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4-1-1 - Recap

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Amy is on the phone with Ricky and she's distraught over getting caught listening to his voicemail. He is really upset. While they are talking someone knocks on the door and it is his old foster brother Ethan. He says he may be getting arrested for sending a naked picture of his girlfriend to everyone on his list because she dumped him.

Ethan wants to stay there so he can be responsible for him, but Ricky can't do it so he tells him no. He just wants him to go with him to turn himself in. Ricky also calls his foster mom to see if she can help.

Norah and his foster mom are talking about how happy she is looking, from having a break from drama. Norah said that she's not talking to Ricky, because he's not being very nice to Amy. Norah tells Ricky to get to Amy's house, because she's been crying for days.

Ben tells Adrian that Leo says she can keep the condo until she graduates and even can keep the ring. She tells him she wants to be friends with benefits with him. They have sex one last time for the road.

George is trying to get Amy to go to school. They argue over checking voice and text messages. He admits to reading her texts. Ethan and Ricky are talking about the chick he has the picture of. Ricky tells him he really needs to just go admit it. Amy comes home and learns that Ethan is there. He thinks she's hot.

Adrian wants to apologize to Grace, she does. She apologizes, but she's not happy about it. She's not happy that Adrian is trying to breaking up Amy and Ricky. She offers to hook her up with one of her friends. Grace calls Daniel and asks him about that. He agrees to it, eventually.

Lauren and Madison are talking about how Lauren is back with Jesse. Amy shows up and they talk about reading their boyfriends texts and emails.

Adrian comes up and apologizes to her for Ricky. She tells her that she's going to make Ricky jealous with the guy she's going to date.

Ethan meets up with the girl's father. No matter what he says, her father wants him in jail for it. The father walks out of the lawyer's office and he is enraged. Norah asks Bunny if she ever reads her kids phones. She says she has a system with them.

Leo comes in and Bunny is still upset about being fired from the office. He tells both Norah and Bunny that he and Betty are splitting up, because she wants to go to college. Leo gives Norah a third chance to work for them.

Amy and Ricky run into one another and they decide to talk. He tells her that he told Adrian to stop contacting him. He figures he can only stop himself. He realizes they can't trust eachother and says "why even try?"

Daniel and Grace are on the phone and he really just wanted to hang out with her alone tonight. She is pushing for the date still, though.George and Amy argue over Ricky and whatever Ashley is doing in Florida. Ashley and her friend are applying for a study, but ditch out on it.

Norah comes in from a walk with the dog and her grandson. She's so happy. Ricky shows up to talk to Amy. He says he has looked at her phone before. He basically says he doesn't trust her. She walks away. George comes in and he asks if he wants to marry her, he says yes but not now.

The date has come together and Adrian talks to Dante. They are getting to know one another better. She's brutally honest. She is actually into Dante. They leave together.

Ricky and Amy discuss the lying to one another. They apologize to one another and all is well.