And Circumstance - Recap

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Jack and Grace are working on his prayer speech. Grace wrote a rough draft speech for him. Amy is in bed with John and she almost fell asleep reading to him. She tells him that it is time for bed and when Ricky comes in he says "ring", but Ricky says that he just wants more reading like everything is normal. Amy goes to bed.

Adrian is determined to get one last kiss from Ricky. That's all she wants. Amy tells her best friends that she is suspicious that Ricky may ask him to marry him. They try to convince her that he's not. Madison goes to Jack and tells him about it. Lauren and Madison are convinced that he is not going to do that.

Grace goes to to speak to Grant. It is awkward and he blows her off. Katelyn comes to talk to Jack, because she made a big mistake. She was in a panic about the fact that it isn't okay to give a prayer in a public school and she basically blanked or misheard. He tells her that it is okay and that he figured that and hands her the index cards. She tells him that she likes it a lot with relief.

Daniel tells Grace that he does want to take Grace to the sleep over party, if she would still like to go. She does, but she asks about taking Adrian. He is not pleased about it, but he is a gentleman and says he would.

Ben and Henry talk about the fact that they can't wait until they finally graduate. They have one more year and they are done. Alice walks by and cracks her whip to get him to stop talking to Ben, because it is not part of their agreement. Jack tells her that maybe they should both be allowed to talk to him whenever, because he needs his friends. The rumor mill is running and Jack is in control of it.

Adrian wants to talk to Ricky and she is directly in his personal space, trying to get him to kiss her. He tells her that he is not trying to be rude, but he wants absolutely nothing to do with her. She wants an "official" goodbye and he says "bye" and walks away. She tells him that he is going to regret that, especially if he wants to propose to Amy tonight.

Jack is sitting alone on the steps of the high school rememmbering all of the times he spent there. Jack learns that his coach is going with him to college as the defensive coach.

Tom is arguing with his mom. He wants to go to the graduation party that night and she tells him that he has a family to take care of, so he can't just go pretend to be a kid. He tells her that he is a grown man and he can make his own decisions.

Adrian is waiting and sad, Ben shows up. He tells her that she needs to let go of Ricky, because Ricky and Amy WILL get married. They are a family. They both need to let it go. He gives her advice as a friend, for her sake. She needs to move on. He invites her to Papi's Tacos.

George is home when Amy brings John. George and Anne look guilty, like they just did something fun. They deny anything going on. She tells him that she can't be with him on a committed level. He tells her he understands that they are still friends. She's caught off guard by that, perplexed even.

Ricky is getting his notes for the speech and flashes back to when he met Amy. Next, it is time for the commencement. Everyone is there and Norah is crying, she is so proud.

Jack is introduced for his speech. He comes up to give it. He thanks his parents, his school, his coach, his friends. The principal introduces Ricky. He graduates on a 4.2 GPA and has been through a lot to reach his goals.

He gives an amazingly beautiful speech. He says that he has had a hard life and has been extremely troubled. He even admits to remembering some students he may not have talked to in the halls, because he hoped they had forgotten him. He thanked them for helping him out when he had no one and needed it. He has gotten a lot of help from a lot of students.

He tells them that he learned that we are all a part of something greater than ourselves and we should work on making the world a better place for everyone. He thanks his foster parents and Norah. He thanks Ben's dad.

"We all have the opportunity to believe in someone, to learn from someone, to love someone", he says. He says that this is thanks to Amy. He invites Amy up to the stage. he proposes and she says yes. Everyone gives them a standing ovation and is in shock. Jack had to hold Adrian back from interrupting it.

Now it is time for the private party. Henry and Ben show up. Everyone is dancing and having a great time. This girl is staring Grace down. That's Daniel's ex girlfriend. The party is combined with the neighbors. Ben meets a girl that seems nice and goes to talk to her alone. Jack talks to the girl that is staring at Daniel and Grace. She tells him that Daniel is his ex and they realize they have something in common. She wants him to cut in. He tries to manipulate the situation. Grant shows up with his female friend.

Lauren doesn't want to drink and they dance. Daniel wants to leave, because his ex girlfriend is making him uncomfortable. Adrian doesn't want Omar or Daniel to leave, she certainly doesn't want to leave either. Ricky and Amy make their entrance and everyone cheers them on. He gives her one last kiss. Omar is upset, because that was disrespectful to both her and him. Omar and Daniel leave after he calls her out in public.

Ben and his friend shows back up, he sees Adrian sad and dances with her. The three most "meaningful" couples dance together: Ricky & Amy, Ben & Adrian, and Grace & Jack dance together.

Lauren wakes up and Jesse isn't there. She walks around looking for him and finds him with Madison. Amy and Ricky take Lauren home. Grace and Jack wake up and decide to go home. Henry wakes up with Adrian and Alice walks in. She's upset and Ben will be, too.

Ben is in bed after a night of cuddling with the girl that he met. She doesn't have sex and he tells her that it is a refreshing view.

Grace tells Jack she saw him with that "witch" last night. She asks him if there's anything to the kissing thing Adrian wanted to do. They kiss. Ricky and Amy end up happy in the end.