Dancing With The Stars - Recap

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It is morning and Grace is bring orange juice for her and Daniel. Jack runs into her and says that he needs to speak to her. He asks her in front of Daniel if she'll go to the dance with him, but it is only because he has to go due to being an athlete. Grace and Daniel discuss it and it does not sound like a good idea at first. Daniel also wants her to stay at his place that night.

Adrian comes in from her usual run and she finds Ben on the couch watching cartoons. She asks him how he is doing, but he is not being very attentive. She asks if they are friends and he says that they are. He just wants to sit and watch cartoons and eat popcorn, they are kids after all.

Adrian wants to go to the school dance, Ben obliges. Amy wants to go to the school dance and Ricky is being uncooperative.

Nora goes back to the shop to work and Bunny wonders why. Ricky does his best to deflect the situation. Nora then snaps on a customer and when Bunny comes up, she tells her that maybe she is not cut out to work at the butcher either.

Ricky and Nora talk about her falling off of the wagon and he tells her that this is her last chance with him. He wants her in his life, he loves her, but he cannot have her around using because of John. She tries to tell him that he can't tell her what to do, but he is pretty much set on it.

Nora admits that Leo told her that it was best she go back to the shop. Leo goes to visit Ben and discuss what happened the night before. Leo and Ben have a serious discussion about the dangers of drinking. He tells him that it is not so easy to simply let go of. He then tells him that his late mother was an alcoholic, as well as her parents. In fact, her parents died in a car accident due to her father's drinking issues. He doesn't want that to happen to Ben, but he also did not want to have to tell him this.

Milton comes to meet Rachel's kids at Tom's and he is dressed as a clown. Her kids go running and screaming out of the room, because they just so happen to be afraid of clowns. He realizes that this was a mistake.

Amy is at her parent's house folding laundry when Ruben comes downstairs in a shirt and his boxers. She screams, he screams, John screams. She wonders why he is even there and he explains that he was locked out of the house on purpose and George just lets him crash there when things like that happen. He did not know she was going to be there.

Adrian visits with her parents and then visits Amy and John. She has the look in her eye that worries Amy and then she says she simply cannot wait to have Ben's baby. This sparks something in Amy's mind and she calls Grace. Grace tells her that Adrian is trying to get pregnant again. Grace wants Amy to ask Ricky to tell him and also find a date for Jack.

At the shop, Ben and Ricky are having some issues. Ricky would like to speak to him, but now is not the time. Bunny gives them all a break and Nora flees. Ben follows her after being convinced to, but did not find her. Bunny tells Ricky that he and Ben have more in common than he thinks.

Amy tells Ricky that Adrian wants to get pregnant again and she wants him to talk to Ben about it. He does not know what to do. He'd prefer to stay out of it, though.

Milton saves the day and asks Rachel out on a real date. Daniel and Grace are at his apartment eating Chinese food and discussing the status of their relationship. He does not want to rush things with her on any level.

Ben finds Nora on his bed at his father's house. She tries to deny that she's drunk, but she had several drinks and eventually got tracked down with some guy with white hair who brought her back.

Ricky and Leo discuss that Nora is more than likely fired, because she could work at the shop based on whether she is clean or not. Ricky tells Leo that Adrian wants to get pregnant again.

Ben shows up at his condo to find Adrian dressed sexy with lit candles all over the room. He has no interest in sleeping with her and he made that clear by walking right out.

Everyone goes to the dance and has a great time, including Ricky and Amy!