Holy Rollers - Recap

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The episode begins with Kathy and Ethan sitting in Margret’s car and having a talk. He tells her about his birth mother and how she left him when he was eight. Kathy tells him that she doesn’t want to do anything like that and so she wants her kid to have responsible parents and she also doesn’t want to meet her kid during special occasions. Just then Margret arrives and tells the two of them to get out of the car. Kathy was eating cookies and drinking milk. Margret tells her that Amy and Ricky are coming over and that Kathy can go on a double date with them and Ethan. They agree. Margret leaves and asks them to leave the car clean just the way it was while they entered.

The next day, George and Kathleen arrive at the church and Grace is already there with her brother. Then Amy, Ricky, Kathy and Ethan walk in and Ethan is supposed to play the organ. Grace asks the four to sit in the front row. But Amy sees George with Kathleen and she is pissed. She did not know that her father was coming and she decides to sit behind. George too is uncomfortable on seeing Amy and wonders whether he should greet her or not. Ben, Alice and Henry too are at the church. Ben is there make his father happy and his friends are at the church to support him. Henry tries to tell him to stay away from Dylan. They then have a small religious argument and then go inside for the sermon. Adrian arrives with Omar. She asks the boy sitting in the row ahead of her to click a snap of hers with Omar in the church, so that she could send it to Omar’s mother.

Omar says that if at all they have to visit a church, it had to be his mother’s church. Grace is waiting for jack to arrive. Jack arrives; but with Madison and Grace is furious. At home, Tom goes to call Grace for food. She tells Tom that she is tired of being alone and being a Christian at school as it is the loneliest place on earth. She says that she has no friends or boyfriends. Kathleen wants George to stay for lunch; but George doesn’t want to. He feels that Amy might be upset and that he should go talk to her as today was the first time she saw him with Kathleen. But Kathleen tries to tell him that he can talk to Amy later. But George tells her that he spends a lot of time around her children and she never spends time with his. He wants to leave and Kathleen is upset.

Meanwhile, Ricky tries talking to Shaker about the wedding plans. Just then Margret and Amy arrive and Ricky tells Margret that Amy wants to talk to her about the wedding. Amy tells Margret that she doesn’t want any wedding as she doesn’t want her mom to come to the wedding. She doesn’t have a problem with her being gay; but she feels that Anne is no more her mother as she feels that Anne seems like a total stranger to her. She also tells her about George and he being at the church today. She is upset that he did not even come to talk to her. When Grace was upset, he went behind her to check on her and behaved as if she does not even exist. Her family has fallen apart and now she has no family. Amy is upset and is in tears. Margret tells her that she now has her own family and a proper wedding will only strength her bond with Ricky.

She also reminds her that she, Shaker and Nora too are Amy’s family. She assures Amy that she is going to be alright and that they have to calm down and be there for Amy. She tells Amy that she was not thinking clearly and also did not think about what Amy was going through. They hug each other. Leo tells Ben that he can no more date Dylan; not while he is supporting Ben and Ben is living in his house. Ben tries convincing his dad to let him start over with Dylan. But Leo doesn’t budge. At home, Dylan too is upset about her breakup with Ben. Her father tells her that she chose a wrong first boyfriend. He tells her that Ben went to the DA’s office and ratted her out. He calls Ben a rat. He tells her that she will soon be back in her old school and have a new boyfriend.

But Dylan still pleads to her dad to let her see Ben again. Ricky and Amy are ready to leave for their place and Amy tells Ricky that George might come over. Ricky asks her if George still has that extra key to their apartment and Amy tells him that he does. Ricky reminds her that she keeps forgetting about their “marriage video”. George is at their apartment and he is shocked on seeing something on Ricky’s and Amy’s laptop. Grace is still upset about Jack and is not eating anything. Tom tells her to get over it and call Jack. Jack’s father asks him to apologize to Grace. Jack tells him that Madison only asked him for a ride to church and that there was nothing else. He did not think too much about what it would do to Grace. He felt that if went walking into the church with Madison, then Grace would reconsider being in a real relationship with him.

He wants to have sex with Grace and no other girl. His father tells him to apologize to Grace and stop pressurizing her to have sex. Next, Adrian and Omar have a visitor at Adrian’s place; it is Omar’s mother. She wants them to go over to her church rather than attending Adrian’s church. But Omar tells her that she would expect them to visit every week and they are not ready for such a commitment. She then invites Adrian over and tells her that she could also bring her gay friend, Grace along with her. She tells Adrian that he r daughter; Omar’s sister is gay and maybe Grace could get “along” wither. Ricky and Amy reach home and they don’t find George there. Minutes later he arrives and tells them that he was parked around the corner and waiting for them to reach home.

He tells Amy that he is sorry for what happened at church today. And that he should have told her. He wants her to let the mothers plan a wedding for them. He wants her to say their vows again. He is upset about the way things are going between them and he says that hopes that Amy will be alright if things worked out between him and Kathleen. Amy tells him that she has to grow up and accept her “growing” family. She says that she will do her best. George leaves. Ricky wonders whether George had seen the video. Jack arrives to talk to Kathleen. He wants her permission to ask Grace to marry him. But Kathleen says a no. she wants Jack and Grace to grow up and decide things. She wants them to get to know each other well.

She does not want Jack to lure Grace into a relationship only for having sex; because Grace doesn’t want to have sex with him. But if at all they feel that it is right for them to have sex, they could with protection. Jack is really confused. He goes to talk to Grace. He tells her the truth about Madison. He tells her that he loves her and is ready to do whatever she wants if she will have him in her life. Grace thanks God. Kathy and Ethan are in her grandmother’s car. They kiss each other. Kathy is happy. The episode ends.