I Do and I Don't… - Recap

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The episode begins with Amy arriving at school. The students congratulate her on her wedding. Grace hands her a copy of the Bible. Ben and Dylan have got her a huge wedding cake. But Ben is behaving a little weird. Ethan tells Amy that they are finally a family and he calls her “Sis”. Lauren and Madison are overly dressed. Amy finds all of this weird and wonders what is going on. Just then Lauren and Madison, along with the other students, perform a small number for Amy; a wedding gift. Amy is touched; but she tells them that it is not this big a deal. Next, Leo hands over the insurance forms to Ricky; now Ricky and his family are covered. H also gives him some cash to get his life started. But Ricky is reluctant to take it.

Leo insists that he should keep it as he is happy that Ricky has been a loyal and a hard worker. He tells Ricky that after he finishes college, he could join him in his business. He asks him to learn about the business aspects and tells him that he could choose whatever he would like to pursue. But Ricky tells Leo that this might offend Ben and he doesn’t want to do it. But Leo tells him that this is his business and not Ben’s. Leo is more than happy to have Ben and Ben could not ask for anything better. Next, the counselor tells Amy that this year, the school has decided that every senior would mentor a junior and so Amy too would have to. Amy feels that she might not be able to do it well. But the counselor feels that Amy would be perfect for the job.

She calls for Cathy. Cathy arrives at the office; she is pregnant. Later, Amy tells Cathy that she should not consider herself as a victim. Instead she should take control of her life and move on. But Cathy tells her that she is a victim as she was talked into having unprotected sex by her boyfriend. She tells Amy that she is giving up her baby for adoption and that she doesn’t want a life like Amy’s. Amy is just eighteen and she is already married to the guy who made her pregnant. Amy too looks a little unsure. Meanwhile, Ricky meets Margaret. Margaret is very happy that her son is married. She tells him about the surprise Ethan planned for Amy at school. She also gives her parents’ wedding bands to Ricky and tells him that she would really like it if he and Amy would wear those bands. Ricky thanks his mother.

Next, the counselor tells Ben about the mentor program and Ben refuses to do it. he tells her that he is totally incapable of avoiding trouble and so he would not make a good mentor. She tries to persuade him. But Ben is adamant that he doesn’t want to do it. The counselor feels that Ben is in some kind of trouble. She also feels that Ben seems a bit off. She tells Ben to take some time to think about it and that they will discuss it the next week. He agrees and leaves. Outside he runs into Omar. H is surprised to learn that Omar is going to teach in the school. He calls Omar a pervert and tells him that he likes young girls. Omar takes offense to this comment. He reminds Ben that he is 22 and Adrian is 19. Moreover they are divorced and so Adrian can date whoever she wants to. He tells Ben that he is going to report this to the authorities, as he is a teacher and he being called a ‘pervert’ is a big accusation.

Ben apologizes and tells Omar that he takes it back. He doesn’t want him to report this. But Omar says he will and leaves. Just then Amy comes by with the cake. But Ben doesn’t want it. He is feeling totally messed up and tells Amy that he is not able to hold his words in his mouth. He wants to know why Amy got married and that couldn’t she wait until the Fourth of July or something. He tells Amy that he loves her and he always had. But Amy reminds him that he has a girlfriend. Ben feels that Dylan is not a nice girlfriend. He leaves. One of Dylan’s friends overhears this conversation. She tells Dylan about what she overheard. Raven tells Dylan that she needs to dump Ben as he is cracking up and that he can be dangerous. Meanwhile, Ricky runs into Adrian. She taunts him about his marriage.

He tells her that he is happy marrying Amy. She checks his schedule and says that they will be running into each other more often and he need not be uncomfortable; unless he is still thinking about her. But Ricky tells her that he is not and that he is happy with his marriage. She asks him about his future plans. But Ricky is unsure. Adrian tells him that if he is planning to enter into Leo’s business and be successful, then Ben is never going to let that happen. Ricky wonders why and Adrian tells him that he just married the woman Ben always loved. Next, Kathleen tells George that Jacob got homesick and left this morning. But she knows that Jacob got all tensed about registering for school and hence he left. Grace feels that he will come back. During dinner things don’t go right and George feels that he might have to work really hard in being a step father.

Meanwhile, Nora is having dinner with Toby and Ashley. Ashley tells Toby about her being accepted in the Italian cooking school and that they would be leaving this Sunday. But Toby tells her that he can’t leave this Sunday as he has work to do. Moreover he doesn’t have any money. Toby tells her that he doesn’t want to go. He tells her that her family loves her and that she should stop running away. She tells him that they should leave this place before their lives get ruined like Ricky’s did. Toby tells her that he loves her but he doesn’t want to keeping following her all around the world. He doesn’t want to go. Nora asks Ashley if her father knows that she is leaving. She tells Nora that George doesn’t have a say in it and leaves. Toby tells Nora that now he will have to go home and convince his parents to give him money to follow a girl half way around the world, who they don’t think he is having sex with!!

Next, Leo and Ben are out having dinner.ben tells him that he called Omar a pervert and now there is going to be some sort of an investigation. Leo wonders what happened to Ben as he used to be such a nice boy. And now he keeps doing stupid things. Ben tells Leo that he is angry. He is angry that Ricky stole is life. Amy should have been his and then none of this would have happened. Adrian arrives home and is surprised to see Omar having dinner with her parents. He tells her that he is interested in knowing her parents. Adrian reminds him that she is concentrating on her studies this year. Omar understands that perfectly well as he is a teacher.

At home, Ricky tells Amy about the insurance form Margret sent for him. He also tells her about the cash Leo gave him and his invitation to be a part of his business. He then gives her the wedding bands Margret gave them to wear. They wear the bands and sit down to watch their wedding video. The minister starts the wedding ceremony and tells them to cheer up. The minister says that they need to get the blood moving and Ricky says Amy needs to run when he starts to sing and dance. They get in the car and Amy tells Ricky that she loves him. The episode ends.