Strange Familiar - Recap

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The episode begins with George waking up Nora in the middle of the night. He tells her that he needs to go to the police station regarding Kathleen’s son and he wants her to babysit Roby. But Nora thinks that is a bad idea and George agrees. He then calls Amy. But she finds it weird that she has to leave her own son and go help George’s wife number one. Amy denies and doesn’t let Ricky go either. He calls Anna and tells her that he is done with the relationship and that they will never get back together. Anne already knows that. Next, Grace arrives at Kathleen’s place. She tells her mom that she is ready to talk to Jacob. Kathleen tells her that Tom got caught by the police while he was driving Jacob to meet her in Rachel’s car.

Kathleen tells her that she would let Grace stay in the guest house if she talks to Jacob. Grace is happy and tells her mother that she will act like a grown up and will have a talk with Jacob. Next, George wants Amy to take care of Roby and quit her church nursery job. He is ready to pay her. But Amy doesn’t want to do that. She tells him that she has her own things to do, so George needs to look at other options. She is pissed about the fact that George wants this arrangement so that he could go meet Kathleen. Despite Amy denying the offer, George rushes out of home leaving Roby with Amy. At he butcher’s shop, the store manager warns Ben not to enter the store again with his girlfriend in the middle of the night, else she will have to tell his father. Ricky too tells him the same. Just then Adrian walks in and Ricky leaves the two alone. Ben is a little rude with Adrian; and Adrian tells him that now since the divorce is official, he could be a little civil with her.

She thanks him for all that he has done for her and that things are working out well between her and Omar. Ben is surprised as he did not get the divorce papers. Adrian wishes him luck and says goodbye and leaves. After a while, Dylan arrives at the shop. She is upset that Ben cannot meet her in the evening as he is going to meet Adrian. She is jealous and doesn’t want him to go. But Ben sticks to his decision. Dylan leaves. Next, Amy calls Ricky in the middle of his work. He cannot talk as his boss has a rule about cell phones. She is cribbing about George having her baby sit Roby, and has gone to meet wife number one. Ricky says that they will talk about this later. Amy asks Nora for her opinion. Nora tells her that George always loved his first wife and will continue doing so.

Amy breaks down in tears. Nora calls Ricky and tells him what happened. Ricky asks her about Anne. Nora tells her that she doesn’t know whether Anne is gay or not. Ricky tells her that if at all she decides to choose a partner, it shouldn’t be Anne. Meanwhile, Ben asks his father about the divorce papers. He tells Ben that he was waiting for his date to go well and hand it to him this morning; but as Ben left for work, he couldn’t. Next, Omar wants to spend some time with Adrian, but she isn’t in a mood to. She wants to be alone. She thought that sex would help her feel better, but it didn’t and so she wants Omar to leave and leave her alone. She tells Omar about her meeting with Ben. Omar says that this wouldn’t work out and leaves. Just then Dylan arrives at Adrian’s house and Omar comes back as well. Both of them are surprised to see Dylan.

Meanwhile, Jacob is moving his stuff to Grace’s room as she is moving to the guest house. They try to have a conversation, which ends up in a contest to see who their dad loved the most. But Jacob tells Grace that she won the contest as their dad married her mother and spent the most amount of time with her. Grace had never thought of that one; guess this makes her feel a little better. Next, George is having a talk to Tom. He tells Tom that he stole a car and also that he doesn’t have a license. George tells Tom that Rachel is moving and Tom is upset about it. Kathleen arrives and Tom leaves. George is having a talk with Kathleen. Just then Amy barges in and hands over Roby to George and leaves. Over the phone, George admits to Kathleen that he is interested in a relationship with her. But she doesn’t want to until she is divorced.

Meanwhile, Rachel is moving out and Tom tells Milton that he is quitting the job. Milton tells him that he needs him and that he should get used to changes in life. He advices Tom to go out and say a goodbye to the children and Rachel. Next, Adrian, Omar and Dylan are waiting for Ben to arrive. Ben is surprised to see Omar and Dylan as he was expecting to meet Dylan alone. Dylan tells him that if Adrian is going to be a part of his life then she wants to get to know her. Things get awkward and so Ben proposes to get some food. Next, Amy is complaining to Ricky once again. She tells him that she thinks that George is trying to have sex with Kathleen. Ricky says that might not be the case and that they might just be trying to find comfort in each other. Amy misses her mom. She wants someone to talk to.

Next, George is all ready to go over to Kathleen’s. he wants Nora to check on Roby and promises her that if at he cries, he would come back immediately. He tells Nora that he trusts her. But Nora doesn’t want him to trust her as it is a heavy burden for a gal like her. George tells her that she has changed her life and she is sober now. Nora is skeptical but tells George that she won’t let him down. Next, Amy goes to get some pizza and she finds Ben there. Ben tells her about the way things turned out at Adrian’s. He asks Amy about her wedding date. She tells him that she doesn’t want to rush into anything. Ben offers to wait with her till the time she gets her pizza. Hmmm… next, Jack comes to meet Tom. Tom wants Jack to move in with him.

Jack tells him that he can’t. Jack too asks him to move on with life. Next, Grace and Jacob are bonding. She wants to know when their father met Jacob’s mother. He tells her that they met in med school and had decided to get married. But they did not and she moved back to Africa. Years later they bumped into each other. Grace thanks him for telling her this. Grace tells him that her mother is interested in George. He knows. She wants to know about his mother. He tells her that she knows his mother. Everyone knows her; Oprah Winfrey!! He is JOKING. The episode ends.