4snp - Recap

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The episode begins with Amy telling Madison and Laura that the students are looking at her and are maybe talking about her. Her friends try to console her by telling Amy that they might be probably talking about her marriage and not about her mother being gay. Meanwhile, a couple of students assume that Amy could be gay as well just like her mother, as homosexuality is genetic! Adrian is irritated thinking that Amy always gets to be the center of attention. Ethan also tells Jacob that Amy is gay. Jacob finds that absurd as she is engaged to Ricky and also has a child. Ethan goes up to Amy and asks her if the rumors are true. Amy thinks that Ethan is talking about her mother and she confirms the rumors.

Little did she know that Ethan was actually asking if Amy is gay. Meanwhile, Ben tries to apply in Dylan’s school and he wants the counselor to approach his dad. Alice tells Henry that they could be friends with benefits. But Henry declines the offer. Grace tells Adrian that she does not want to meet Jack as Jack wants to have a committed relationship and she doesn’t want to be in a relationship with any guy at this age. Adrian asks her whether she wants to be in a relationship with a girl. Grace finds the idea repulsive. Adrian tells her that she has thought about kissing another girl but not Grace. Hearing this Grace asks her why as she has thought about kissing Adrian! Slip of tongue!! She tells Adrian that she didn’t mean anything and leaves.

Next, Ben comes up to Amy and tells her that the rumor in school is that she is gay. Amy finds that stupid. She tells Ben then people must also be thinking that Ricky is gay too, as his mother Nora is gay. But Ben tells her that the rumor is only about her and not Ricky. She leaves. Next, Ben tells Leo that he wants to transfer to Dylan’s school. The fee is 32 grand and Leo tells Ben that he is not going to pay that much so that Ben could make out with his girlfriend in his senior year. He says a NO. Ben tries to convince him but Leo doesn’t budge. Next, Adrian arrives home with Omar and she finds Grace kissing Dante. Both of them are shocked that Dante is seeing Adrian again. Omar tells Adrian that Dante is seeing another girl. Grace wants to have sex Dante. But Dante tells her that he would lose out on Raven and he doesn’t want to do that. He loved Grace once and Grace cheated on him and now he isn’t comfortable having sex with her.

He leaves. Next, Amy is in a bad mood and Ricky knows why. He tells her to laugh it off and not be bothered about it. She tells him that he can laugh it off because people don’t think that he is gay. He also tells her that the 4th of July is some holy day for gays to get married since Amy has decided on that date. She tells him that it is not funny and storms out of the room. Next, Nora tells George about the rumor going around regarding Amy. George is shocked to hear that. Nora tells him that it is his fault as he told Kathleen that Anne is gay and she told her daughter and the rumor went around. George is upset that Anne is going to be upset when she hears about all that is being told about her and Amy. Just then Griffin, Ashley’s gay friend stops by.

He has come there after hearing the rumors about Anne and Amy. But there is more. Apparently, it revolves around George. Griffin tells Nora and George that people think that George turns women gay!! Next, Grace tells Kathleen and asks her if she has got any gay genes. Kathleen says that she isn’t aware of anything of that sort. Kathleen knows about the rumors. Adrian arrives and she tries to tease Grace about being gay. Grace seems uncomfortable and Adrian apologizes to her. She tells her that she is her best friend and that she was only trying to pull her leg and she is sorry if she made Grace uncomfortable. She tells Grace that they should get back being like they were before and be comfortable talking about anything with each other. Adrian then tells her that she has actually thought about kissing Angelina Jolie. She tells Grace that she is curious to know how it would be.

Grace asks Adrian to kiss her. She tells her that they should as both of them are curious about it. They kiss and Grace runs out of the room. Next, Grace calls Jack and asks him to come home. She tells him that she kissed Adrian and that she wants to have sex with him 24 hours a day. She is paranoid that she is gay and wants to convince herself otherwise. Meanwhile, Kathleen is curious to know about what is happening with Grace. Jacob tells her that he will find out and tell her. Tom tells Kathleen that Jack is at the guesthouse with Grace and he thinks that he will soon move in with Grace. Next, Amy tells Ricky that she doesn’t want to go to school as she isn’t comfortable with the students talking about her being gay. She tells him that she is going to her father’s and will wait for her mom and sister to arrive.

Ricky tells her that Griffin was home last night with Nora and George as he had come to offer some support to George. Amy is furious and decides to go to school and let everyone know that she is not gay. Ricky warns her not to do anything foolish. Meanwhile, Ashley and Anne reach home. They are tired. Ashley is cranky as she didn’t get enough sleep and is not too happy about the fact that Griffin was home the whole night. Anne tells George that they got “go to bed to bed together” like old times. George is surprised. But Anne was not serious; instead she is furious about the rumors and she says that she will get to that once she gets out of bed. Griffin goes to meet Ashley. Ashley acts coldly and asks him about what’s going on. He tells her about the rumor. Ashley is happy to hear that Amy is gay. She thinks that now she can get back with Ricky.

At school, Amy tells everyone that she is not gay. But on the other hand, Adrian tells Ben that she and Grace kissed each other and that Grace freaked out and moved back to her place in the middle of the night. And now this is the breaking news! Adrian tells Amy that she cannot be the center of attention always. Amy is stupefied. Dante receives a text from his girlfriend about the kiss and he informs Omar. Meanwhile, Jack tells Grace that she is making way too much about the rumor. Just then Grace receives a text. She is shocked. It appears the word got around too fast. The episode ends.