Lies and Byes - Recap

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The episode begins with Amy telling Ricky that they should not tell the people the truth that they are not married. But Ricky thinks that there has been enough damage done and so they should tell them the truth. Ricky tells her that they should get their parents together and disclose the truth. Amy is still against this idea. And she leaves. Next, George searches for Ashley. In her room, George finds a letter written for him by Ashley; he reads the letter and shouts out a loud “NO”! George calls Anne to inform her. But George tells her that she doesn’t have enough money. Anne thinks that Toby could have helped her. She then asks George to read the letter addressed as “mom”; maybe Ashley would have told her mother something she didn’t tell her father.

But that card also has the same message. Just then George decodes to go to Italy and get her back. He is also pissed at Toby. But then Toby arrives and tells George that Ashley has left; she left a card for him as well. It is a seven pages long note. He is missing her and is upset. Madison and Lauren call Anne and tell her that they want to throw a wedding party for Amy and Ricky. Anne says that it is a sweet gesture; but if anyone who has the right to have a party thrown for Amy and Ricky are her parents. Amy hears this conversation and tells her friends that she doesn’t want any sort of reception or party. Moreover she tells them about Ashley and tells them not to bother her mother with any of this. Just then Anne calls Amy and tells her that she wants to plane a wedding reception for her.

But Amy tells her that Ricky might not want to have another wedding or a wedding or any party. Anne begins to get suspicious about Amy’s statement. Next, Grace meets Jack at the football field. He doesn’t appreciate her visit at all. He tells her that he is not interested in her preaching and that he is still with Raven. He tells her not to come to his practice ever again. Grace then meets Adrian and tries to befriend her; but Adrian is not interested and she doesn’t want to talk to Grace. Just then Grace tells her that if Omar and Adrian start going to church again then it might help Omar’s investigation. Adrian is shocked to hear about the investigation and wants to know more. Grace tells her that there is an investigation that is happening to find out whether Omar is a pervert or not. She further tells that Ben suggested that Omar is a pervert and now they are going to investigate this whole thing.

Adrian calls Ben. But Ben is sitting with Adrian’s dad and he tells her that he cannot talk. Adrian’s dad tells Ben that if Omar is found innocent in this investigation, then there could be a civil case against Ben. Ben admits that he had falsely accused Omar. He then continues to tell him about the school being set on fire. Ruben suggests that Ben should lawyer up if he is going to admit to some crime. But Ben doesn’t want to do that. Ruben then asks him to call Leo; but Ben doesn’t want to do that either as Leo has told Ben too handle any problems on his own. Ruben then calls the detective. Next, Adrian arrives to meet Omar. He tells her that he cannot talk to her at the moment as it could put him in trouble.

She tells him that if she is questioned by the school board then she will tell them that they are both Christians and that they like each other. Omar tells her that she doesn’t have to pretend to be something she is not. Just then the counselor arrives and takes Omar away. She reminds him that he was told not to discuss this matter with anyone. Next, Anne comes to meet Ricky at work. She tells him that she wants to throw a wedding party for the both of them. She tells him that today she regrets that her mother could not attend her wedding and now she doesn’t want Amy to regret that her mother could not attend hers. The point is about not having regrets and nothing else. Ricky tells her that he has to discuss this with Amy and then they would let her know.

But Anne tells him that she had a word with Amy this morning where Amy told her that Ricky did not want to have any celebrations and so they are not going to have any. Ricky is slightly annoyed when he hears this, and says a yes for the celebrations. He tells her to remember that she talked him into this and when Amy asks she will have to say the same. Next, Ben lawyer is advising him about talking to the cops. She tells him that arson cases are really hard to prove, unless someone confesses; and Ben almost confessed it to the cops. He tells her that he just wants to get it over with. Adrian arrives to meet her father with some dinner. Ruben tells her about the arson case Ben confessed to. Actually, Adrian did not know about the case and she had come to meet her father regarding Omar’s case. While all this is going on, Kathleen and George are spending some romantic moments together.

Candlelight, wine and a dance. Anne arrives. Both of them are shocked. Anne declares that she is planning on having another wedding for Ricky and Amy and George is against it. They get into their usual argument and then it is revealed that George knows where Ashley got the money from; Anne’s mother, Eugene. Anne is furious and is about to leave. Kathleen asks her to stay for dinner. Anne agrees. Meanwhile, Leo tells Camille that he is feeling bad that he isn’t helping Ben. He wants Ben to be scared out of wits so that he would never do any mistakes again. Ben tells Leo that he confessed. Leo is shocked and furious. At home, Ricky tells Amy that Anne dropped by at the store. He tells her that he agreed to have the wedding. But she doesn’t want her mother to be in charge of her wedding as she is gay and Amy is not comfortable with it.

Also, she hates Ashley. She doesn’t want her family anywhere around her wedding. Amy regrets telling her stupid parents that they got married. Madison is still planning for Amy’s wedding party. Lauren tells her that Anne will be upset if they throw a party and then they might not be invited for the wedding she will be having for Amy and Ricky. But Madison is sure that Amy wouldn’t want her mom to throw her a party. So it will be fine. They then discuss about the gifts that they would gift the married couple. But there is more! Margaret and Shakur are also planning to throw a wedding for Ricky; after all he is their son. And there is also Nora who is planning a wedding dinner for Ricky!! The episode ends.