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Defiance - Recap

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The scene opens with Ricky and Amy having a discussion about Amy going to the summer school. Amy tells him that even his foster mom wants her to go to summer school so that she can keep an eye on Ethan. She still can’t understand why Ricky doesn’t want her to go. He tells her that she always works during the summers and she would get plenty of time with John and also earn some money; which could definitely help. She tells him that this summer she wants it different. And moreover she could also get some courses done as next year she would not be able to; as Ricky would be going to college and he would be really busy. So if she is less busy with school then she will get more time to do the household chores.

He feels that since they are engaged, they should stop taking money from her parents. Ricky wants to be more responsible and discuss the finances like couples do and that’s not going down too well with Amy. Next, Grace has moved into Adrien’s house. She tells her that her mother has gone to Africa and hence she thought of moving in with her and going to summer school. Adrien asks her what if her mother finds out. She says that she would lie to her, since it’s a matter of few weeks. Grace is excited but Adrien is a little unsure. Grace’s mom is talking to Grant and he tells her that she isn’t at the med camp. She tells him that Grace loves her a lot and since she wants her to be at med camp, she would be there. Omar is in Adrien’s bedroom and she tells him that they will not see each other as a part of the promise that was made to Grace’s mother-only school and books; no guys.

But he doesn’t listen and tells her that they would meet soon. Grace is surprised to see Omar walk out of the house. Adrien tells her that she is seeing things because she is stressed. Next, Grant is talking to Jack and he tells him that Grace hasn’t reached the camp and she is about to miss her first class; and that is against rules. Jack tells him that she might be on her way as she is the slowest driver in the world. Just then Grace calls Jack and tells him that if her mother calls him then tell her that she is on her way to the med camp. Next, Kathleen calls Daniel to find out about Grace. Just then Omar enters and after confirming it from him, he tells her that Grace is at Adrien’s. But Omar asks him to hang up and appraises him with the facts.

Next, Leo tells Ben that he is going to summer school as a punishment. Leo tells him that it’s none of his business to see who Adrien is sleeping with and that he needs to forgive Henry as Henry realizes that he has made a mistake. He also reprimands him for rescuing bad women with bad habits as it could land him in some bad trouble. But whatever it is; he is definitely going to school and if he even attempts to meet Dylan then he could get spanked! Well, that threat did sound funny to Ben. Dylan’s mom tells her to give up on Ben as he is a loser, who also does drugs. They will have to figure out what Dylan is going to do this summer, other than going out with Ben. Ben has Alice’s phone and Dylan calls him on it. He tells her that he is going to summer school.

Just then Leo walks in and Ben is caught again. Meanwhile, Ethan is telling Ricky as to what happened at school and he notices that Ricky is upset. Ricky tells him about the summer school issue and how mom is happy about it as Amy could keep an eye on him. He wants Ethan to be responsible for himself. Amy walks in and the both of them are about to leave for school. Ricky has taken the responsibility thing a little too seriously. He doesn’t want Ethan to come back to their house, instead go to his own; but thanks to Amy that’s not going to happen. Moreover Amy tells Ricky that she is not going to keep an eye on Ethan and that if he gets into trouble it’s his lookout. But Ricky tells her that she would be blamed if Ethan runs into any sort of trouble. He tells her not to be a friend to Ethan but to be a parent, as that is the only thing he responds to.

Amy thinks otherwise. He would respect that more. When Ricky is giving Amy some lunch money, Ethan makes a note of where the money is kept. Next, Amy and Ethan are at the school and Ethan finds Madison good looking. But Amy tells him to stay away from her as she is not a nice person. Lauren tells Amy that Madison is going out with Henry and that Henry slept with Adrien. Ben walks in. He appraises them with what happened at his place and also tells them that since his father feels he is a drug addict, he has appointed a “baby sitter” for him. But even then he tells them that it was his pot. Amy wonders why Ben needs more trouble in his life despite all that he is going through. Meanwhile, Ethan befriends Madison. He is too sweet with her and tells her that she is a nice person who cannot do anything wrong. Adrien sees the two together.

Henry walks up to Adrien and tells her that he wants to talk. Henry tells her that Ben is not speaking to him as he slept with her. Adrien tells him not to bother about Ben. Henry asks her to talk to him as he feels that if Ben sees that Adrien is not bothered about what happened; then maybe Ben will forgive him. Adrien talks to Ben and she tells him not to be mean with Henry and that he should forgive him. Next, the professor walks in to the class and says that some new student broke into the condom stash at the nurse’s office. The Principal wants to talk to Amy about Ethan and asks her to come to his office. Grace tells Adrien that she has been kicked out of med camp. At home, Grace is upset that she lied to her mother. She tells Adrien that she lied at med camp saying that Grant was supposed to pick her up and as he didn’t she was late.

But then Grant called her a liar in front of everybody and so she got kicked out. Just then Jack arrives. He asks her if she would consider going out with him as she and Daniel broke up. She tells him that she had promised her mom that she would focus only on her studies and so she can’t. He tells her to come home with him as her mother would like it if she is home. Jack tells her that whenever she decides on seeing guys again; she should consider him and try giving their relationship another shot. He tells her that he really loves her. Next, Leo wants Ben to tell him the truth about the pot and the phone. He tells Leo that the pot was Dylan’s and the phone was Alice’s. Leo doesn’t want him to talk to Dylan. Leo is shocked to know that Ben is talking to Adrien and not Henry as it was her fault as well.

He tells Leo that he cared more for Henry and so is upset with him. Leo tells his son that he should never let a woman come between him and his best friend. But Ben tells Leo that all that he has on his mind is Dylan and he cannot live without her. Next, Amy admits that Ricky was right about Ethan. Ricky tells her that Ethan wanted the condoms to have sex with Madison. Amy agrees that she should have let Ricky deal with Ethan the way he wanted. Ricky tells her that love, kindness, all those things are foreign to Ethan and he needs to be told exactly what needs to be done. He tells her that taking a kid in like Ethan could be a lot of work for them. Ricky tells her that Ethan has been suspended for two days.

Amy is sorry for undermining his judgment. Just then Ricky finds out that their money is gone and he feels Ethan stole it. But hey, Amy has it with her. After what happened at school, she assumed something of this sort could happen and so she took all the money out, before Ethan could get to it. Ricky is glad. The episode ends.