The Splits - Recap

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The episode begins with Ben and Dylan deciding on what to wear for their first, big date. Ben is all ready to leave. He has a short conversation with his father and leaves. Leo tells his girlfriend that Ben’s divorce papers have arrived and so has his. Its official now and it is not sad. Meanwhile, at Dylan’s, her mother his clicking pictures of her daughter dressed for her first date. Dylan’s father makes sure that she has her phone with her so that they could keep in touch with her. Ben arrives to pick her up and they leave. Next, Adrian is at home; and she seems to be a little lost in thoughts. Just then Grace arrives. She tells Adrian that Amy was being a little nosy by telling her that Jacob is a sweet boy.

Grace thinks that Amy was putting her personal tragedy on display. Adrian tells her that the whole thing is a shock and not a tragedy. What she went through is a tragedy. Grace is angry and wonders why everybody is so nice with Jacob. She feels that everybody is giving Jacob what he wants but nobody cares about her feelings. Adrian tries to explain it to Grace, but she leaves in anger, as she does not want to talk about Jacob. Adrian goes through her mail; but then she dumps it in the dustbin. Next, George asks Amy as to why did she talk to Grace about Jacob. Amy says that it was no big deal and that he too shouldn’t make it into one. She feels that he is questioning her as his wife number one, Kathleen, called him up and complained to him. She is pissed and tells him that he should work things out with her mother, instead of trying to give ears to his first wife’s talks.

At the restaurant, Dylan asks Ben if he had got Amy and Adrian to the same restaurant. Ben says that he did, but both those girls have nothing to do with his life anymore. Dylan admits that she is slightly jealous with both of them and Ben kind of likes it. Next, Ricky is trying to make out with Amy, but she is busy complaining about George favoring Kathleen and Grace; and she doesn’t like it. She thinks that George might be seeing Kathleen once again. Ricky isn’t interested in talking about it- at the moment! Amy wants Ricky to stop kissing her and wants to talk about it. She tells him to talk to her father and tell him to stop seeing Kathleen. Ricky says that he doesn’t want to get involved in any of this and that he wouldn’t talk about it either.

Instead he would like to talk about their wedding. He suggests that they should elope and get married. Amy finds it ridiculous and leaves. Next, Jacob comes in after playing soccer with Tom and another kid. He tells Kathleen that he wants to talk to Grace face to face and that he would like to go over to her place. But Kathleen tells him that Grace would eventually talk to him; she needs time. Jacob says that his mother always allowed him to make his own personal decisions; but Kathleen tells him that if is staying with her, there are going to be rules. He agrees. Kathleen then asks him whether her husband was cheating on her in the hospital. She wants to know more about his relationship with Jacob’s mother. But Jacob tells her that if there are going to be rules, there should be boundaries as well. She agrees. Next, we see that Tom steals his girlfriend’s car keys.

He wants to drive Jacob to Grace’s. Amy calls Grace and tells her that she is sorry about bringing up Jacob’s topic at school. But very deftly she tries asking Grace whether their parents are seeing each other. Grace is irritated and she hangs up on Amy. Meanwhile, Tom tells Jacob that he has arranged for car keys and that he will drive him to Grace’s. Next, Betty is home and Leo is surprised to see her. She tells him that it is scary to live alone and that she is unable to decide whether to live in the dorm or the condo. Leo tells her that she should try the dorm for the first semester and then if it doesn’t work out, she could go to the condo. Just then Leo’s girlfriend arrives and she is not too happy to see Betty; she leaves.

Meanwhile, Dylan and Ben are enjoying dessert and Dylan tells him that she wants to see the butcher shop he works at. She wants to spend some alone time with him. But Ben tells her that there are security cameras in there and they will have to do a lot of answering; he doesn’t want to get into any trouble. But while making out, they knock things off the display shelf and that wakes up Ricky and Amy. Ben and Dylan arrive at Ricky’s apartment. Its an awkward moment. Ricky brings up the topic about deciding on a marriage date. He asks Ben as to how did he and Amy decide on a date when they decided to get married. Dylan is shocked. Ben explains to Dylan that he and Amy were under aged and that the marriage did not count. Moreover, he totally forgot about it. She is upset.

Meanwhile, Kathleen tells George that she does not want to get married again, as marriage was a big mistake. George tells her that his life is miserable and that he would like to do parts of it all over again. Kathleen admits that she too would like to. Next, Leo goes to meet Camille. He tells her that he told Betty not to arrive at he house unannounced. But he also adds that he will always be friends with Betty. Camille tells him that she wants to have kids, so if they have to continue, Leo needs to think about it. She says that she loves him. Next, we see that Adrian is upset with the divorce papers. She tells Omar that she was so devastated at the loss of her child that she never released the grief in losing Ricky. But now, these divorce papers are making her look like a loser. Omar tells her that she should move on.

Next, Amy and Ricky have a little fun, but now its time for serious talks. Ricky wants to know as to why Amy does not want to get married. She says that she feels like an idiot getting married in high school. She knows that she is a mother and she too wants to get married. But she also fears that they will get divorced. She doesn’t want to be like her parents. But Ricky tells her that they are not like anyone else’s parents but they are only like John’s parents and that they will always try to keep the family together. She tells him that there is always a chance of getting divorced if they get married. But both of them know one thing for sure- they both love each other. Next, Tom and Jacob arrive at a wrong house once again.

Tom tells Jacob that he knows the bus routes not the car routes. Just then the cops arrive and ask tom for his license. But Tom gives the cop his fishing license. Jacob tells the cop that he didn’t know that Tom didn’t have a license. The cop asks them to get a lawyer. The cop recognizes Tom. The cop tells Tom that Bauman was his family pediatrician. Next, Ben drops Dylan home after their date. They know that Dylan’s parents are eavesdropping. They play a small prank on them. After all the date went well. The episode ends.