Don't Go In There! - Recap

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Ben is sleeping in bed with his Teddy at his father's house. Leo comes in and tells him: get up, go home, apologize to Adrian, and go to school NOW. Ben is clearly hung over and wishes the past three years was a dream. Amy and Ricky wake up at her parents house. They have to get to school and Ricky has a college interview. He tells her he loves her.

Ben goes home and finds the place empty. He checks the baby's room and finds it with holes all over the place. He's met his limit and packs a bag. 

Ben is at school drinking mass quantities of water. His best friends come to talk to him. He talks about having pastries. They ask him about whether he was drunk and passed out at the restaurant the night before. They heard he had to be carried out by a waiter. He tells them it's true. He tells them he needs a place to stay. He finds out a freshman saw the debacle, took pictures, and sent them to everyone in school. He says he needs a place to stay again. They ask why and he tells them that he said some really awful things to Adrian. He will apologize for that, but he definitely taking the opportunity to leave now. Alice thinks that right now is a bad time for him to leave, but he thinks that later it would be worse. 

Grace comes up and wants to talk to Ben alone. He says he knows she didn't know he didn't know Adrian was cleaning out the nursery. She says she didn't know but that isn't what she wanted. He asks if she knows about the horrible things he said. She has no clue. He asks if she's heard from her in the past hour and she said no. He tells her he moved out. This panics and worries Grace. 

Jack and Lauren are talking about him breaking up with Madison. Lauren said they both expected it to happen. He says he was tired of her being jealous and paranoid because she thinks he's still in love with Grace. She tells him he is in love with Grace. Grace tells Lauren and jack that Ben left Adrian. Jack asks Grace if Daniel and her are exclusive. Grant comes up to ask her for advice. He asks if he should ask a girl out. She says no because the girl is a slut and if he does then people will think she is a slut too. Jack is early jealous as he gripes about everything Grant says.

Lauren tells Amy about Ben leaving Adrian as well as his drunken debacle. Amy is confident Ben and adrian will work things out. 

Ricky goes up to Ben and asks him "you just had to go and screw everything up, didn't you?" he tells him to go back to Adrian. Adrian shows up in school smiling and waving. She kisses him. She knows he left but she's not letting him go because theyre married and she loves him. She says hi to Ricky and walks away. Both Ben and Ricky look worried.

Tom and his girlfriend talk. She wants him to be patient with the kids while she goes to orientation. Kathleen is picking her kids up from school. She worries Tom won't be okay with the kids.

Ricky's mom shows up to work late, because she though Leo didn't want her to come back. He doesn't want her to call him a pussy cat. He isn't in a good mood at all. Ben calls his father and he wants him to work it out with Adrian. 

Adrian talks to katelyn about everything. She is lying a lot and borderline delusional. She is either playing her or seriously crazy. She is offered summer school, but she wants to go to school at the high school. She settles for summer school. 

Ricky runs into Adrian. He is caught off guard. He tells her that they can't be friends. They have awkward small talk. He finds out through katelyn that Toby's step sister is going to interview him and he gets really worried and uncomfortable.

Kathleen and jacks dad talk over chocolate cake. She tells him she is happy that jack stays there but she wonders if they are moving back. He is teaching next fall at a high school.  He accidentally tells her that graces boyfriend is in college.

Lauren tells Amy that Adrian is back and she has a bit of a rant. She wishes that she could just go to summer school, Adrian says that she is doing both. Adrian is cold and wants to talk to Amy. She tells her that she found out Ricky is interviewing at a college that she was accepted at.

Ricky shows up to the interview and she tells him she will let him in if he sleeps with her. She said it's not a real interview, it was the only way she could see him again. He says no. She continues to undress, anyway. 

Tom calls for Tammy and she is wearing a little black dress. She is propositioning Tom. He says no. She tells him he knows where her cubicle is.

Jack goes go to tell Grace that his dad told her mom about Daniel. Grace finds Adrian. She's not happy she's back, but she is doing what she has to do to get Ben back. She tells Grace not to tell Ben about her plans to get pregnant again.

Carly, ricky's interviewer, calls katelyn to tell her that Ricky is not the kind of student they want on the campus. Everyone is talking about Ben and Adrian and how he deserves everything. Adrian tells a girl off and then Ben tells her he is sorry. She wishes he could wait until they go to college. She cries and wants to live together as friends unless they can't be friends. She wants him to walk out the door holding hands and he does. 

Tom is doing a great job with his girlfriends kids. She's at a bar and someone hits on her and wonders if she is Toms girlfriend.  He asks if she wants dinner. Daniel goes to visit Grace and Grace is on restriction. He wins her over. Grace is in his car waiting, but he's eating dinner in her house.

Katelyn calls Ricky and wants to know what happened. Carly said Ricky tried to sleep with her. He has a fit and Amy wants to know what is going on. He shuts her out and leaves without explaining. Ben draws boundaries with Adrian.