The Text Best Thing - Recap

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The episode begins with Ricky and Amy having an argument at the table while eating spaghetti. Amy is upset that Ricky has cooked spaghetti as she wanted to cook it the next day, as she wanted to do something nice for Ricky. She is also upset about the fact that Ricky did not react or snap when he learns that Amy spoke to Ben for an hour, while she had gone to get pizza. Ricky says that he is not jealous or upset unless there is a reason he needs to be. Amy then decides on the wedding date; 4th of July. And all Ricky has to say is: God Bless America. Now, this comment pisses Amy and Ricky says that he doesn’t want her to choose a random date to end a fight, but he wants her to pick one, because she means it and wants to get married on that day.

Next, Amy and Ricky text their parents saying that the wedding date would be on the 4th of July. She also sends it to Lauren and Madison. Everyone wonders why this date. Amy is also having a new jealousy issue. She is suspicious about the woman who brings tomatoes for Ricky. She thinks he is lying about her age, as he tells her that she is 79. At bedtime, Ricky wears flag underwear and Amy thinks that he is deliberately doing this to upset her. Ricky tells her that his mom gave him this underwear; but Amy doesn’t believe it. Meanwhile, Madison and Lauren think that they should stop being angry at each other and need to find someone else to be angry with. Maybe Amy; because Lauren thins that everything is always about her and now they have to spend their whole senior year with her wedding plans. Amy feels that since Lauren and Madison are talking again, they don’t have time for her.

Madison texts Henry. Lauren disapproves of that idea, but Madison tells her that Henry is lonely and she has even met him since the time they have started talking. The wedding date text spreads around really fast. So, it is Henry who texts Ben. Dylan and her friends think that it should not bother Ben anymore that Henry slept with his ex-wife unless he still cares about her. He tells them that he doesn’t care about Adrian or Amy or any other girl. He only cares about Dylan. They ask him to text Henry and Ben does. Henry is happy to see Ben’s text and he feels that Ben has forgiven him. Meanwhile, George is planning to spend the whole night with Kathleen and wants Nora to take care of Roby. Nora tells him that it is a bad idea as Kathleen is still married and both her sons are home.

Moreover, if he sleeps with Kathleen, then he might never be able to be with Anne again. He tells her that he doesn’t want to be with Anne, as she is gay and he feels that Kathleen makes him happy. Next, Leo asks Ben to help him text Camille. He tells him that he hasn’t heard from her for a long time and that he needs to talk to her. Leo tells his son that Camille wants to have a baby and he doesn’t. he had passed on this message to her through Betty and after that he hasn’t heard from Camille. So, Ben helps him text. Meanwhile, Dylan’s friends are planning to have Ben shifted to their school. But somehow, Dylan doesn’t seem too confident about this idea. Next, Henry goes to meet Alice and she is in her nightwear.

Henry asks her once again to be friends; but with clothes on. Alice agrees and wears a robe. She then hugs Henry; but now it “appears” that he might not want to be “just” friends. Omar wants Adrian to commit that she would not be with any other guy for the next year. She tells him that she cant make that big a promise, but she definitely promises that she will try not being with someone else for the next week; and then gradually work her way to the next year. Next, Camille arrives at Leo’s. She tells him that she still wants to have children before it is too late. But Leo tells her that he cannot be a father at this age. He doesn’t want to take another eighteen years of responsibility. But he tells Camille that he is crazy about her but he also wants to enjoy his life at the moment and doesn’t want the responsibility of another child.

Camille decides to sleep over. Henry and Alice arrive in Ben’s room. They are all going to be staying over at Ben’s. next, Grace walks into her house to find Kathleen with George. She doesn’t like it. George leaves. Grace tells her mom that she doesn’t want her to be hurt; as George has been on and off with Anne and she can never be sure when he would decide to go back to his present wife. Kathleen tells Grace that it is not going to happen as George has told her that Anne is gay and that he doesn’t want to be with her anymore. Next morning, Alice asks Ben if he is really planning to change his school in his senior year. Ben tells her that he is only thinking about it and hasn’t decided anything yet. Next, Ricky’s foster mother and Ethan pay him a visit. Ethan too has heard the rumor about Anne.

Both of them feel that 4th of July is an odd choice. Next, Grace is worried that what if her mother was just drunk and she didn’t know what she was saying. Adrian asks her to confirm the news with her mom. Grace calls Kathleen and learns that she was fully aware of what she told her about Anne and also that she had asked Grace not to tell anybody. Next, Jack’s father talks to him about Amy’s wedding date. He tells him that if Amy and Ricky require consulting someone, they could come to him. Next, at school everyone has heard about Anne. Grace is horrified and begs them not to discuss this with Amy at all. She is really sorry that she spread the news. Adrian hears that Ben is changing his school and she tells him that it is a bad idea. Next, Kathleen calls Gorge and tells him that she is sorry that he couldn’t stay longer the previous night.

She also tells him that she told Grace about Anne being gay. Next, Amy arrives and asks her father if he had told Kathleen about her mother. But he tells Amy that he had told “only” Kathleen about Anne. Amy tells him that everyone knows about it now. Nora feels that George wants to believe that Anne is gay so that he doesn’t feel guilty about seeing Kathleen. In fact Nora tells Amy that Anne has never mentioned even once that she is gay. George disapproves of Amy’s wedding date as he thinks that she is only setting some sort of a deadline. Amy is pissed and walks out. The episode ends.