Regrets - Recap

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The episode begins with Jack being interviewed by a reporter. He is asked about the incident at the dorm where he was approached by a hooker. The reporter also calls Grace for an interview and he asks them whether they are Christians and if they believe in pre-marital sex. Jack admits that they had sex before; but now he is committed to abstinence. The reporter is glad that he managed to get an “unintentional scoop”. Grace is pissed that Jack admitted about their sex on camera. Next, Dylan’s friend tells her that Wendy’s father pulled her out of school as he doesn’t want her hanging out with them.

She tells Dylan that Wendy’s cop-pop thinks that the rich dads paid off the cops to cover the “fire story” and also that he knows something that the rest don’t. But Dylan believes that it was the faulty gas pipe and that her dad would never do such a thing. And then the headline about Jack with the hooker sent him over the line and he pulled Wendy out of school. Just then Raven arrives and tells Mercedes and Dylan that Wendy’s dad is going to call their parents and he is sending Wendy to an all girls’ school. Maybe he might convince their parents to send them to another school with Wendy. Dylan doesn’t want that. Just then Ben walks by. Henry walks up to him and tells asks him if he is going out with Dylan.

Ben tells him that she turned him down. Henry tells him that he was only trying to get back at him and Alice and he thinks that he shouldn’t have broken up with Alice. Just then the counselor arrives and tells Ben that he got an acceptance letter from the Hudson University and she congratulates him. But he tells her that this wasn’t his first choice. His first choice is the school Amy gets into. He is sure that he would definitely have a chance with Amy. Next, Kathy feels that Ethan loves her because she is pregnant and she tells him that they shouldn’t meet until the baby is born. Ethan is upset and he feels that this is the stupid couple’s idea. Next, Anne is planning Amy’s and Ricky’s wedding and the wedding planner tells her that she needs to meet more people and that she needs more girlfriends so that she can bring a date to the wedding.

Meanwhile, Mimsy is texting everyone about Anne being gay. Leo arrives at the office and tells Nora to get into the car. They are going to a wedding; his wedding. at the butcher’s shop, Ricky gets an interesting piece of mail; Amy’s acceptance letter to Hudson University. Leo arrives at school and gets Ben pulled out of class. Ben wants to get Henry and Alice to Leo’s wedding. He thinks that this could be an opportunity to get them back together. Next, Ricky arrives at the cafeteria and finds Adrian sitting there. She wonders whether he is there to talk to Clementine. She also notices that Ricky is in a bad mood and asks him if he had a fight with Amy. Ricky tells her that it is none of her business and leaves. Clementine tells her that she shouldn’t have asked Ricky about the fight.

They get into a small argument regarding Ricky. Just then jack arrives. Adrian tells him that she is moving in with Omar. Next, Leo and Camille are married and Ben takes this chance to apologize to the both of them. He tells Camille that he is sorry for every bad thing he said to her. She forgives him and also apologizes to him for punching him. The couple are about to leave for an outing and they tells Ben that they would be returning the next day. After Ben leaves, Camille wonders if Ben would be upset with their decision of adopting the prostitute Jack had rescued. Leo assures her that everything would go just fine. At school, Kathy’s weird friends try hitting on Ethan; but he shoos them away.

In fact, Kathy had told them to talk to Ethan and tell him that she wants to get back with him. But instead they tell Ethan that he should pick one of them as his girlfriend. Ethan walks away. They come back to Kathy and tell her that Ethan does not want to go back with her. Kathy is upset. Next, Anne arrives home and finds few women sitting in the hall. She apologizes to them and tells them that her mom has Alzheimer’s and she doesn’t realize what she is doing. She tells the group that she can manage to find a date on her own. Just then Nora arrives and tells her that the women are there for an AA meeting. Anne is embarrassed. Anne then is introduced to Wiladine, Nora’s sponsor. Wiladine tells Anne that she too is gay. Just then Amy arrives. Wiladine leaves.

Amy tells her mother that she would like to leave John with her and that she wants to get back home. She tells her that she got accepted in the Hudson University but she wants to get home and tear the letter before Ricky can see it. She doesn’t want Ricky to think that she doesn’t want to get married. She tells her mom that she would like to live in New York with john and Ricky. But she knows that it is not going to be possible. Anne wants her to talk to Ricky. Anne hands over the wedding plans to Amy and asks her to give her a call. At college, Ricky is talking to Clementine when he receives Amy’s calls. He gets up to leave. He tells Clementine that Amy finally decided to return his calls. He arrives home. Amy asks him where he had been. She is pissed that he read her mail.

She tells him that it is a federal offense. She still wants to know where he had been after class. H tells her that he was in the library. She knows he is lying. Ricky feels that Amy is lying about not wanting to go to Hudson University as that was always what she dreamed of. But she tells him that things have changed and now she just wants to get married to him. Omar wants Adrian to commit to their relationship before he officially gives u his apartment and moves in with her. Well, she is still confused about that. Ben calls Amy to tell her about his dad’s wedding. She puts his call on the speaker so that Ricky could listen to what they were talking. But then he also gives her another good news; his early acceptance into Hudson University. Ricky gets pissed and leaves.

Amy regrets applying to that school. Ethan calls Kathy and tells her that he wants to get back with her and so he wants to meet the couple once again. Kathy doesn’t want that as she feels that Ethan may act like a jerk once again and she will get another lecture and break up with him once again. Ethan then says something that upsets Kathy. She tells them that the relationship is over. Next, Grace walks into the kitchen; she is in a bad mood as the news of her having sex with Jack is all over the news and she fears that no one will take her seriously. At the dorm, the pimp walks into Jack’s room with a baseball bat. He asks Jack to start praying. The episode ends.