Flip Flop - Recap

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Adrian is at an appointment and she talks to her doctor about how she would like to get pregnant again. Her doctor wonders why and tells her that she has her life ahead of her. She can go to school, live her life to the fullest, and then get pregnant. Adrian pretty much tells the doctor that Ben is not in on her wanting to get pregnant again. Eventually, she is mistakenly convinced that she should really get what she wants. What's that? Ricky.

Ben is with his therapist and they discuss the situation with Adrian. He tells him that he knows Adrian wants to get pregnant again. It seems like Ben is changing his mind and wants to stay with Adrian the way he speaks. His therapist thinks that he should tell Adrian he knows, but Ben doesn't think he should really stir the pot.

Ricky's foster mother wants a romantic couple of days with her husband. She lies and says it is their anniversary, but Ricky knows that their anniversary is December 23rd. She needs Nora to stay somewhere. Nora is also getting on her nerves. Ricky tells her that he will get it all figured out.

Ann comes home to find George cooking a meal. He seems happy, not flustered at all. She is. She feels like she is being worked to the bone over her own idea, while he is simply living life easily. He gets to be a stay at home dad and do all the things she wishes she could do. She flips out on him and tells him that he really needs to leave. She also tells him that she wants to be partners in the company, only to learn that someone else is a partner in the company. Again, the company was her idea. She tells him to leave and he does.

Ben is still rethinking the break up. He thinks he wants to give it a shot, but then Adrian calls while he's in therapy. He goes to speak to her and finds that she is eager to get him out of the condo. She wants to spend time alone, she says. She just wants everyone to move on, because it is clearly over. She seemed conniving and sarcastic. He tells her that he doesn't want to leave the condo and then eventually says that he knows she was trying to get pregnant.

Adrian calls Grace and snaps on her for telling whoever she told, because it got to Ben. She also tells her that they are no longer friends. Before this, Adrian called and told Grace that she is going after Ricky. As soon as Grace hung up with Adrian, she called Amy and warned her about Adrian being back to her old vindictive tricks.

Amy, Ricky, Nora, and John are all going to stay at Amy's parents house. When Nora is dropped off, Ricky is cold and distant while Amy is trying to be warm and loving. She was excited to hang out with everyone as a family, but Ricky wasn't having any of it.

Ben talks to his best friends and Henry realizes that Adrian may be going after Ricky. When Ruben gets to his house, he sees Adrian. She tells her father that they are breaking up. He realizes that Ricky is at Amy's parents and clearly Adrian was being sneaky. He concludes that she is going to try to go after Ricky.

George ends up at home to find Nora and the kids there. He and Nora hang out and talk for a bit. They bond over coffee and decide that she is going to rent Ashley's room. George sees Adrian sneaking around and realize that she must be after Ricky, again.

Adrian knocks on the door and Amy lets her in. Ricky excuses himself, because Adrian makes him feel uncomfortable. Amy tells her that she needs to back off, because she knows what is up. She tells Amy to check Ricky's phone, Amy grows suspicious and considers it throughout the rest of the night.

Grace calls Daniel to warn him about Adrian. Jack comes in to tell her she's already called him and Grant, which clearly means she is on a rampage. Ruben calls Ben and asks for him to try and work things out with Adrian. Ben tells him that he can't, because the person that needs to say no in this situation to prevent utter chaos is Ricky.

When Adrian gets back to the condo, she confesses to Ben that she is in love with Ricky and she always will be. She also confesses that she will be with him no matter what or how long.

Amy does end up checking Ricky's phone after they have a discussion about it that he thought ended on a good note. He decides to leave to clear his head, while Amy worries he is going to see Adrian.