Guess Who's Not Coming To Dinner - Recap

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Ricky and Nora are in Ricky's apartment kitchen; Ricky reminds her that it's Saturday and she agreed to move in with Margaret and her husband on Saturday. Nora argues that she doesn't need parents and doesn't wish to live with supervision.

She tells him that she's going to get her own apartment - he counters that Nora doesn't get paid enough to have an apartment, a car and insurance and a license. Ricky takes on the parenting role and reminds her how expensive it is to have all of the things she wants and while she's working and saving up, she can't continue to stay with him. Nora tries to negotiate more time living there and Ricky turns her down flat. Ricky reminds Nora of his custody agreement and that nobody else can be in the apartment when Ricky has John, not even Nora.

There is a knock at the door and Nora groans in disappointment. She complains that she hasn't even had a shower, but Ricky is unrelenting, telling her that she was woken up in plenty of time.

Margaret joins Nora and Ricky in the kitchen, greeting Nora politely. Nora responds with sarcasm and asks Margaret if she's going to make Nora "wash her sins in church" before she comes to live with them. Margaret tells Nora that she's Buddhist and Nora replies with more rude comments and continues to eat her breakfast. Margaret gives back the insults just as well as Nora gives them, however, and Ricky appears to be getting worried about how the two women might get along. Margaret says she and her husband are willing to take Nora in, as long as she abides by her rules. An awkward moment passes between them when Nora comments about not being allowed to have boys in her room and Margaret replies with "girls either". Ricky questions what is meant by that and Margaret skates over it by explaining that visitors and company aren't allowed in the bedroom. Ricky is less concerned about the rules for visitors and more concerned about his mother not being allowed drinking or drugs, given her history. Nora is given the list of rules she must follow and becomes visibly agitated by the expectations.

Ricky leaves the two women to chat, but on his way out, he tells Nora that he and Amy might drop by with John so Nora can meet him. As soon as Ricky has left the room, Nora questions Margaret about how Margaret knew about the girlfriend. Margaret explains to Nora that she hears things.

Amy and Ashley are discussing Ashley's homeschooling and visiting their mother; Ashley wants Amy to drive her to their mother's so their mother will help with her biology project. Amy compromises that perhaps she can help with Ashley's project as a way to support Ashely's decision to home school. Ashley is not mollified by this and tells Amy that she is not a good sister.

Their conversation quickly changes gears to a discussion about Amy and Ricky's plans to have sex and how prepared they both are. Amy tells her father her plans for the evening, which include introducing John to his grandmother, Nora, and that she'll be home by midnight. George turns the conversation back to Ricky and Amy's sex life and is clearly attempting to influence her decision. George tries to convince her to wait until she's out of high school and living on her own before making that leap (again). Amy tells George that she doesn't think he is successful at parenting, using her sister and herself as examples.

Ashley calls her mom to complain about her life and how it's affected by people having babies. Ashley goes on to tell her mother about the big biology project and how it will ruin their time together the following weekend because Ashley hasn't even gotten started on it. Anne offers to help, and initially Ashley plays coy, but in the end, Anne helps Ashley come up with an idea for the project.

Nora comes down to the butcher shop where she says goodbye to Ricky and Ben. Ben tries to break the tension with some good news and offers up that he and Adrian might be getting married. Ricky scoffs at the idea and Ben says they'll get married if Adrian says yes. Nora makes a snide remark about getting married herself one day, "if she says yes". Leaving Ricky to wonder and Ben to question if Nora is a lesbian as Nora walks out of the butcher shop.

Tom and Jack are talking about who would be better for Grace: Jack or Grant. Tom quickly responds, "Grant" commenting that it wasn't Grant that had sex with his sister, but Jack. Jack tells Tom to look out if Grant tells Grace he loves her because it means trouble. Tom asks if that's what Jack did.

Grace confesses to Adrian that Grant told Grace he loved her, but she feels foolish for trusting after being betrayed so recently. Adrian tells Grace it's okay to trust Grant because he seems like a really nice guy. The conversation turns quickly to sex and Grace's confusion about having sex with Grant. Adrian tells Grace that she loves Ben, but doesn't know if she is IN love with him. Adrian says that Ben is there for her in ways that her parents weren't. Grace wonders aloud if Adrian is settling for Ben just because he's there even though there is no strong physical attraction. Adrian wants to consider the baby's as well as her own feelings and she is thinking about having sex with Ben. The two girls tell each other that they shouldn't make any major decisions about sex or marriage if either of them have any doubts at all.

