Smokin' Like A Virgin - Recap

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The episode begins with Ben and Dylan having a conversation over the phone and it looks like they are connecting well. Dylan tells her mom about Ben and how cute he is. She thinks that there could be something between them. Meanwhile, Leo walks into Ben’s room and asks him who he was talking to. Ben tells him that it’s a girl he met at the party and he likes her. Leo tells his son to ask her out. At Dylan’s, her father tells her that he is not sure that this is the right boyfriend for her and that they are the ones who will approve her boyfriend, if not choose! They ask her to call him over. Dylan’s mom is surprised that he still hasn’t asked her out; despite being on the phone with her all afternoon.

Just then Ben calls her and asks her out. Deciding on a date under parental supervision! How interesting could that get! Anyway, Ben decides to pick her up around 7. Next, Amy tells Ricky that she can’t sleep. He tells her that they get didn’t get sleep last night and have to pick up John at 5; so they better get some rest. She thanks him for proposing to her and he is happy that she accepted his proposal. He tells her that he wants to get married to her, but she tells him that they must finish with their graduation and later think about marriage. But he says that he doesn’t want to wait for long as he thinks that being engaged cam make people get attracted to other people. It’s like a game, where they want to take something that belongs to others. Next, Grace doesn’t seem too happy after a great party last night and her mom is querying about it. Just then Daniel calls Grace and apologizes to her. He tells her that he over reacted on seeing his old girlfriend.

He tells her that he was being a jerk and wants to make it up to her tonight. Just then Jack enters her room and she abruptly disconnects the call. She tells Jack that she doesn’t think they should be getting back. She tells him that she made a mistake and that it was just a kiss. But Jack tells her that it wasn’t ‘just’ a kiss and proves it to her by kissing her again. Next, Adrian calls Daniel asking him about Omar. He tells her that it is none of her business. She tells him that she cannot lose him as she has lost a lot this year. She tells him that she wants to apologize to Omar. He tells her he would see what he can do. Just then Omar walks into Daniel’s room and tells him that Adrian called him 27 times! Omar admits that he is attracted to her in some way and it bothers him to see her kiss another guy. Next, Madison comes to talk to Lauren.

But Lauren doesn’t want to talk to a girl who sleeps with her best friend’s boyfriend! Ben is fast asleep when Alice wakes him up and asks him that how could he be so normal when Henry slept with his wife? next, Dylan is upset and tells her friend that Ben didn’t turn up for the date. They tell her that she needs to leave a little mystery and should never tell a guy everything. But Dylan says that they were having a good time talking. She tells them that he asked her out and then half an hour back, he called and said that he cannot make it. Dylan tells her that he Ben is married and is getting a divorce. Her friends think that he is a loser. And mommy and daddy dear are outside the room, listening to the girls’ talk!!

Dylan continues to tell them that he gets his ex pregnant and then they lost the baby. Dylan says that despite all this, she wants to be with Ben. So be it! her friends decide to help her get him. Next, Madison calls Henry and tells him that they are out casts as they slept with other people’s partners. Henry is shocked to know that people know about him sleeping with Adrian. She tells him that she needs a friend to go to summer school and that he should come with her. He agrees. Next, Grace and Adrian are talking, and Grace tells her that it is not like her to beg a guy to go out with her. Adrian tells her that she is no better as she is dating two guys at the same time. Well it turns out that both of them have hit rock bottom! Grace is shocked to learn that Adrian slept with Henry. And it seems that Grace is “in love” with two guys. Ben is walking up and down his lawn, when Henry comes to meet him. Henry tells him that Adrian felt rejected by Ricky, the other guy and then Ben.

He felt sorry for her. He tried to talk to her and it led to other things, for which he is ashamed of himself. Ben tells Henry that he is no longer welcome to his house and this is the end of their friendship. Just then Dylan arrives and asks him as to why he cancelled the date. Ricky and Amy visit Anne and George, to pick up John and celebrate their engagement. But the family get together didn’t go the way they expected it to go. George doesn’t agree with long engagements and Amy wants to enjoy her last year of high school. Anne doesn’t approve of early marriage. She says that she didn’t want her life to turn out the way it did; messed up. Ricky talks to his mother. Meanwhile, Anne has a word with her daughter.

She tells Amy that she should not let Ricky or her dad pressurize her to get married, and that she should when she is sure that she wants to get married. Amy tells her that she is happy with the engagement and the ring is like a badge of honor!! She wants to get married, but doesn’t know when. Just then Ashley walks in and they are surprised to see her. She tells them that she got into college in Florida and Amy tells her about the engagement. Ashley is not too excited to hear about it and leaves to meet her dad. Next, Ben is showing the girls his bedroom. The girls find the room too plain compared to the rest of the house. They say that they want to smoke pot and Ben is surprised that Dylan did not mention this in the conversation they had.

But anyway, they smoke. Next, Daniel tells Grace that he does not want to go out and shows her the picture of Grace kissing Jack. It was sent by his ex-girlfriend. She tells him that she didn’t do more than kissing Jack and she is sorry. But Daniel tells her that he doesn’t want to be with her and leaves. Grace’s mom tells Jack that he should be enjoying his life and that he and Grace should be “just” friends and that he should move on. Grace meets Adrian and declares the breakup. Just then Omar’s brother Dante, texts her and tells her that he is coming over and Adrian is confused. Grace tells her that she should tell Dante the truth. Adrian tells him that she went out with his brother while he was gone.

Adrian tells Grace that telling the truth isn’t always the best thing to do. She tells her that she wants to go to summer school and wants to start a new life. Adrian suggests that Grace should join summer school and live with her all summer; as they can keep each other out of trouble. Hope it’s not going to be double trouble we are looking at! The girls try convincing Grace’s mom and she agrees. Meanwhile, Margret tells Ricky that it is a good idea that Amy wants to attend summer school. Ricky thinks that Amy is only going to support Lauren. But Margret tells him that Ethan is going to join summer school and that Amy can keep an eye on him. She leaves the two of them alone.

Amy tells Ricky that she might want to have the wedding by June and Ricky promises to turn up for the wedding and stand by her with all her decisions. Next, Dylan’s parents follow her to Ben’s house and meet Leo. They barge into Ben’s room. They can smell pot and Ben takes the blame on himself. The episode ends.