Allies - Recap

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The episode begins with the counselor telling Amy to bring up her grades; else she could find it difficult getting into college. If she needs to get into the same college as Ricky then she needs to get straight As and not Cs and definitely not Ds. But that’s where she is headed. Amy needs to stay in the office and finish the assignments she has been postponing. Next, at home, Amy’s friends Jane and Jackie arrive from New York. They had met during the teen mom program. They are travelling with their children and were hoping to stay at Amy’s while they are in the city. Ricky tries to avoid them but they end up walking into the house. Ricky calls Amy and tells her that he is not okay with her friends living in their apartment as there is not enough space.

She asks him to go over to her dad’s. But he says a no. Amy tells him that she wants to meet her friends and that she doesn’t want Ricky or her dad listening into their conversations. Ricky is pissed and he hangs up. The counselor tells Amy that she has no time to handle out of town guests as she has a lot to catch up with. Next, Adrian talks to Ben. She tells him that he should talk to Henry. Moreover she says that Dylan is a weird girl and that she will not appreciate Ben being friends with Amy. Adrian tells Ben that she will not be there to keep him out of any trouble; so he needs to reconcile with Ben. Alice walks in and Adrian leaves. Alice is upset that Ben has stopped calling her or texting her. He tells her that Dylan is jealous and that she would like it. Next, Lauren tells Amy that she makes bad choices and that he choice of being friends with Ben again when she has Ricky is one of them.

She tells her that she isn’t a good friend and that her decision of having her friends over at her place, when she has to study, is not a good one. They have an argument and Lauren leaves. On her way, Lauren greets Madison and she is excited about it. She tells Henry that maybe they would be friends again. Madison goes to ask Amy if they could be friends again. Adrian tells her to stop groveling. Adrian goes into the office and sits there against Amy’s wish. Ricky calls to check whether Amy called her friends and asked them to leave. But Amy doesn’t want to do that. Grace and Jacob come to talk to Amy but she is rude with them. One of the kids, David, wanders into the butcher’s shop. Ricky drops him back at the apartment. The girls think that Amy is really lucky to have a guy like Ricky and a house like this one. Ricky calls Amy again. Amy tells him that she is having a lousy day.

Ethan and Jacob are making plans of spending the night with two girls. Ethan suggests that they should use Kathleen’s guest house. Jacob says a no but Ethan says that he would meet him at the guest house. Next, Kathleen and George make out. She says that it would have been nice if she told Grace that they were going to meet. She says that she didn’t want things to look suspicious. Next, Ricky offers to keep a watch over the boys while the girls can go out and have fun. Adrian tells Grace that she is holding out on Jack. She says that she should have sex with jack. But Grace says that if she does something of this sort, then Jack would commit for life and she isn’t ready for any such commitment. Henry tries to convince Alice to be friends with him. But Alice tells him that she wants to be his girlfriend and not friend. Next, we see that Lauren and Madison become friends again. They both don’t want to go and tell Amy.

Lauren wants a break from Amy. Ben arrives at the office and asks Amy if she needed any help. Burt she tells him that she is fine. Amy tells her counselor that she will not be able to finish her assignments as she has to get to work and also she has to help Ricky with the house guests. Ben arrives at the store. The manager tells him that he seems too happy. And he tells her that he is happy that he could choose his friends. But she tells him that he is wrong. Dylan would never let him be friends with either of his ex-wives and that the leash is just about to tighten. Next, Grace and Jack are making out. But Jack doesn’t want to do it if they are not going to have sex. But Grace tells him that she doesn’t want to have sex till there is a big commitment fro the future, where they would get married and be together.

But Jack says that he is not ready to make that sort of a commitment as it is too early and that he doesn’t know how things would turn out in the future. Next, Omar asks Adrian if she wanted to marry him. He tells her that he loves her and that he is ready for wait for years for her answer. But the only condition is-NO CHEATING. Meanwhile, Leo walks into Ben’s room and finds his son doing homework. He finds something amiss. Ben tells Leo that Dylan wants to be friends with Amy and Adrian. “Keep your friends close and enemies closer”. Bunny said the same thing! The way of life! But Ben feels that Dylan is jealous of them and is trying to overcome that by being friends with them. Leo fells that Dylan has no reason to be friends with Amy and Adrian. Leo is happy to know that Ben is friendly with Adrian; but when he learns about Amy, it a strict NO NO!

Next, Camille and Betty are having dinner. Betty tells her that she should change her mind about having a kid. But Cam doesn’t want to. Cam is embarrassed that Leo discussed it with Betty. Next, Margret arrives to meet Jacob. She tells him that Ethan was caught sneaking out of the house and he isn’t allowed out after nine on school nights. She tells him that she knows about their plans to “hook up” with two seventeen year old girls. She says that they are too young for such things and also warns Jacob that Ethan is trouble and he could also get Jacob into trouble.

Next, Amy is at George’s doing homework. She learns that her friends still aren’t back home. George tells her that they might be having fun. Amy thanks her dada for not going out with Kathleen tonight and helping her with homework. He tells her that she is more important to him that wife number one. He is no way going to let his little girl fail summer school. While taking up her lesson about World War II and they are talking about “allies”. He tells her that allies change over the years. She gets his drift- he doesn’t want her to be friends with Ben; unless she intends to start World War III. The episode ends.