go from there".

Ricky is going around asking various girls if they have any sort of sexually transmitted infections. All of his conquests are getting offended. Amy goes looking for the new school counselor so that she can send the old counselor a thank you gift for helping her get into that music program for teenage mothers. The counselor is clearly very green and nervous. She also looks like a fellow student. Her name is Miss O'Malley. Ashley comes up after her sister leaves and talks to the counselor about homeschooling. The counselor asks her if there are any problems with her schooling there that she could possible fix, but Ashley is non-compliant as usual. She tells the counselor that she absolutely hates people who try to help her. She was very specific, however. Ashley runs into Grant and he tries to talk to her, he thought they were friends. She walks away from him and leaves the school. Griffin comes up to Grant and tells him to forget about it. He did not know that her parents were really getting divorced and there was just a lot of drama involved. Grant tells Griffin that she is not easy to be friends with and Griffin tells him that he knows.

Grace and Grant meet up and they discuss how they waited to have sex for the summer, but are ready to have sex soon. Madison and Jack talk. Madison is telling Jack that she likes someone else. They are fighting about it. Lauren and Jesse are talking about how things happen. He says that people that meet in high school probably won't be together forever. He wants to break up with her eventually, because he will be in college next year. She tells him not even to finish and walks away. Ricky is still asking random chicks if they have anything and Amy walks up to him and asks him if she had scared him by asking him to go get tested. She worries that he is going back to his old habits and asks what he is talking about. He doesn't want to get tested, gets defensive and says that maybe they should not date or have sex. She says that she wants to have sex, she just wants to be responsible and that she doesn't want to just date. She believes something better can happen. Ashley interrupts and asks for a ride home. Ashley tells Ricky before they walk away that when she says something better is possible, she means marriage.

Ricky and Ben are at work. Ricky gets the counter. Ricky is cranky, because today is the day that Ben finds out the sex of he and Adrian's baby. They get into a slightly heated discussion about the fact that when it was time to find out the sex of Amy's baby, Ben taped it. They get a little too heated and the manager ends up telling Ben to leave work. She asks Ricky where he was in the beginning of work and he tells her that he was making phone calls to girls he's slept with. She tells him to get tested and he is simply going to do it even if he doesn't want to. Amy brings John home and her dad is cooking like every night. They talk about how she is capable of making her own food and that he should be able to get out of the house every now and then. She tells him that she asked Ricky to get tested so that they can have sex. He is shockingly zen about it. He is shocked that she is thinking about marriage, too.

Ricky is at the clinic and is about to get tested. He sighs and asks "what is wrong with me?". He is clearly regretting his being promiscuous. Ricky talks to his foster mother about what is going on with Amy. He is antsy about being there at the clinic and wants to get it over with. Ben and Adrian are waiting to have their ultrasound. They are talking about him being in the room when she gives birth to their baby. She is basically desperate for him to be there with her. He is hesitant about passing out.

Tom is at his corporate job as a manager. He and his ex are having issues, because he hits on her despite her being married. One of the employees has come to talk to him about the fact that their manager is hard to deal with. He inevitably quits, because he helps saving them on unemployment claims. Madison is telling her father about the fact that her crush is 20 and in high school. He is divorced, too. His name is Stanley. Grace and Grant are talking to Grace's mom about waiting. She would like them to wait a little while longer. Eventually they decided that they can have sex after they get tested. She is not comfortable with them wanting to get tested. He wants to wait, because now he's not comfortable with having sex with her. She learns that she needs to get tested from Jack, because he "may have had an infection". She gets upset and walks away.

Ricky called Amy to tell her that he got tested, but is not trying to talk to her about it in full. He is definitely worried about the fact that he could totally have something. In true Ricky fashion, he is trying to deal with it on his own. Ashley is talking to her mother and she tells her I want to go to home school. She wants to do it so that she can also visit her more. She is dealing with the divorce not very well. Adrian's parents are pacing waiting, wanting a boy or a girl. They are nervous and excited. They are about to argue about them getting married, but they come in to tell them the sex of the baby. It's a girl! Ben tells his parents, too. He and his father have a conversation. He says that he got to see the heartbeat and it was amazing. His father wants to know if they are going to get married or not. Ricky is at home waiting and throwing the ball around. His mother is out of jail and shows up to crash at his place.