Girlfriends - Recap

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The episode begins with Leo telling Nora that the school board called and Ben is off the hook and there will be nothing on his record. It appears that the board has considered the tremendous amount of stress Ben has been under since last year. Leo tells Nora that he wants to tell this to Camille himself. Nora realizes that he wants to tell Camille this in a way that she feels that having children is a huge responsibility and how he narrowly escaped a disastrous situation. He is doing this so that Camille is convinced that they shouldn’t have a child together. At school, the counselor tells Omar that his record is clear. She says that Ben too is off the hook owing to the stress he has been through.

Omar and Ben get into an argument where Omar tells Ben that he had proposed Adrian for marriage and that they might get married in future. Omar leaves. Ben is pissed about the fact that Amy is married, Adrian will be getting married and he isn’t even allowed to date! Next, at school, Amy tells Kathy that she should make some new girlfriends, the ones who will understand her situation. But she tells Amy that she likes boys and she likes Ethan. Amy tells her that girls can be nice too. Amy tries to befriend two girls who stop by but they are rude to her and make fun of her. Kathy seems to like them and she walks away with them. Grace comes up to Amy and tells her that since their parents are seeing each other, they should try to be friends and hang out together.

But Amy tells her that she has a kid and that once she is home, she barely gets any time. Grace tells Amy that she and Jack could come over to Amy’s place and the four of them could hang out together and be friends. Amy agrees. She calls Ricky and tells him about the plan. Ricky wants Amy to meet Clementine. Amy reluctantly agrees. Ricky invites Clementine to his place. Later, Adrian is flirting with some guys. Clementine tells her that she will be going to Ricky’s house and Adrian is pissed. At school, Ethan tells Kathy that he has been thinking about her and this is happened for the first time in his life that he has thought about someone else other than himself. Just then Kathy’s new friends arrive to meet Ethan. They voice their opinions about Ethan; and they are rude as well.

Ethan doesn’t like them and they too dislike Ethan. They leave and Kathy goes along with them. Ethan is confused that Kathy is leaving him for those bitchy women. She says that it is difficult to get friends when one is pregnant. But isn’t it more difficult to get a boyfriend?! Henry and Alice are discussing about Dylan’s plan of Henry pretending to date her and Alice pretending to date Ben. But Alice doesn’t want to lie to Leo after all that he has done for them. Moreover, Dylan is trouble and she doesn’t like Ben dating her. Henry tells her that friends are supposed to support each other. Alice then tells him that she and Ben had sex. Henry is shocked and upset. Dylan arrives to tell Henry to pick her up by seven.

Henry has decided to go through with the plan. He is upset with Alice and he leaves. Jack arrives to take Grace out on their first date and Grace tells him the plan. Jack doesn’t want to go over to Ricky’s. He says that it is their first date after they got back together and so he wants it to be special. Grace insists and Jack agrees to go along with her plan. At home, Ben tells Leo that he is going out with Alice and Henry isn’t coming along. Leo asks him whether Henry knows that he slept with Alice. Ben tells him that Henry doesn’t know anything of this sort. Leo then tells Ben that Dylan’s father called him asking about Henry as Henry is supposed to take Dylan out. Leo sees through their plan. He takes away Ben’s phone and asks him to go to his room. Ben tries to protest, but to no avail.

Leo then calls Alice from Ben’s phone and thanks her for telling him the truth about the plan. He tells her that she need not come over. Henry arrives at Dylan’s house to pick her up. But instead of leaving for the movie, Henry keeps talking to her parents, trying to show respect and then in the end decided to hang out at Dylan’s place. Dylan is irritated. Kathy is preparing for a sleepover as her friends are coming over to her place to spend the night. Ethan calls and wants to know if they are doing something tonight. But Kathy tells him that her friends are coming over. Ethan is angry and tells her that this isn’t going to work out and that he doesn’t like her friends. Kathy knows that those girls aren’t nice, but it is difficult to have friends. At Ricky’s, Clementine and Ricky are preparing for dinner.

Amy arrives with John. The guy Ricky wanted Clementine to meet was their son John. Clementine looks a little upset. John does not want to greet her either. Clementine and Amy talk about Ricky and how good he was at baseball. Just then Grace and Jack arrive. Clementine is totally uncomfortable now. Grace introduces herself and Jack as Christians. Clementine does not want to stay longer and leaves despite Amy insisting her to stay back for dinner. Amy tells Grace that Jack, Ricky and Clementine go to the same college. Gauging their reaction, Grace asks Jack if he slept with Clementine. At home, Ben tells Leo that if Leo has the right to tell him who to date and who not to, then he too has the right to tell Leo that he should not date Camille.

He says that Leo is too fat and she is too thin and probably she can’t even get pregnant, else she would already have been. Camille is offended and she punches Ben right across his face and knocks him to the ground. Leo laughs and asks Camille if she would like to marry him. Kathy’s friends don’t turn up. Her grand mom has called Ethan and he arrives. They sit in her room and talk. Ricky and Jack are in the kitchen and having a talk while Amy and Grace are in the living room. Amy tells Grace that Jack slept with Clementine when they weren’t together; she tries to calm Grace down. Just then Adrian arrives. She is pissed that they didn’t tell her about the get together. She tells them that she heard about it from Clementine. Amy tells them that they are being too harsh on Clementine and are judging her.

Adrian then tells them about her meeting with Omar’s mother. She says that she is taking things slowly as Omar is getting too serious. Ethan is ready to leave and he is about to kiss Kathy. Just then Kathy’s friends arrive and they express disgust for Kathy trying to kiss Ethan. They said that they were lost as they had the wrong address. Ethan leaves. Well guess the sleepover is still on! The episode ends.