Cute - Recap

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George takes the dog in and speaks to Anne. He says that he wants to take care of Robbie instead of taking him to day care. She feels weird that they are having such a great time together. Ashley and her friend are working as sign holders to promote for a business. He thinks that it is a great job, she hates it.

Ricky and Amy are having a tense morning cleaning up. She wants to know where he went the other night. He doesn't want to tell her, but he does tell her what happened at the interview. He tells her that Toby's sister (Ashley's friend) was the interviewer and she simply set it up so that they could sleep together again. He tells her that he did not want to do it, so she in turn told the school that Ricky tried to sleep with her instead. Amy is angry and wonders where he went that night. He tells her that he only went for a walk to clear his head, honest. He wants her to leave it alone, but she is livid.

Amy goes to Katelyn and tells her about what happened. She asks if she is sure and Amy is upset and makes it very clear that she is positive he did not sleep try to sleep with the interviewer. She feels like she should talk to Ricky about it if he wants to, but she can't make it a school matter. Katelyn does seem to have her wheels turning in her head, though.

Ben tells Grace about living with Adrian as a roommate. She really does not want him to have sex with her and she wanted to tell him about her plans, but Adrian shows up. He tells Adrian and he assumes that she is seeing someone and she lets him assume. She tells him that they can do what they want, if they are only pretending to be married. He talks to Jack and tries to get information, but Jack is oblivious. He also tells him that it is ridiculous to think that Adrian is with someone else. Ben looks for Grace and she avoids him by running into the bathroom and running into Adrian. She tells him that she didn't say anything and won't.

Katelyn has Ricky in her office and asks about his feelings about not getting accepted. Katelyn doubts Carlee's story is true. She thinks that he should fight to get her fired, so that he can go to the school that he really wants to. It would be easier for him. He does not want her help and does not want her harm, either. He figures out that Amy told her.

Ricky goes looking for Amy and she is speaking to Lauren about the situation. He calls her out on talking to the counselor. He wants her to leave it alone and she says she will try. He says that he is a man and he does not need anyone to come to his rescue, let alone his girlfriend. She decides to come up with a plan.

Tom's boss talks to him about meeting his girlfriend. He talks about wanting to date Rachel. Tom basically tells him that he can have her, because he is not ready to be a father and a husband. His boss asks if he could meet her children, Bonnie and Ronnie, Tom doesn't know. He tells him that if the kids don't like him or uncomfortable with him, he is out.

Grace gets home and finds Daniel. He wants to study with her at his place and they definitely should. He has permission until 9pm. She gets ready and gets a call from Ben. He asks if she is seeing someone and she wants him to stay away from her and not to be stupid. Leo and his secretary are leaving and she is meeting someone for dinner. She is having dinner with Ben and she wants to talk to him about drinking. Leo does not have an issue with it.

Ben is asking Ricky if she is seeing him and he says he isn't. He wonders where Ben got the crazy idea. Ben tells him he is going to have dinner with his mother. Bunny figures out that she is probably going to talk to him about his drunken experience and asks if she is a friend of Bill's, but he doesn't get it.

Amy is walking with John and goes to talk to Carlee. She tells her off and threatens to tell the world what she did so that she'll get fired. Amy ends on a good, mature note by saying this: "This is his son, this is our son" and asking her how she could try to tear down someone that is trying to do something good for his son. Carlee looks slightly remorseful.

Amy is doing dishes, John is asleep, Ricky goes to talk to Amy. He asks if everything is okay. She asks if he is upset with him. He's never had someone on his side and he thanks her. She doesn't understand why he won't stick up for himself. He says he just wants to pick his battles. He wants to leave trouble alone, as well as wanting her to.

Nora is talking to Ben about how alcohol is not the answer to his problems. He asks if Adrian knows Bill, too. She's shocked by that question. Oli is at the restaurant. They meet. She talks to Nora and he talks to Ruben. Nora and Oli have small talk and she misses Nora. She was hoping that she changed her mind and she guesses she hasn't. Nora cries and says she can't, but she wishes she could.

Ruben tells Ben he hopes that he doesn't get drunk again. He understands that they've been through a lot. He asks if he would never leave her after everything that happened. He asks if his wife is out of town, because he's there with Oli. He says his wife is always out of town and his wife is okay because Oli is safe.

Anne and George are talking and she feels like she needs to say something. She does invite him to hang out more, but she doesn't know for how long because she enjoys being single. Ricky is reading and studying. She tells him that she went to see Carlee. He gets angry and actually leaves, again.