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Setting Things Straight - Recap

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The episode begins with Amy arriving at the shop, telling Ricky that she forgot her history book. She seems a little off and Ricky senses it. The day started a little late and Amy tries to use that as an excuse; but Ricky knows that there is something else. Amy wants him to tell Adrian that she might not be able to meet her tonight; but Ricky does not want to do so. Amy is actually bothered about him being friends with Clementine. But she doesn’t say that. Instead, she tells Ricky that they could have sex whenever he wants. Ricky realizes that Amy is scared that he will fool around with other women if they don’t have sex often; but Ricky tells her that he would do no such thing.

She then tells Ricky that Clementine left her sweater behind deliberately and she is planning to come back to get it. She says that he is in college with a bunch of good looking women and she is feeling vulnerable. Next, in school, Ethan finds Kathy sitting with a guy and he tells him to take off; he says that he is the father. Kathy wonders what that was about. Ethan wants her to be his girlfriend and wants to be a part of her life. Dylan meets Ben and Ben apologizes for not being able to meet her as his father had grounded him for the weekend. Dylan tells him that she would like to date Henry till the time Ben will be able to date her; she could then break up with Henry and see Ben. Ben can’t take this anymore, he leaves.

Ethan goes up to Ben and asks him for some advice; he thinks that since Ben was dating Amy when she was pregnant, he could help him deal with Kathy. But Ben is rude to Ethan. In fact he gathers all the freshmen in the hallway and tells them that high school years are going to be the worst ones of their lives and their lives are going to be destroyed because of high school. The counselor arrives and tells Ben to step into her office. Later, Leo arrives at the office. He tells the counselor that Ben is stuck up with Amy and is obsessed with her. He tells her how he encouraged him to date Amy and also ask the Jurgens to let Ben be the father of Amy’s child. Leo then realizes that he has always been a part of this; but he moved on and since Ben hasn’t.

He feels responsible for Ben’s present state and decides to talk to his son. Amy listens to the conversation. Leo sees Amy standing outside the office and tells her to say a hello to her family. Amy tells Kathy that Ethan is falling in love with her and she can’t expect him not to be attached to her daughter. Amy tells her that guys are as emotional as women. Kathy then tells her about the conversation Ethan had with Ben earlier in the day. Amy realizes that is what set Ben off. Later, Any, Adrian and Grace are having some girl talk. Adrian asks Amy about her wedding when she eloped with Ricky. She then tells her that Ben still loves her. Adrian asks her if she always wanted to be with Ricky as she has never been with any other guy. Amy says that she doesn’t want to be with anyone else and she is happy to be with Ricky.

Adrian then tells Grace that she too has been with just Jack and she finds Jack too timid for her. Amy gets a little uncomfortable with the talk and she says that she has to leave. She states that she doesn’t like discussing guys and comparing them. On her way out, she meets George. She asks him when Anne would be returning home; she needs someone to talk to. George realizes that his daughter seems upset and so he cancels his date with Kathleen. They go to a restaurant. Amy tells him about her insecurities; especially about Clementine. He tells her that Ricky has been with a lot of women and now he does want to do anything with anyone else other than his wife. But Amy fears that she might be “boring”. George doesn’t believe that they are discussing this; but he asks her whether everything is fine in “that department?”

Amy tells him that they don’t have sex too often and she feels that guys might want to have sex with more than one woman. George tells her about the advantages of a monogamous relationship; especially these days when one will never know what the other person is carrying! She also wants to know how things were between her parents, but George doesn’t want to talk about that. Any says that she only wants to know if she is genetically sexually inferior. Well, there is no such thing! Grace talks to her mother about the same thing. She tells Kathleen that Jack slept with Clementine because she did not want to have sex with Jack. Kathleen tells her daughter that if Jack cannot give her what she wants and sleeps around, then she should leave him. She needs to have that self respect to break up with such a guy.

Grace then tells her about the discussion girls were having. Kathleen tells her that she should never discuss sex and its details with anyone. She is glad that they are having this conversation, as Kathleen thinks that she can save her daughter from a lot of stress. Next, Clementine walks into Jack’s room. She yells at him for not calling her after sleeping with her. Jack tells her that it was just one night. She tells him that he lied to her saying that he is falling in love with her. He says that he felt that way at that moment. Clementine tells him that she is a nice girl and she had a troubled childhood; all thanks to her father wanting to have sex with a lot of other women. She states that fact that she doesn’t not sleep with men who are in a relationship. She is angry and she leaves.

Jack calls Grace and tells her that he wants to be with her and if that means being a Christian, so be it. He is ready for anything. George and Amy are still having their discussion about sex and Amy tells him that she fears that she might be gay just because her mother is gay. He tells her that being gay is not genetically governed and so she need not worry about it. He says that there is nothing wrong with her; it is just that she worries too much. Meanwhile, Margaret arrives home and she finds that Ethan is doing his homework and he has made a sandwich for himself. He tells her that he can take care of himself. She at once realizes that he is having some girlfriend trouble. Ethan tells her that initially Kathy invited him to go meet the couple who are adopting her baby and later he got uninvited.

Margret explains that it could be because Kathy might not want to complicate things, as Ethan could get vulnerable and stop her from giving up her baby for adoption. He says that he would not do that. But then he asks Margret that she too could adopt Kathy’s baby. Now, this is exactly what she was talking about! Amy arrives home and Ricky asks her why she is late and why she didn’t inform him. He thought that since she was so insecure, she might be sneaking around with other guys. Amy is happy to see that Ricky is so worried about her. She tells her that she was with George and discussing about their sex life as she didn’t have anyone else to talk to.

She then admits that she decided to run away and get married as she was scared that she might be gay like her mother. Ricky assures her that she is not gay and that he does enjoy sex with her. The next morning Ricky gets a call; it is George. He asks Ricky if he played the jealousy card. Ricky tells him that he did and things went well. It was a good idea! George wishes that Ricky has a good life ahead. The episode ends.