One Foot out the Door - Recap

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Amy walks into their apartment and she really thinks that John is not feeling well. Amy wants to take John to the ER, but Ricky does not think that it is that big of an issue. They should wait to take him to the doctor. They end up going to the ER and he accidentally calls Amy his wife. She reacts to it in a nice sort of way and he doesn't like it one bit so he tells her that they're never going to get married and she already knows that. He tells her that he wants to want to marry her. That is all he can give to her right now.

A woman that is in the waiting room tries to talk to Ricky, but he is completely rude to her and she scoots away. When they see the doctor he says that John is feeling fine. When Ricky and Amy start to argue, John holds his ears and says "ow". The doctor tells them that it is probably because he doesn't like to hear them argue.

Ben goes out to dinner with his father and that is where Ben tells Leo that he spent the weekend sleeping with Adrian. He doesn't want to be married to her, though. The sex doesn't change anything for him. Leo tells Ben that he is not allowed to get divorced. He won't let him. Leo has his own issues, however. When they get home, he and Betty talk and she worries that he isn't happy. He lies to her and tells her that he is happy and then drinks some more cognac. She notes that he seems to be drinking more.

Adrian and Grace get together to talk. They talk about Grace's new boyfriend and then Adrian tells her that she's plotting on telling Ben that she wants to go to beauty school in New York to see how he reacts to it. Ben gets home and she tells him, he supports this decision fully. He even tells her that they'll sell the condo and get her a place to stay there instead. Not with him. Since that did not work in her favor, she calls a doctor and asks if it is too soon to get pregnant.

Jack's dad is back to visit Jack. He has important news to tell him. He intends on moving back to work at home. Daniel and Grace walk in and introduce themselves. Well, Daniel is introduced to Jack's dad anyway. That is when he puts 2+2 together and they talk about them being together. Grace didn't know that they were together, together but she is really happy that he said that so they go and make out a lot. He wanted to see if they could slow down a bit in regards to sex so that they can get to know one another better. She doesn't seem too down with that.

Tom is flipping out about the fact that he has to be a parent now, when he just wants to watch television. He is having a hard time not having his routine in doing whatever he wants to do, when he wants to do it. His mother tells him that he simply needs to deal with it, because this is what he wanted. Grant tries to figure out a way to get Grace back and then fails miserably.