When Opportunity Knocks - Recap

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Ricky's birth mother and foster mother both show up at the butcher shop to have a conversation with him. It turns out that he did not speak to either of them about Amy moving in with him. Ricky doesn't see why he had to tell them anything, because it is between him and Amy. Amy sees his foster mother and talks to both of his parents about living together without being married. Amy tells them that she is okay with it.

George is not okay with the new turn of events and Ricky comes over and invites him to have spaghetti at their apartment. They get into an uncomfortable argument about the fact that he's not okay with them living together.

Ricky's mothers are speaking and Nora worries that Ricky will not completely commit, ever. It seems that Nora and her girlfriend have parted ways, because she got cold feet. She can't commit. She worries that he is going to really do that to Amy, too.

Camille has quit and Leo is upset over this. He wants to talk to Ben, so he goes over to the school to do so. He runs into the school counselor and she tells him that she believes Ben is more angry than usual. He tells her that he does see a real therapist. After the counselor leaves, he talks to Ben about the problems he is having. After that, Leo goes to talk to Camille. He begs her to go back to work for him, but she can't. They kiss.

Grace gets home and goes to visit Adrian immediately. Grant feels a bit rejected. She doesn't really even want to see him. It turns out that she met someone and she cheated on Grant with a man named Daniel. Grace goes home and tells her mother about it. She gushes over it and claims that she is in love...again. Jack overhears and is like "not that hard to cheat is it?" She says that he hasn't changed so he has no room to talk and then kisses him to prove to him that he'd be more than willing to cheat, too.

Madison is worried and comes up with a plan to get Jack's parents to come back so that he doesn't go away to Arizona for college. She says that he really wants to have them move back. Jack's dad can see right through her.

Grace falls asleep and Grant shows up. Jack and Daniel are sitting on the opposing couch and Grace wakes up to find all of them. She decides to tell Grant right then and there that she met someone else. Ben goes home and finds Adrian ready for love. Ben tells her that he can't, because he doesn't want to be with her. She gets him to have sex with her anyway, by being sexy and determined despite hearing what he clearly wanted and what he did not want.