Leo and Reuben are at the club discussing their golf game and Leo confides in Reuben that Ben might propose to Adrian. Reuben is clearly shocked, but thrilled with the news. Leo tells Reuben that Ben will ask Reuben and his wife first, however. Leo also says that he likes the idea of Ben and Adrian getting married but really thinks Ben and Adrian should wait until after the baby is here and not rush into things. Leo asks if Adrian is ready for a commitment and worries that if Adrian says no to Ben's proposal that it might make things even harder. Leo urges Reuben to find out ahead of time what Adrian might say if Ben proposes. Leo concedes that if Adrian is really ready, that he will let them choose the date and manner of their own wedding.

Margaret is speaking with Ricky on the phone and Margaret gives her blessing for Ricky to call Nora "Mom" because Margaret knows how Ricky feels no matter what Ricky calls her. The real reason for the call, however, becomes clear when Ricky explains to Margaret that he feels it's too soon to introduce John to Nora. Margaret attempts to convince Ricky to be true to his word because Nora is counting on the visit.

Ricky, still not convinced that going to see Nora with John and Amy is the right thing to do, calls Amy and tells her he's feeling ill and shouldn't be around anyone, canceling their plans.

Ben wants to take Adrian to a fancy dinner, but Adrian is craving tacos. Reuben tries to find out what Adrian would say if Ben proposed. Adrian says Ben wouldn't propose because it would be a mutual decision some time in the future. Adrian asks her father to promise that he would never push Ben into asking Adrian to marry him because Adrian wouldn't know how Ben really feels.

Once Adrian leaves the room, Cindy whacks Reuben with a towel and demands to know what Reuben and Leo talked about at the golf club. Reuben reveals that Ben wants to ask them for their permission to marry Adrian.

Up in her room, Adrian calls Ricky to see how he is feeling. She's worried because he sounds angry on the phone. Ricky tells her that he's going through a rough time with his mother explaining how Nora was on drugs for so long she is like a child herself and how she married the wrong person and it really messed up her life. Adrian responds with a thoughtful sigh.

Nora calls Amy telling her that Ricky isn't really sick and that Ricky doesn't want Nora to meet John. Amy protests and tells Nora that Ricky really does want her to meet John. Nora hangs up because Margaret enters the room. Margaret apologizes for her off-hand comment earlier in the day explaining that she thought Ricky knew about Nora's girlfriend. Amy calls Margaret wondering if keeping John away is the right thing, since they'd promised they would bring John by to meet Nora.

Leo and Betty wish Ben luck on seeking permission from Adrian's parents to propose. Leo is upset about Ben growing up so fast. Betty tries to convince Leo that he is a good father to Ben telling him all of the positive attributes that Ben has are because Leo is such a good father.

Amy shows up at the butcher shop and gets Ricky to come downstairs. Amy tells him they need to go to see Nora. Ricky tries telling her that he is sick, but she's not buying the story. Ricky is upset by the realization that Nora might be gay and hasn't told him.

With the restaurant in the background, Ben calls Adrian and tells her that he might be running a few minutes late but he will have his driver pick her up out front. We see Reuben and Cindy in the restaurant after he hangs up, clearly charmed and smiling. They embrace and exchange a few words before they leave.

Ashley is working on her biology project when George asks her about dinner. Ashley voices a positive attitude about home schooling and having her own curriculum. She tells George that she thinks he wants her to fail and George clarifies saying that he just thinks she'll eventually tire of being alone most of the time and miss being around other people. Ashley disagrees, explaining her biology project in terms that are familiar to her family and have to do with adaptations and survival. George concedes that maybe homeschooling is a good idea after all and Ashley interjects that she is excited about it.

Amy takes John to meet Nora and Nora exclaims about how cute John is. Amy asks if Ricky was as cute as a baby. Amy reassures Nora that Ricky still loves her, regardless of their history. Nora wonders if that love is like punishment because the love is not deserved. Ricky shows up and says that they both need to stop acting like victims and act like adults. Nora responds with a smile. Amy steps out to let the two of them talk.

Nora and Ricky are alone in the kitchen and Nora is uncomfortable with the situation. They are both at a loss for words. Nora tells Ricky she is gay. Ricky wishes that Nora had told him before she told everyone else. Nora tells Ricky that she has a girlfriend, a public defender that Nora met while she was in prison. Ricky expresses a desire to meet her. Nora gives him a heartfelt thanks. Ricky hands John over to sit with his Grandmother. She is overwhelmed with emotion.

Adrian gets let out of a limousine by a driver at the taco restaurant where she meets Ben for dinner and asks Ben what he is up to. Ben tries to maintain an innocent look, and Adrian realizes that they are the only ones in the restaurant and tells Ben that he is crazy. Ben tells Adrian that she's a little bit crazy, too. Ben confesses his love, lowers himself to his knee and proposes. Adrian, without even thinking for a moment says yes, very emphatically. As they embrace, the baby starts to move and Ben gets to put his hand on Adrian's belly and feel the baby.