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The Beach Is Back - Recap

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The episode begins with Ricky and John ready to go to the beach. Today is a day off. Amy is annoyed that she isn’t getting to go to the beach. It is very hot. It was her choice to go to the summer school and work; but now it seems that she doesn’t want to go. Ricky suggests that they all could go on Sunday. Amy decides to call in sick, but Ben stops her from doing that. Amy’s dad too is bored and he hates hot. He doesn’t want to babysit. Roby all alone; but Nora has to leave for work. He calls Ricky and on hearing his plans about the beach; he asks Ben to pick them up as well. At school, Lauren tells Amy that her attitude sucks and it is contagious; now even she would not be able to enjoy at all. Next, Dylan and her friends surprise Ben by arriving at the school. They are going to hang out in the school with Ben. Ben doesn’t think it’s a good idea.

Moreover he tells them that this school has no air-conditioning but they don’t believe him. Kathleen wants Jacob to get into summer school. She introduces him as a friend of the family. But he tells the teacher that he is Grace’s brother. Ricky and George haven’t gone to the beach; instead they set up a beach like atmosphere at home itself. George ends up talking about Anne being gay. Ricky tells him that if he is not the guy for Anne, then he should accept it and get a woman who loves rather than make assumptions about Anne being gay. Meanwhile, at school, Kathleen asks Jacob as to why he didn’t stick with the family friend story. He tells her that it would be a lie. But Kathleen tells him that he and his mother should have been honest years ago and tells her about themselves.

But Jacob tells her that, if that had happened, she would have missed out on all the happy years she spent with her husband. She counters it by saying that at least she would have had a chance to be with someone who really loved her and not have families in different countries. Well, its all complicated. Grace is informed that her brother will be joining school. She is angry and leaves class. Adrien leaves behind her. The class is discussing about Jacob. Adrien tells Grace that she should have told her about Jacob as she is her best friend. She thought that her mother and brother would lie; but she is surprised that the truth is out. Adrien tries to explain to her as to how she felt when her father never mentioned about her to anybody; until she showed up one day. Grace is angry with her too and she leaves. Meanwhile, Ethan befriends Jacob.

Adrien wants to talk to him. She tells him not to upset Grace, because if he does that she will come after him. But Jacob tells her that all he wants to do is find out more about his father and his life. If there is someone Adrien should be talking to, its Grace. Next, Dylan and her friends are about to leave and Dylan wants to kiss Ben goodbye. Henry asks Madison if she is seeing Jack again. But she says a no. Both of them are missing their best friends rather than their lovers. He misses having friends and he thinks that both of them need each other right now and they decide to hang out together. Ricky arrives at school and meets Amy. He tells her that he met her father and they ended up going to the Jurgens’ indoor beach. Amy guessed it.

Ricky wants to take Amy for dinner as George has agreed to babysit John, so that they could have some fun. But Amy doesn’t want to go anywhere. Ricky tells her that she is terrible when it comes to being happy. Next, Betty arrives at and meets Nora who is at the reception. They recognize each other. Betty tells Nora that she is going to major in anthropology. Nora tells her that she will do well. But she tells her that she is still uncertain about her majors. Betty tells Nora that she too should think about going back to school. But she tells Betty that Leo might not let her get off from work. After Betty leaves, Leo comes out and thanks Nora. He tells her that she could go to college if she wants to but she refuses. She is wearing a coat as it is too cold and her fingers are getting numb and everyone out is complaining about the heat. Just then Dylan’s father arrives.

Leo tells him that he should allow the children to see each other. Leo tells him that the kids are determined to meet each other and hence Dylan ended up spending an entire day at school. Ben called Leo and informed him about it. He tells Leo that he wants Dylan to be happy. Next, Jack is trying to explain to Grace that Jacob is her brother and that she should be nice to him. But she tells him that she does not like Jacob. She tells him that Jacob has destroyed their reputation. Jack tells her that nothing of this is Jacob’s fault. She thinks that he has come here to ruin their lives just like his has been ruined. But Jack tells her that it doesn’t appear like Jacob life was ruined, as he is a confident chap and he comes from a nice family.

Just then Adrien walks in. Grace asks her if she was the one who asked Jack to talk to her. But Jack tells Grace that it was her mother who wanted him to talk to her. Adrien tells Grace that she had a word with Jacob and that it is not his fault that his mother had an affair with her dad. She tells Grace that he wanted to come here as he wanted to know about his father, just like she wanted to. She tells Grace that the way she helped Adrien meet her dad, she should help Jacob learn more about his father. Grace tells her that she didn’t know much about her father. Adrien then says that they should help each other in knowing their father better. Next, Madison is unsure about calling Lauren; but Henry encourages her to and she calls.

Lauren tells her that she was about to call her; as she called Jesse. She tells her that she is really tired of being angry. She says that its not good to be angry for this long as it is making her unhappy. But she tells her that they can’t be best friends. She is just letting go and moving on. Henry calls Ben but he doesn’t pick up. Leo tells Ben that he can date Dylan, but he will not bail him out if he gets into any trouble with Dylan around. He tells him to think before he decides anything. Next, Ricky brings Amy to the place where they first met. He tells her that things have changed; trouble started from this place and now things have become better. She says that she lost her teenage years as she had become a mother and spent her time taking care of the baby.

She regrets that she said that, but Ricky tells her that it is the truth. He can’t change the past but he will do his best to make the rest of their lives happy. Next, George and Kathleen are at the indoor beach. He tells her that the indoor beach was her idea, as she wanted to put on a bathing suit but not get any sun. They don’t seem to be able to decide as to which is more shocking; the news about Jacob or Anne being gay. The episode ends.