It's Not Over Till It's Over - Recap

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Adrian and Katelyn meet up to discuss her plans for school. Adrian is determined to come back a week after she gives birth. She says that she is going to have a nanny and she'll be fine taking care of the baby the rest of the time. Katelynn is worried, because it seems that Adrian hasn't really thought about this logically. After that, she talks to Ben. It seems that they are both thinking that the nanny will handle things, but Ben wants to "watch the nanny" to make sure she's doing the job right. He'll need "time off" to be able to do that.

Ricky and Amy are in the hallway talking about sex and the fact that she is not ready, yet. He really would like to soon, but she wants to be certain it is the right decision. She asks to talk to Ricky. She tells him that he has an interview with a college and he needs to brush up on his technique. She also tells him that while she knows that it is none of her business, he should really look into romancing Amy if he wants to have sex with her. Even though they already have had sex one time before and they have a child together, a woman still needs to be romanced.

When Amy goes outside, she sees Ben on a bench. He looks nervous. They talk about how she hopes that they make it. He thinks she's saying they probably won't. He breaks down and says that he's 17 and doesn't want to be a father or a husband. He then tells her that he had a moment of weakness, he totally wants both.

Betty talks to Ben and says that she won't be able to go to his wedding, because she just heard from her family. Her siblings claim that her mother is dying. Everyone thinks that this is pretty much a scam for money. Leo tells Ben that he now sees what a pre-nup is for. He also goes and invites his secretary to be a date to his son's wedding. His secretary has been doing some looking into Betty. It seems that one of her brothers has just filed for bankruptcy. Not only that, but she looked into her mother. She's not in any hospitals up to 200 miles away.

Ruben and Cindy are arguing over Jack's father presiding over the wedding. He's a protestant and they are both Catholic. Ruben feels like they should get married by a priest. Cindy thinks that they should get married by whoever they want to. She wants to make sure that he wears a tux, too.

Jack has made soup for his father and they have a nice conversation. He says that he is having issues with Grace and Madison. He doesn't want to sleep with Madison. He worries that if he does that, he won't be able to be with Grace again in the long run. His father tells him that if he feels that way, he should really break up with Madison.

Ricky has his mother and her girlfriend over. They are talking about college. He isn't sure of what he's going to do, but they are really excited about it. They also talk about them wanting to get married. He has no problem with that. Ollie also believes that Nora should go back to school.

George isn't having it easy, he's getting a bit lonely. He even asks out Katelynn, but she turns him down because she has a boyfriend that she's been with for years. Anne is dating her high school flame Josh. He wants her to go to a friend's wedding with him, so they get Ashley and her friend to watch her son.

Adrian goes to Tom when she needs to tell someone that she is having second thoughts. He tells her that he loves her and that she should go through with marrying Ben because he's a good guy. He pretty much calms her down and gives her enough hope to go through with it.

Ben and Adrian get married and it is a beautiful, small ceremony.