Half Over - Recap

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The episode begins with George arriving at Kathleen’s and she tells him that she would be telling Grace about Jack. But she isn’t sure whether she should tell Tom as he too would want to meet Jack. She says that Jack is still in surgery and there is nothing that tom can do. George tells her that she should tell Tom as Jack is his buddy. He offers to stay with Tom. George wonders how come the pimp arrived in Jack’s room and beat him up. he is also surprised that no one else in the dorm came to Jack’s rescue. Grace arrives and Kathleen breaks the news to her. Just then they hear some noises and they see Tom walking out of his room with a girl.

Next, Amy and Ricky decide to discuss about her going to Hudson University during dinner. They make plans to go out and eat and Amy decides that she can call George to baby sit John. John is wearing a costume and Ricky isn’t happy about it. Amy feels it is perfectly normal as Jon is only trying to express himself. Ricky feels that he has no say in John’s upbringing as John has Amy’s last name and not his. Since when did that become a problem? Amy tries to convince Ricky that she does not want to go to Hudson University but Ricky feels that if she doesn’t then she will resent him all her life. Ricky learns that Ben is waiting for Amy at school and he expresses his dislike towards it. She tells him that she is going to tell him to knock it off.

She is also pissed about the fact that Ricky spent time with Clementine discussing his issues and lied to Amy. She leaves. Ricky then calls Nora. Nora is shocked to see that her sponsor spent her night with Anne. Next, Amy meets Ben and tells him that she is not going to New York. Ben knows that Amy and Ricky are not married. But she tells him that they are having a second wedding. Ben tells her that he will be waiting for her at the back of the church and if she decides to run, he will be there. Amy tells Ricky that Ben knows and that they should move up the wedding date. But Ricky is not sure if Amy wants to get married to him. Next, Kathy tells Ethan that they should not talk to each other until the baby is born. This is what the couple wants. They are going to be there when the baby is born.

Ethan tells her that he wants to be her husband some day. But she tells him that she is going back to her family after the delivery. Ben meets Dylan and Dylan tells her that she is changing the school and going to the one where Wendy is going. She says that she is their friend and so they don’t want to b away from her. She kisses Ben and leaves. Ben tells Henry and Alice that Dylan is changing her school again. They are surprised to learn that Ben isn’t interested in Dylan anymore. At the butcher’s shop, Ricky finds out that one student has gotten beaten up in the dorm, but the press hasn’t released the name yet. He rushes to find out. Ricky arrives at the cafeteria and finds out what happened. Since jack’s mother isn’t informed about what has happened, they have decided not to release the name.

Adrian and Omar ask Clementine to stay with them, but she wants to stay at the dorm. Ricky calls Amy and asks her to meet him at home so that they could go to the hospital to meet Jack. Next, Leo and Camille Are discussing about bringing the hooker girl home as their kid. Leo knows that it is a difficult thing to do and that she is going to need a lot of therapy. Margret arrives with the girl. Her name is Chloe. Margret decides to let the three of them talk and leaves for work. Chloe thanks them for taking her in but she isn’t sure as to why they would want to take her into their family. They tell her about Betty and how Leo reached out to her when Betty was 40. They also tell her that they got married the previous day.

Next, at the hospital, Grace is upset that she was not nice to Jack the last time they talked. She says that she did the same with her father the last time she spoke to him and she hasn’t forgiven herself for it. Nora arrives home for lunch and Anne finds that unusual. Nora tells her that she cannot date her sponsor. Anne says that she can as she is not an AA. Nora tells Anne that the longest relationship her sponsor has been in is two months. Anne thinks that Nora has a crush on her sponsor. Nora denies any such thing. Anne assures her that she will think about it and that she will call Nora once she gets home. Kathy is with the couple in the doctor’s cabin, where they try to offer her support about giving u[p her baby.

Kathy tells them that she is not going to freak out and that she is absolutely fine with giving away her baby. Jonathan says that he doesn’t want to be in the room when Kathy is giving birth to the baby; but his wife tells him that she wants to be there when their daughter is born. Ethan meets Kathy outside the doctor’s room while the rest are waiting downstairs for Jack. He tells her what happened. Ethan asks Kathy to sit on a wheel chair so that they can go for a ride. Just then Jonathan and Sonya walk out of the room and stop them. Jonathan tells Ethan that they should get together and talk. They tell Kathy that they are waiting for her in the car. At the hospital, Adrian and Amy are with Grace. They tell her that they have released Jack’s name. They are still not aware of what is going on. Grace is glad that they are with her and that they should try to be better at being friends.

Tom is upset that they still haven’t found that pimp. Ricky tells George that he thinks that Amy does not want to get married. He tells him about her early acceptance into the Hudson University. He doesn’t want to be married to someone who will later regret getting married. George decides to talk to Amy. Tom calls Betty to find out more about the pimp. She tells him that if she looks for him then she too might be in the state Jack is in. Ben. Henry and Alice arrive at the hospital. Ricky wants to talk to Ben. He tells him to stay away from Amy. He says that they have a son together and nothing can change that. Adrian tells Omar that Ben is at the hospital. Omar knows that the last time Adrian was here is when she was giving birth to her daughter.

She doesn’t like hospitals very much. Adrian asks Omar if he wants to have kids. He wants to. She wants to have a lot of children. Omar suggests that they should do things in the right order; he takes a marker and draws a ring on her finger. Well, could that stone be a little bigger? They kiss each and Ben is watching them. Amy tells Ricky that she wants to spend the rest of her life with him. He feels that she is just feeling a little sensitive because they are waiting for jack. He feels that if things are alright then they will get back to where they were in the morning. Just then Jack’s parents come out. They are upset. Jack’s father asks, “Shall we pray?” Everyone is in tears. The episode ends.