Shotgun - Recap

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The episode begins with George coming back from a walk with Roby. Anne, Nora and Margret are waiting for Amy and Ricky. Anne tells George that she would be really upset if the two got married as she would have liked to see their wedding. Ashley comes out of her room and she is unaware of what is happening. Anne is happy to see her daughter after a week. They ask her if she knows anything about Amy and Ricky. But she tells them that Amy wouldn’t share any secrets with her. Anne reminds her that Amy had told her about her pregnancy before she told her parents. But Ashley points out that the pregnancy was bad news and hence Amy told her. But marriage is good news for Amy and so she wouldn’t involve her. In the hotel room, Amy doesn’t want to go back home; yet.

She thinks that it has been a long time since they have slept well and spent some time together. She knows that if they go back and break the news, the three women at home would freak out. She insists that they stay back. She feels that in the future, she doesn’t want anyone else’s involvement in their affairs. Ricky tells her that if she wants it that way, so be it. Meanwhile, Adrian arrives to meet Ben. Ben is startled to see her. She tells him about her break up with Grace and Omar. She tells him about her father’s visit. She feels that Ben spoke to her dad to get to talk to her and convince her that Ben and she should get back together. Ben says that he did no such thing and he is serious about Dylan.

She tells him that he father misses him and wishes that he would go and see him sometimes. Ben finds it weird. But he agrees. Leo goes to meet Dylan’s parents to discuss about the fire. The men ask Dylan’s mother to leave the room. Meanwhile, Dylan is talking to her friend and she tells her that she should dump Ben. She feels that Dylan could do better. Moreover she is tired of dating Jack for getting information. She doesn’t want to do it anymore. They discuss about the fire and Dylan’s mom walks into the room. Her friend leaves. Dylan tells her mom that they did not do anything to cause the explosion. She assures her that she is not lying to her. The fathers have an argument. Dylan’s father tells Leo that they should wait it out and let this whole thing play by itself and they could see where it goes. He feels that if the children own up to what they did, then they would be put in prison.

Leo tells him that Dylan was roasting marshmallows on a Bunsen burner. Next, Ben arrives at Adrian’s. But outside he meets Ethan. Ethan tells him that he is waiting for Margret and as she is inside Amy’s house, discussing something. Ben worries about Amy. But then Ethan breaks the news about the couple eloping. Ben is a little shaken up on hearing this news. He then goes to meet Adrian’s father. He unknowingly tells her father about Amy and Ricky. As they were about to have a talk, Ben passes out. George and Anne have one of their arguments and Margret tells Nora that John should be left with her more often. Nora takes offense to this and tells her that she too can take care of John. Just then they hear some siren and they feel that Ethan is up to one of his mischief. George is at Adrian’s house. Adrian’s father knows about Amy and Ricky.

George is pissed and asks him to mind his own business. Adrian calls Grace and tells her the latest gossip. She is surprised to learn that Grace is Christian again. Adrian figures out that this transformation is due to the kiss. Grace then calls Jack, who is waiting for Raven. She gives him the news but he already knows it; Tom told him. She is furious. She talks to Tom and Jacob. She tells them that she should be the first one to know. They tell her that Kathleen had told them not to tell anyone before it is a confirmed news. Jacob is surprised to learn that Grace’s transformation. Next, Amy and Ricky arrive home. They meet Ethan waiting outside and he tells them about Ben. Inside the house, Margret and Nora are waiting to hear the news. But Nora wants to wait for Anne as Anne doesn’t like being left out. Meanwhile, Anne is talking to Ashley about Toby.

Ashley tells her that she felt like having sex with Toby and hence she did. She assures her mother that they are taking precautions. George walks in to inform Anne about the couple’s arrival. Anne tells Ashley that she has been accepted into the Italian cooking college that she had applied for. She is happy. George has a few things to say before anyone could tell the couple anything. He tells Amy that he is proud of her. He is proud about the fact that she handled her responsibilities very well. He tells Ricky that he is proud of him too and he loves him as he is a good father and a good husband who took care of his daughter. He tells all of them that they are one big family; however screwed up they are, they would always be there for each other. The couple finally breaks the news.

Later, Ricky talks to his mothers. Margret is happy that George expressed that he loved her but she found it sweeter when he declared his love for Ricky. They are very happy. Nora thinks that they should have some sort of a reception party. But Ricky tells them that the whole point of eloping was to avoid all of this. Nora tells him that Anne feels that they did not want to have a formal wedding as they felt awkward about Anne bringing her gay date to the wedding. Ricky says that there was no such thing. He states that Amy suddenly came up with the idea and they eloped. The mothers want to know whether this was Amy’s idea. Ricky feels uncomfortable; as it was originally his idea. He tells them it doesn’t matter; but they tell him that it does.

Meanwhile, George talks to Amy. He tells her that a teenage mother is still frowned up on in America. People would feel sad for the kid and they begin judging the parents. He feels that it is a good thing that they got married. He tells her that he always has been proud of her. He tells her that yesterday was the first day of the rest of her life as Mrs. Underwood. Amy seems a little lost. At the hospital, Leo tells Ben to stop pretending. Ben tells him that he isn’t feeling well. But Leo isn’t buying it. He tells him that he spoke with Dylan’s father and that they should go home and talk. Ben tells him that they were in the lab, roasted marshmallows and then left. And an hour later, the school blew up. He feels that he burnt down the school, Amy got married and he is going to jail. The episode ends.