To Begin With… - Recap

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The episode begins with Amy and Ricky coming out of the wedding chapel; they got married! But Amy wants to keep it a secret for the time being. She tells Ricky that she doesn’t even want her dad to know about their secret wedding. Ricky agrees. Anne calls George. She wants to know why her family isn’t answering her calls. He tells her that she needs to text if she wants a reply. Anne is feeling lonely and vulnerable and she wants Amy, Ricky and John to spend a night with her. But George tells her that they have gone somewhere and won’t be back until next morning. George suggests Ashley. Anne asks him to talk to Ashley and get her to stay over at her place. George agrees. Adrian is being handed over her Certificate of Diploma. She is a graduate.

But she refuses to take it as she wants something special; a graduation ceremony. But there is no graduation ceremony in the summer school and so she has to take her certificate sans the ceremony. Adrian is irritated. It is like any other day. At home, Grace tells her that she is ending their friendship because of the kiss. She thinks that it is the best for the both of them. She wishes Adrian good luck for her new life. Adrian is upset. Next, Henry visits Ben; he has plans for the last day of school. He also wants to know about what is going on between him and Alice as they had an intense conversation and Henry feels that they are not telling him something. Ben tells him that he is finding it difficult to trust Henry again. He is trying to get there but it will take him some time. Henry is happy that at least Ben is trying. Henry leaves. Dylan calls.

She tells him that school is over, so he should come home and pick her up. Ben tells her that he is feeling awful about the fire and wonders why her parents haven’t asked her anything about it. She tells him that he is worrying too much and that they haven’t started the fire. It could be someone else who was in the building. Leo overhears this conversation. He enters Ben’s room. Ben disconnects the call and Leo asks him about the fire. He wants a truthful answer. Ben denies any involvement. Leo is disappointed and he leaves. Meanwhile, George tells Ashley to spend the weekend over at her mother’s. But Ashley is rude and tells him that she spends so many months with her mother in Europe and now she wants time for herself. She goes back to her room. Her boyfriend is in her room. She tells him that this is not the right time to inform her family about him. Nora arrives.

George is about to leave to meet Kathleen. Nora is ready to babysit John. She wonders where Amy and Ricky might be. She gets a thought that they could have gone to Vegas and gotten married. George dismisses the thought and leaves. Nora is getting too anxious and she goes t Ashley’s room. She meets Toby there. She asks Ashley if she knew where Amy and Ricky could be. But Ashley has no clue. Nora wonders whether her parents know that Toby is in her room; obviously they don’t! Nora warns them to be safe if they decide to do something. Meanwhile, Ricky and Amy are in their honeymoon suite and they get a complimentary champagne and cake from the hotel. Their mothers are still texting them, but Amy doesn’t want to answer their calls or messages. George and Kathleen arrive home after their motorcycle ride. They are surprised to see Grace. Grace reminds them that she lives here.

She does not approve of her mother riding on George’s motorcycle. She feels that her mother is going through midlife crisis. Grace’s brother and Jacob are also surprised to see Grace. Grace is irritated and leaves. George gets a text that Anne is driving home with Roby and he is about to leave. He tells Kathleen that Nora feels that Amy and Ricky have run away and gotten married. George leaves. Kathleen tells the boys that they would not talk about this to anyone till the time they have confirmed the news. Grace is upset and is feeling very lonely. She has no family, friends and no best friend. She feels that she has ruined her whole life for sex. She decides not to have sex till she gets married. Just then Jack arrives and she tells him about her resolve. Jack tells her that h is going out with another girl.

Grace tells him that she will pray for him. Next, George enters Ashley’s room to inform her that Anne is coming home. He is shocked to find Toby. Ashley tells her that it is no big deal and that they are safe. There is nothing that George needs to worry about. George wonders what is going on and leaves. Leo tells Camille the whole story and he feels that Dylan is evil. She is destroying Ben. He tells her that Ben has been making mistake one after the other and now he is very unsure of having children with her as he feels that all of them would turn out like Ben. He wants Ben to come out with the truth. Ben over hears this conversation. Meanwhile, Adrian’s dad visits her. He has brought flowers for her. He came to congratulate her for her graduation.

Adrian tells him that she is no longer seeing Omar. But she feels that her father might have liked him. He wants to know what happened. She tells him that Omar was very serious about life and things didn’t work out between them. She didn’t tell him the truth. But she adds that she doesn’t want to be the girl she was in high school; instead she wants to be a mother her daughter would be proud of. Her father is happy to hear that. He tells her that she could meet better guys at school. But he advises her to stick to her plan and then she could decide who she wants to be with. Till then, if she needs a guy to lean on, her father would always be there for her. She is relieved and thanks her father.

Next, Ben meets Dylan and tells her that he should tell his father the truth. But Dylan thinks that it is not a good idea. He tells her that he can’t live like this. He suggests that they shouldn’t see each other. But Dylan refuses to break up. She tells him that they have gotten into this together and they will get out together. She thinks that he is worrying too much and that things will be fine. Ben seems unsure. Toby comes to talk to George. George knew that Toby would come as he is a decent guy and that’s what decent guys do. Toby assures him that they are safe and that he will not get his daughter pregnant. He wonders if Anne is coming over because she knew that he is staying with Ashley.

George tells him that he did not tell her. But Toby tells him that Nora did find out about them earlier this evening. George is totally confused. He blurts out that he helped Amy and Ricky elope and that he also paid for the hotel. Toby is surprised. George tells him that he should act surprised when the news breaks. Toby feels that Ashley would get angry if she found out that he didn’t tell her. George tells him that if he wants to be a part of this family, he needs to learn to keep a secret. The episode ends.