Pomp - Recap

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Lauren wants to go to Jesse's graduation party and her father does not want to go. She convinces him to allow her to go. Madison is talking to her dad about going to the party. They talk and he doesn't want her to go, either. Amy wants to go, too. Ricky doesn't want to go. He completely refuses, in fact.

Grace is flipping out on Adrian about her liking Omar, Dante's brother. She says it is wrong, because Dante liked her and she shouldn't hop from brother to brother. Ben comes up and says they've been invited to a party and he wants to go. They decide not to go together.

Jack and Grace talk about the party and he thinks that she should go either way. Ben and his best friend talk. She tells him she and Henry have a custody agreement since they have broken up.

Ricky sees Adrian and tries to go in the other direction. She tells him that he doesn't need to be afraid of her. He tells her he isn't. Ricky doesn't want Adrian to mess with his relationship. She tells him that eventually they will be together again. Adrian is allowed to walk with the class.

Katelyn talks to Ricky about being valedictorian. He needs to write a speech for there. He declines and feels like he doesn't deserve the honor. She tells him that he does deserve all of it. He seems to have stage fright.

Nora works at the office again. She tells Leo that Camille called him and would like to have a drink with him. Betty calls crying, but she can't understand anything.

Katelynn tells Jack that she wants him to write the school prayer speech and says Grace can help him. Ben and Henry talk about the "custody agreement" with Alice. Ben doesn't want to be pushed back and forth.

Ricky shows up at the shop and Bunny figures out that he's asking Amy to marry him and he says that he is valedictorian. She got both out of him.

George is talking to Ricky and he is convinced that Anne likes Nora. Nora comes home and he leaves. Amy shows up at home and Ricky is not there. Madison calls Amy and says Adrian is going to the party. People are losing steam over a big party.

Ricky tells Amy he's valedictorian. He's nervous. They love one another a lot. Leo is in a limo and waits patiently for Camille. Betty's mother died and she was upset, but he wanted to meet up with her anyway. They kiss. She waited 25 years for this.

Betty finds the next guy to bilk. Jack needs Grace's help with the prayer for the graduating class. Tom asks Jack if he can go to the party. Adrian is reading and Omar comes to visit her. She invites him in and they kiss passionately.

He says he has to go, but he wanted to kiss her and then tells her that he just ruined kissing her ex boyfriend (Ricky), because she'll remember him if they do kiss.

Ben, Alice, and Henry speak. Ben says there is no custody agreement and they need to still be friends. Henry and Alice decided they'll never be friends therefore they can't be friends with him.

Grace is making toast and Adrian comes to talk to Grace about the kiss between her and Omar. She thinks she has to kiss Ricky again to figure it all out.

George and Nora are griping about the Ann situation, but then they start wondering about why Ricky was there the night previous because Nora told George about him being valedictorian. They realize that he was probably going to be asking George for Amy's hand in marriage.

Ricky goes to his foster mother and talks about what happened with his friend. He also tells her that he is valedictorian and he wants to ask Amy to marry him.