Another One Closes - Recap

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Amy has moved in with Ricky and her father is feeling alone with that compounding along with Ashley's roadtrip with Toby. He decides that he is going to renovate the house, along with taking care of Robby. This does not go well with Robby's mother. George sees what is going on with Ashley while she is on her road trip. He reminds her of all of the things he doesn't want to do. She hasn't learned much on this trip so far. She got to hang out with some donkeys and stop at gas stations according to her.

George and Amy get into a bit of an argument. George warns Amy again that Ricky is going to leave her broken hearted. She doesn't believe that, but even if it does happen she feels that it is on her.

Apparently, Amy promised not to tell Adrian anything about her and Ricky's relationship but she does. She especially tells Adrian that she moved in with Ricky. it gets to Ben. Ben tells Ricky to tell Amy to leave Adrian alone, because she didn't need this information being shoved in her face right now. Ricky tells him that he knows he wants to get a divorce, but he should really just wait it out. Ben thinks that as soon as Adrian and him gets divorced, Ricky will sleep with her again.

Ben isn't handling things properly, he's miserable. Leo has been told by Camille that she is in love with him and they both just do not want to be married to their respective wives. Ben wants to leave, but everyone tells her now is not the time. Adrian is having an awful time and thinks that she can talk to Grace, but Grace is of no help. Ben comes home and she's excited to see him, but he is cold towards her and pecks her on her cheek.

Betty shows up and talks to her to try and get herself back together. She tells Adrian that she is a complete mess and needs to get it together so that she can move on. She also says that she doesn't have to look "fat and ugly" to mourn. Adrian says she worries that Ben is leaving because of everything. Betty believes that she can make him change his mind by looking beautiful and put together.

Jack lets Madison know that he absolutely intends on going to Arizona for college. He wants to try to stick it out with her despite that. Before then, he is going to live inside of Grace's house because of Tom's new "family". When Jack tells Grace through Skype, she becomes very angry.

George and Anne spend some time together. Both of them are single, but they aren't going to be getting back together.