Hedy's Happy Holiday House - Recap

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The episode begins with Ricky and Amy talking about their Christmas surprises they got in their childhood. Amy has some bitter memories where Ashley ended up getting better gifts. Ricky tells her that he has had good Christmas while he was in juvi where he and his friends used to break inside Hedy’s, the best toy store and have a party and eat the candies. Hedy knew that the kids would break in and he left it unlocked for them to do so. They never trashed the place. They then decide to break into Hedy’s with John. They leave. They arrive at Hedy’s and as usual, the loading dock is open. Amy is reluctant but she climbs into the shop.

Inside, it is amazing and Ricky calls Ethan and wants him to dress as Santa for John. He tells him that he is at Hedy’s. Ethan refuses to be in the suit initially; but later he agrees. He wears the clothes and goes to meet Kathy. The adoptive parents don’t want Ethan to be a part of their family Christmas. They exchange their Christmas gifts. Ethan tells her about his plan and asks her if she can come along. She agrees. Grace is at the hospital next to Jack, who is still in coma. Omar and Adrian are there as well. They are supposed to go for dinner at Omar’s place and his parents have invited Adrian’s parents for dinner. She doesn’t like the idea of spending Christmas with family but Omar does. Clementine arrives to meet Grace and Jack as Grace has wanted few of Jack’s friends to meet him for Christmas and so she has come.

She has got a little gift for Grace. Omar asks them to come over for dinner but they pass. Clementine too is going over to Hedy’s, trying to keep up the tradition. Omar has heard about it and Adrian tells him that she too wants to sneak inside Hedy’s. Grace doesn’t want to leave Jack alone. They decide to put Jack in a wheel chair and take him along. They are about to put Jack in the car and a guard stops them and tells them to put Jack back inside. They try to convince him and he doesn’t want to get fired on Christmas Eve! Grace decides to back with jack and the rest leave for Hedy’s. Ethan arrives at the store but there is a problem; a nine month pregnant Kathy cannot climb up the loading dock. Ethan calls Ben and asks for his new sister’s number as she knows about alarm systems and lock.

Ben finds the whole thing fishy and refuses to give her number but his sister arrives and takes the phone from Ben and tells Ethan that there is a side entrance; all he needs to do is find it. She tells Ben about the holiday house. Ben hasn’t heard of this place. Leo knows about this place and he tells them that they should take a ride to this place, but they should take someone along. Camille has a tradition of having dinner at midnight, so this year dinner is at midnight. Ben is not too excited about this place but then he agrees to go. While his new daughter goes to fetch her coat, Leo tells Ben that they are trying to decorate her room for Christmas as this is her first one in this house. So he needs Ben to keep her out as long as he can. He agrees.

John falls asleep and Ethan arrives. Amy and Ricky are surprised to see Kathy. Kathy isn’t feeling too right and Ethan goes to get her a place to sit. Clementine arrives with Adrian and Omar and everyone is surprised to see each other. Amy wishes Clementine with a hug. Kathy declares that she needs to go to a hospital. Amy tells her that the contractions are still “many minutes” away. She tells Ethan to play some music. Ricky and Omar are waiting outside the parking lot as they aren’t able to get out of it. Ben drives in and they try to sop him; but it is too late. Ben has driven over a nail bed and now no one can get out of this place in a car and Kathy needs to be taken to the hospital.

The helpline tells Ricky that they are having trouble finding the holiday house and so the ambulance cannot be sent. Next, the hospital guard, who seems to have taken a liking for Clementine, comes to their rescue. At home, George is planning to have a ‘naughty” Christmas Eve when Anne barges in along with her mother Mimsy. George is in a red robe and Kathleen arrives wearing a very short, sexy red dress. Anne is not happy as she thought that it was family dinner. George reminds her that it is supposed to be on Christmas Day at Amy’s and so he decided to spend the Eve with Kathleen. Tom is next to Jack’s bed and he asks Jack what he wanted to eat. For a moment Jack wakes up and says he will have candies and then after learning that it is Christmas Eve, he goes back to his sleep. Tom tells this to Grace and she does not believe him. Tom says that he is not going to church as he is staying next to Jack.

Ricky and the gang arrive at the hospital with Kathy; she is riding a mule! Just then the electricity goes off. Leo and Camille surprise their new daughter with a kitten and she loves it. Anne and George are having a nice Christmas Eve with family (Nora and Mimsy) and George thanks her for helping Kathleen with her dinner. Anne realized that Kathleen was starving. But she doesn’t mind the fact that she “interrupted” their special evening. George knows that well! Leo and Camille gift Ben a brand new Mercedes. And he is shocked and delighted. But there is more; they gift a car to Henry and Alice as well. Wow! Ben thanks his parents for a wonderful Christmas. Amy and Ricky arrive home and Amy is surprised to see a blue bike waiting for her under the Christmas tree. She loves it and wonders how it got inside the house.

It must have been Santa!! Kathy gives birth to her daughter and the baby meets her new parents and they promise Kathy that they will be good parents to their daughter. The adoptive parents tell Kathy that they are going to name their daughter Hedy; it is after their aunt who did a little something for the children and Jonathan kept that tradition going. Kathy is surprised to learn this. This is really sweet. At the hospital, Tom argues with Kathleen and Grace that Jack did wake up. But they don’t believe him.

He once again asks Jack if he wants some cookies and Jack wakes up. It is a miracle. Kathleen calls Jack’s parents to join them at the hospital. This is the best Christmas Grace has ever had. We then see that the tradition at Hedy’s is still on; few other kids arrive at Hedy’s and have a great time at the store. MERRY CHRISTMAS!! The episode ends.