Suddenly Last Summer - Recap

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The episode begins with Anne visiting to meet George and leave Roby with him. Nora tries to fool around by telling her that she is going to babysit today. Anne is a little unsure about this when Nora calms her down by saying that Ricky and Amy are coming in with John. Anne tells Nora that she is uncomfortable with her being around the kids as she has a history and that she wasn’t a good mom. But Anne tells her that she didn’t have a problem with her being gay. As the conversation continues, Amy and Ricky walk in. Anne tells Amy that George saw her talking to Nora few weeks back and told her that she was looking at her. Amy finds it ridiculous. But Amy knows about it already and she tells her mom that it is no big deal.

Anne is shocked. George walks in. Amy tells them that Ricky will be taking care of Roby and John and Anne is not comfortable with the fact that Nora and Ricky would be babysitting. But Amy wants to enjoy her summer and doesn’t want to spend it babysitting. She thinks her life at times is horrible. Ricky tells Amy that she can meet Lauren some other night and they should stay. But Amy gets irritated and Nora feels that this evening is falling apart as no one trusts her to babysit. Ricky tells her that incarceration has its effects. Ricky tells Amy that he will talk to Anne and convince her that he would babysit John and Roby and that she could enjoy her evening. Anne wants to take Roby with her on her vacation and George is against it as he doesn’t want her to travel alone with Roby. George is angry the way things are going and wants to talk to Amy as she is acting crazy.

Ricky tells him that he would like to deal with Amy as she is going to be his wife. Amy tells Lauren that she Is not ready to be a mother and a wife. She just wants to have some fun and enjoy her last summer before high school. Lauren misses Madison. Amy tells her that she is late with her cycles. Next, Ben goes to meets Dylan’s parents and tells them that he wants to go out with their daughter. He is there so that they get to know each other better. He tells them that it is safer for Dylan to be around him than any other guy as he has learnt a lot of life lessons over the last couple of years and very few guys of his age have the misfortune to learn. He also tells them about his step mother Betty and the kind of rough background she came from. He tells them that Leo and Betty are going through a divorce.

Meanwhile, Betty’s lawyer meets Leo and tells him that Betty should get a fair share of his wealth; 3 million. Leo writes a check and he tells the lawyer that if he knew Betty well, then she wouldn’t cash this check and the lawyer wouldn’t get a dime. And if she does, then he has nothing to say as Betty was a prostitute after all. Just then Ben walk in and Leo tells him that the guy is Betty’s lawyer and that he had come to ask for the settlement. He does not want to discuss it further. Ben tells his father that Dylan’s parents didn’t allow her to come out with him and that his case which he presented in front of them, fell apart. Leo is glad that he at least tried. Leo tries telling him to call Henry; but Ben says a goodnight and leaves. Grace tells her brother to spend some time with her but he doesn’t want to. He asks Grace as to what if their mom brings home their step brother.

Grace tells him that their mom would do no such thing. After he leaves, Grace calls Greg and asks him if he wants to have sex. He rushes over to Grace’s. Lauren tells Amy that she needs to relax a bit and take her mind off things. Maybe its all the stress that has delayed her cycles and that she cannot be pregnant again. Amy tells her that Ricky stopped using condoms once they got engaged and that maybe it could be because of that. Lauren tells Amy that Ricky is the guy she is going to get married to and that she should be talking to Ricky about this. Amy doesn’t want to talk to Ricky. But Lauren tells her that this time she cannot wait and she is going to have to talk to him. Next, Nora and Anne are having a chat, when Nora asks Anne if she has a good reason to go for a vacation.

She says that she doesn’t and that she simply wants to go. Just then Amy walks in and Anne tells her that George has taken the kids and Ricky back hours ago and that George is still at her place after the fight they had. Amy apologizes for her behavior and tells Anne that she should have stayed back and helped. Anne feels that there is something wrong and Nora tells her that it could either be that Amy is feeling confined or that it could be some hormonal issues. Anne is wondering as to why she is always out of the loop. Nora tells her that it’s nothing like that. She feels that Anne needs to accept that she is going through some mid life crisis and that she is gay. Anne denies that and leaves. Grace is waiting for Greg and when he arrives she tells him that she thinks that they shouldn’t have sex.

Greg is disappointed and tells her that he can handle it. She tells him that she was angry at her dad and so in that state she gave him a call. Maybe someday they would. Meanwhile, Dylan’s friends come to meet Leo and tell him that they Dylan wanted them to talk to him. Leo tells them that he has no problem with Ben seeing Dylan but its Dylan’s parents who aren’t letting them meet. They tell him that Dylan’s father knows that Betty was a prostitute and he has a problem with that. Leo confronts Ben. Ben tells him that he did tell Dylan’s parent’s about Betty. Ben apologizes. Next, Amy arrives at her apartment. She apologizes to her father and tells him that Anne is waiting at home for him and talking to Nora. George leaves. Ricky tries asking Amy the reason why she is upset; but she tells him that she is tired and that wants to get some sleep.

Ricky finds a box of condoms on the table and he figures out the reason Amy is upset. She tells him that she is late. George arrives at his place and Nora tells him that he should encourage Anne to take a vacation as she is tired and deserves a break. George wants to know if he missed anything interesting between the two women; and Nora asks him to go to bed. Anne thanks Nora for her support. Next, Betty comes to meet Leo. She thanks him for making her life beautiful and tells him about her plans for the future. She returns the check to him and leaves. Leo calls Dylan’s dad and tells him that his ex-wife is not a prostitute.

Dylan’s father tells Dylan that she cannot go out with Ben. She tells him that Ben is a guy who thinks people are nice and life is good and he tries to do the right thing. Next, Ricky gets a pregnancy test kit for Amy, but she tells him that things are fine now and that she isn’t pregnant. They decide that they should take every precaution before they are married and ready to have more children. Next, Kathleen walks in with Grace’s step brother; but Grace leaves telling her mom that she would be at Adrien’s. The episode ends.