Love Is Love - Recap

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The episode begins with Jacob breaking the latest news to Kathleen; Grace and Adrian kissed each other. Kathleen is shocked and she goes to meet her daughter. Kathleen tries to explain to Grace that it is okay and it isn’t her fault. Grace knows that. Kathleen tells her that it is her father’s fault since he betrayed her. Grace asks her mother if she could live with her and Kathleen tells her that she loves her and that she could definitely live with her. Kathleen tells her that it is difficult to be gay but Grace thinks that it is cool to be gay and she did not know that she is this cool. Kathleen is sure that her daughter isn’t gay and asks Grace to live with the thought that she isn’t sure about anything yet. She doesn’t want Grace to have sex with a girl.

Amy arrives to meet Anne but George wants to talk to Anne alone and asks Amy to come later. Ashley taunts Amy about her being gay. Leo confronts Ben about the $1200 charge on his credit card; it was for the application into Dylan’s school. Leo tells Ben that Dylan is proving to be a bad influence and that he doesn’t approve of this whole thing. Just then Ben receives an email saying that he has an appointment for an interview at Dylan’s school. Adrian comes to meet Grace. She is surprised to know that Kathleen knows about the kiss. Adrian then talks to her mom and tells her what happened. Her mother tells her that it is wrong that Adrian is using this kiss to be the center of attention. She points out to Adrian that while she is enjoying all the attention at the moment, the girl who she kissed might be deeply struggling to find out about her sexuality and that she might take offense to what Adrian is doing.

Meanwhile, Ben tells his father that he is not going to change schools as he doesn’t want to disappoint him. But he wants to break this news to Dylan in person and so he wants to meet her. Leo reminds him that if he runs into trouble then he is on his own. Amy, Ricky and John arrive to meet Anne. Amy asks the men to leave as she wants to talk to Anne. She tells Anne that she wants her help to plan her wedding. Anne tells her that she is gay and Amy tells her that George is getting back with Kathleen. Amy is shocked to hear that her mother is gay and she refuses to accept it. She tells her that it is not possible and that she wouldn’t be happy being gay. Anne tells her that she has never been happy with any of the guys she has been with. Amy doesn’t want her to be gay; instead she wants Anne to get back her dad and be happy with him.

Just then Ricky walks in and tells Amy that this isn’t the right way to treat her mother. He tells Amy that Anne has the right to be happy and that she should be more accepting. Ashley arrives. Ashley knows that her mother is gay and that she was told first. Amy is furious that her mother broke this news to Ashley first and she leaves. Ashley tries to hit on Ricky by telling him that she is always there if he ever wanted to talk to someone. Ricky ignores that and walks away. Anne is shocked at Ashley’s behavior and the way things have turned out. Ricky tries to talk to Amy and explain things to her. But Amy is in denial. Next, Dylan and Ben are in the school lab; she got in by telling the security guard that she left her passport in her locker.

Dylan takes Ben to the lab and she prepares for dessert. She takes marshmallows and puts them on the burner. She turns around and kisses Ben. Meanwhile, Jack arrives at Grace’s to have sex with her but she doesn’t want to. He tells her that he has been thinking about the kiss all day. He tells her that the only way she could find out whether she is straight or not is by kissing Adrian again. He drives her to Adrian’s. At home, Omar wants to break up with Adrian as she kissed Grace. Adrian tells him that it was no big deal and that it was Grace. He does not have to make an issue out of nothing. It did not mean anything to her. But Omar doesn’t change his mind. Just then Grace arrives and asks Adrian to kiss her again and Adrian in a fit of rage kisses Grace in front of Omar and Jack.

Omar leaves. Next, Anne and George have “the talk”. Anne tells him that she is gay and she tells him about a woman who she met in Paris. She went out for coffee with her and later kissed her. She tells him that she felt excited and that she finally felt happy and free. It was a beautiful experience. He tells her that he wants to be back with Kathleen. But Anne is not too happy that George wants to be with Kathleen. Anne fears that her family wouldn’t like her anymore; but George assures her that everyone will love her and that she will still be “his Anne”. Anne then breaks this news to Nora. Nora sounds excited and she tells her to give every detail. But Anne tells her that it was just a kiss. Dylan’s school caught fire and the whole building blew up.

The security guard was sleeping in his car. Leo is a little suspicious about Ben and Dylan; but he doesn’t say anything. Ben is nervous and he leaves to inform Dylan. But what follows is shocking…Ben and Alice have sex. Ben panicked and went to Alice as she is his best friend and they ended up having sex. Alice tells him that it is normal and that they shouldn’t tell anyone; not even Henry as it is none of Henry’s business. Ben realizes that he made a mistake and is totally lost. She also forbids him from telling anyone about the fire. Ben thinks that he should confess that he and Dylan are responsible for the fire. But Alice tells him again and again not to mention about it to anyone. Next, Amy tells Ricky that she doesn’t want to wait till the fourth of July for the wedding.

She wants to follow Ricky’s plan and elope and get married. Ricky feels that Amy has decided this as she doesn’t want her mother to bring her date and George bringing Kathleen to their wedding; but he is happy that they are finally getting married. At school, Grace dresses up differently; with tattoos and a cap. Adrian tells her that she doesn’t have to dress “differently” even if she “feels” different. Grace tells her that it is her turn to get some attention. She leaves. Fern comes up to Adrian and tells her that the stunt she is pulling is insulting to the students who are gay. She tells Adrian that it is not easy being gay in high school. Meanwhile, Amy meets Anne. She apologizes to her and tells her mom that she will get used to the fact that Anne is gay. After all, love is love. The episode ends.