Property Not For Sale - Recap

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The episode begins with Ethan and Kathy waiting for the couple who are adopting Kathy’s daughter. They are late and Ethan thinks that people who are late, they have to respect for other people. But actually, Jonathan and Sonya, the couple, were on time and were sitting on the table behind them. They missed Kathy walk in. Ethan has a string of questions and he is rude to them. He says that he is doing this as he is trying to look out for Kathy. Kathy doesn’t know what to do and so she texts Amy to ask Ricky to come and take Ethan with him; IMMEDIATELY. At the restaurant, Ethan is still at it and Sonya and Kathy talk to each other in Spanish.

Next, Ricky blasts at Ethan for jeopardizing the adoption; thanks to Ethan that they all got into an argument! He tells him that it is Kathy’s choice as she wants to provide a better upbringing for her daughter and Ethan has no right to interfere and also needs to respect Kathy’s decision. Margret already had this talk with Ethan but it seems he didn’t hear her well. So this time Ricky wants Ethan to listen to what he is saying: “Back the freak off”. Next, Jack and Grace are back in a relationship and Jack finds it very frustrating that they are not going “all the way”. He doesn’t want to spend the night at Grace’s as he might not be able to make it through the night. Kathleen tells Tom that he is not supposed to read the book he is reading; 50 spices. She says that this book is not the kind he is supposed to be reading as it creates disrespect for women and high sexual expectations.

But he says that he does not have a girlfriend, so he intends to keep the book. Next, Ricky is outside Kathy’s grandmother’s house and he calls Amy to tell her that he might stay the night at the library to finish preparing for the paper. But she is okay with him staying out the whole night. Next, Amy is at a bookstore and a pimp was trying to hit on her and “offer’ her a job. She rushes to the cafeteria and Clementine realizes what is happening. She informs the campus cops and one of the cops she knows arrives and proceeds with the interrogation. Ricky arrives at the cafeteria to get some coffee and is surprised to see Adrian. Clementine tells him what happened. He wants to walk her to her dorm. But she refuses as she doesn’t want any trouble with Amy as she likes Amy and she wants Amy to like her.

Next, Henry arrives at Dylan’s and Ben is there too. He doesn’t want Henry to be there. Dylan tells Ben that she was alone at home and so she asked Henry to come over. Ben tells Henry that he is no good guy as he slept with Adrian. But Henry retorts by saying that Ben was no better as he slept with Alice while he was still dating Dylan. Dylan is upset and she shuts the door on Ben. Ethan calls Kathy. She tells him that she doesn’t want to talk to him ever as she feels that he ruined the adoption procedure and that he doesn’t care about the baby. She also doesn’t want him to talk to her grandmother or try to talk to her at school. Margret arrives and takes away his phone. She heard what happened from Ricky.

She tells Ethan that Jonathan is the mayor of a small city and has won multiple awards. She says that he needs to learn to respect people and learn to live with a “NO”. She says that Ethan couldn’t handle the fact that Kathy initially refused to take him to meet the adoptive parents. She says that she is “not” going to give back his phone and he is “not” going to try to get in touch with Kathy or the adoptive parents even to apologize. Ben talks to Alice and she says that they should talk to Henry and apologize to him. Adrian tells Omar what happened and he says that they should think of living together. She says that she has a long way to go and she doesn’t want to start a relationship right now. The pimp that ran into Adrian at the book store comes to Jack’s room, offering him “company”.

Moments later a girl walks in and says that they should have sex so that she can earn her fifty bucks and get out of there. Jack does not want to do that as he has a girlfriend. She says that if she doesn’t go back with the money then her pimp would beat the crap out of her and do horrible things for her. She realizes that Jack is a freshman and he doesn’t know how this racket works. He says that he is ready to give her the money but will not have sex. As he hands over the money to her, the cops come in and there is a photographer who shoots their picture. It appears in the papers next day. Ricky returns home and Amy receives him with a sullen face. She feels he was with Clementine. He says that he walked her to the dorm, but the cop was with them the whole time and nothing happened between them; he assures her that nothing will happen.

She then shows him the article in the paper. Next, everyone reads the article in the paper and all of them are shocked. Leo sees that article and he hopes that Ben is not involved in this. Ben arrives and he sees the article. Leo tells him about what happened and Ben feels that the girl got into prostitution as she might have liked it. Leo is pissed and shocked at his son and he explains how heinous it is to objectify women. He also says that he should apologize to Alice for sleeping with her and also to Amy as he felt that she belonged to her. For once Ben agrees with his father. Grace sees the article and calls Jack. She is pissed. Jack tells her that he did not do anything and that she could read the police report to confirm it. Grace finds it slightly difficult to believe. He goes to school and apologizes to Alice.

Henry arrives. Alice learns that Henry told Dylan about Ben sleeping with her. Henry tells Alice that he wouldn’t have but Ben forced him to. Ben puts forth a challenge to Henry saying, may the best man win. He then goes to Amy and apologizes to her as well. He feels that she belongs to Ricky. But Amy points out that she does not “belong” to anyone. She says that they can be friends, but Ben feels that he might never be able to be friends with her. Jack meets Grace and she asks whether he got suspended. He says that he didn’t as he wasn’t involved in any of it. The guys who were did get suspended. He says that he loves her and he is sorry for pushing her to do something she did not want to.

Kathy goes up to Ethan and asks her why he is not talking to her. Ethan tells her that she did not want to talk to him and hence he did not approach her. He says that he respects the way she feels. He tells her how Margaret pointed out to him that he was a total jerk and he needs to start respecting other people. Kathy admits that she too at times does not like the couple, as they seem too perfect. Ethan says he googled them; they are saints. The episode ends.