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Hole In The Wall - Recap

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Ricky wakes up and he can't find John. He is in a panic and he wants to move out to sleep in the living room so that John can have his his own room. He has also decided that they should just get rid of all of his toys. George is elsewhere visiting Anne, her mother, and their baby. Amy decides to call her father and ask him if he can get them a sofa bed. He isn't pleased about it, but he breaks down and decides that he is going to do it. Ricky doesn't like this. He tells her that he doesn't want to do this, because then he will feel like he will have to marry her.

Amy is at her old house and she is upset, because of the argument that she got into with Ricky over the sofa bed. Adrian called Ricky and now Amy is worried about that, too. Ricky goes to do laundry at Amy's and they have a nice conversation about how he is not going to let Adrian make advances towards him. They make up and when she walks away he listens to the voice mail he got from Adrian, even though he told Amy that he actually deleted it. In the voice mail, she tells him that she wants to hook up.

Nora has been hired by Leo as his personal assistant. She does a few things that please him, such as highlighting the Wall Street Journal articles that had anything to do with meat. Ben calls his dad while he is at school and tells him that he can't go to dinner. The counselor goes and interrupts so that they can discuss what is going on with Adrian. Ben doesn't want to hear it and she tells him that she had a baby that passed away due to SIDs and after that she lost her husband when he became an alcoholic.

Grace is spending time with Daniel and Jack walks in when they are saying goodbye to one another. He walks in and decides that he is going to profess his love to her. He wants to be with her. She tells him that she loves Daniel. Adrian is working on getting over her depression. She starts power walking and she wants to have another baby.

Adrian starts moving the nursery stuff out. She also throws out Ben's childhood bear. He is not happy about this. He says a lot of hurtful things, like he didn't want to sleep with her or marry her. He also says that they deserved to lose the baby. Adrian starts punching holes in the wall. Ben leaves and goes to get his bear from the church's nursery. He sees Amy. He makes her angry by going off on her. She drives off and he goes and has his first six pack of beer. He shows up to dinner drunk and then he passes out.