The Games We Play - Recap

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Amy and Madison are talking about how she really wants to propose to her. She wants to make sure that she will have their family forever. Ricky is telling John a story about his life. He shows John the ring that he got for Amy.

Amy is trying to figure out how to do something really nice for Ricky, so that he'll want to marry her. Lauren and Jesse are making out, but they are slowing down. Jesse is trying to get some, but she just wants to wait. He tries talking her into it, but she doesn't want the responsibilities. He wants to live for tonight, but she's worried about a year or a year after that.

Jack calls Madison and wants to see if she wants to go the senior dance with him as a friend.

Grace and Daniel talk about Dante, Adrian is wigging because Dante hasn't called her. Daniel wants to stay out of their business.

Ricky knows what Amy is trying to do and he is milking it for all it is worth. Ben is hanging with his best friends. They discuss college and Henry isn't sure he'll end up in a good school. Leo brings mini pizzas up, they are testing it. Ben is a little worried about Leo's interest. His dad is feeling useless, it seems. That and lonely.

Leo seems to be going crazy over Camille. He wants to call her. He needs to just call her, that's it. He wants to make it this big deal.

Norah wants George to be hospitable to his ex wife. Anne shows up and goes to get their son. Norah spills the beans to let her know what the true deal is. Anne decides to stay there.

Ricky wants to have a 5 year marriage plan. He gets a massage out of her. Henry and Alice talk about how he's not sure that they will last and they end up breaking up. He wants to see the world and experience new things.

Madison, Amy, and Lauren talk about Madison going as a date to a dance with Jack. Jesse comes in wanting to talk to Lauren. He apologizes for misreading the signals.

Grace tells Adrian it was too soon for her to go out with Dante. She's super vulnerable.

Adrian begs the counselor to get to walk with her class. She gets it set up and tells Ricky. Ricky tells her that he's done with her and is not available. Adrian goes to see Daniel and there is a guy in there that turns out to be Dante's brother. He tells her that he is backpacking across Europe. His brother is Omar.

Jack visits Madison and she tells him that she doesn't want to go with him to the dance. He doesn't want to do it solo. Lauren goes to talk to Jesse and wants to give him a second chance. Jack asks Grace to go and Daniel, even. He's done with all of the issues. It's gotta just be them.

Alice is crying at Ben's and Leo finds her. She's waiting for Ben. She doesn't want to start all over.

Leo has sent flowers to Camille, as well as a pretty bracelet. Ben is with Henry and he is still feeling sick. He loves her, but not sure about how much in regards to commitment.

Norah and Anne talk. She may be there for a few days and is thinking about a little vacation after the assignment is done. They bond.

Bunny and Ricky close up shop and Amy shows up at home with John. She realizes he's going to ask her.