When One Door Opens - Recap

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Adrian and Ben are going through very serious problems right now. They are still trying to deal with losing their baby. Ben wants to make sure that he doesn't lose himself, so he continues to go to school and talk to his friends. Adrian is very depressed. She doesn't want to go back to school. She just wants to stay at home in her sweatpants. She also wants to get her GED instead of going back to school. It's been eight weeks since the baby was born stillborn.

Ben thinks that Adrian should try antidepressants. Adrian isn't having any of that. Leo lose his secretary. He and Ben admit to one another that they don't want to be married.

Ricky and Amy have decided to move in together. They are very clear that they are happy with their decision and yes, they are having sex. Amy goes to see Adrian and Adrian gets her to tell her that she moved in with Ricky. This makes Adrian even more upset. Adrian even tells her that they were going to name their baby Mercy.

Ricky thinks that Ben really doesn't want to be with Adrian. He goes to the therapist so that he can figure out how to avoid sleeping with her when Ben cuts her loose. He is worried that he actually will. Ashley and her home school partner are on a road trip. Anne let them do it, because she thinks that it will be education for the both of them.

Tom has met a woman with children that he would like to move into to the guesthouse. His mother finds out about this and that she is a mother that is on welfare. Tom wants to marry her, too. Kathleen goes to meet this woman, Rachel, at her work. Rachel tells her that she genuinely does care about Tom, because she's usually in abusive relationships. She does genuinely care about him.

Kathleen has to deal with the fact that her husband is in Africa doing wonderful work. She worries that he'll want to stay there forever. Grace is in Africa, too. No one knows when she will be back, because she would like to stay there and continue to help the people of Zimbabwe out.