Past History - Recap

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The episode begins with Amy and Ricky once again arguing about the wedding party Anne is planning for them and Amy is not comfortable with the idea that her mother might bring her date along with her; hence she doesn’t want Anne to plan a wedding party. Ricky thinks that Anne is really lonely and vulnerable at the moment and that they should go along with her plans and get it over with. Anne’s mother has sent money for Ashley; but due to her Alzheimer, she ended up sending it to Amy instead of Ashley. Amy wants to keep the money and Ricky tells her that she can’t. She puts the $1000 in her purse and tells Ricky that she will think about what to do with the Amy. It is Ricky’s first day at school and Amy wishes him luck.

At school, Ethan checks out Kathy from a distance but then he learns that she is pregnant and he quickly leaves. Everyone arriving at school notices Kathy and is a little surprised. Kathy asks Grace to go to hell when Grace tries telling her to go to church. Dylan tells Ben that she told the detectives that they did nothing in the lab that could possibly trigger the explosion. But she tells Ben that his statement made matters worse and so now her father will never allow her to meet him; which is in a way really nice. Any arrives at school and Kathy is glad that she does. She doesn’t know anyone at school and points out to Amy that she is not a good mentor as she disappeared on her after one lousy talk. Just then Kathy notices Ethan standing at a distance and smiling at her. She leaves Amy and walks up to Ethan and begins a conversation.

Meanwhile, Ricky is at the cafeteria and he meets an old friend from his foster home; Clementine. She is surprised that Ricky is married. She always thought that Ricky might have ended up in prison or something. Ricky looks terribly uncomfortable; so he leaves a huge tip and leaves. On his way out, he meets Jack and Adrian. Jack wants him to introduce him to Clementine. Ricky is doing no such thing. Amy smells something fishy; Ricky tells them that she is like a sister to him. Jack tells Ricky that his coach wants him to become a Christian. Adrian asks Ricky whether he would tell Amy about the waitress and also wants to know whether they had sex. Ricky tells them to grow up and get a life; he does not want to spend the next four years talking about sex. Margaret arrives at Nora’s office and tells her that she is planning on having a big wedding for the children.

Well, Nora tells her about Anne’s wedding plans. Margret is upset that Anne did not tell her or include her in the plan. She wants Nora to be on her side. Nora suggests that they should talk to Ricky and Amy first before planning anything big. They are about to leave for lunch and Leo tells Nora that she has to stay at the office as there is an emergency and he has to leave. Margaret gets Nora to tell her about the fire. Madison tells Lauren that she wants to plan the wedding for Amy no matter what. Lauren tells her that Amy might not be really excited about the wedding. But Madison is not ready to listen to any reasoning. Madison doesn’t want to let go off Amy as she is their best friend. Madison wants that someone should want to marry her. Lauren tells her that they are not like Amy.

They have years to enjoy before they settle down. Ethan arrives and tells Madison that he wants some advice. He tells her that he wants to learn a thing or two about sex from her. He is also willing to pay her. Madison is furious and declares that she is not a hooker. She walks up to Amy and tells her about what Ethan just asked her. Amy tells her that she would talk to Ricky about Ethan and also that Ethan has been hitting on Kathy. Madison tries talking too her about the party, but Amy is irritated and tells her that she doesn’t want anyone to plan anything for her wedding. At home, Kathleen wants the house painted and George is more than excited to help. But there is more. Kathleen tells George that the divorce papers cane through and that she wants him to be with her only if he is serious about their relationship.

She doesn’t want him to have sex with her only for old time’s sakes. He tells her that when he was with Anne, he never felt that he was married; but this time he wants to feel married and wants them to be together for the rest of their lives. Amy talks to Kathy and tells her that being around Ethan is not a good idea. She could come over to her place on Saturdays and they could do homework together. Kathy feels that Amy is trying to convince her in keeping the baby and not giving it up for adoption. But Amy tells her that these are very personal decisions and no one can try changing them. Just then Amy finds out that her locker has been broken into and her purse is missing; the thousand dollars were in the purse. Grace arrives home and finds that the wallpapers that her father had put up have been torn down.

She doesn’t appreciate it. She tells George that she is still not gotten used to seeing him around. George decides to talk to Grace. He tells her that he wants to be with her mother for the rest of his life and doesn’t want her to be surprised when things work out. Henry drops by to meet Ben. He tells Ben that Alice wanted him to talk to Ben. Ben tells him about the fire. But Henry already knows about it as Alice had told him. He tells Henry whatever happened. He feels that he is going to jail. Leo arrives and tells Ben that according to Dylan’s statement, they checked the gas lines and it seems they ran too close to the electrical. So bottom line, Ben is off the hook. Leo wants Ben to stay away from Dylan and be only with Henry and Alice. But then Ben tells Leo that he had sex with Alice. Leo then asks him to stay off everyone.

Amy arrives home and tells Ricky about Ethan hitting on Kathy. But Ricky feels that when two messed up kids ends up together, they turn out to be okay. He also tells her about Clementine. He then asks about the money her grand mom accidentally sent her. But Amy does not tell him that she lost it. She says that they could talk about it later. Jack helps Grace in painting her room. He tells her that he loves her and that he wants to have sex with her. He does not want to be in a relationship without having sex. Grace says that she doesn’t want to have sex but they can definitely make out and fool around. He says that he will think about it and leaves.

Amy talks to Margret and then she tells Ricky that his mom is planning on having a traditional Indian wedding where they would be riding elephants. Amy then tells him that she lost her purse at school and reported it stolen. Ricky pulls out Amy’s purse from the drawer and tells her that Madison dropped it off as she thought that Amy left it in school. Ethan is talking to Kathy and Margret asks him who he is talking to. Kathy tells her mom that she met this new guy and now he is her “new boyfriend”. The episode ends.